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Sonic Adventure 2

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Post by Nergal on Sept 17, 2023 21:05:10 GMT -7

I grew up on Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for the Gamecube, but the version differences for the Dreamcast are relatively minor.  
Arguably the best 3D Sonic game, the last published to a SEGA Console and the first published on a Nintendo Console.  
Story missions are decent, 4 additional missions for each story stage, boss fights with/as each playable story character, Easter Eggs scattered throughout the maps, and a wonderful little pet sim which interacts with external peripheral devices letting you take your Chao on the go and/or to a friend's save.  
Some things are quirky and it isn't without its bugs; but something about the fast-pace action levels and the replayable missions which let you farm items for your goofy little pet while trying to perfect your runs just makes it a game that I find myself returning to over and over.  
It's been ported to newer consoles and even Steam so it can be enjoyed on modern hardware but I still consider it old school even if you choose to play the HD remaster, have you played these games before? What do you think of them?


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