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Outlaw Immortalz: It's Going Down (v 1.2) [Media RPG]

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Post by demarco on Aug 5, 2023 17:52:01 GMT -7

The directions for the item synthesis system has been included here and has been modified to allow for ADAM cores to be created. The character sheet has been modified to include options for armor. The weapon portion of the item list has been included here and accounts for changes made to equipment combinations. Make sure to review and change your equipment as necessary. All items have been modified. Reequip your items if transferring from a previous version to match the items on this post and the next one.

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Post by demarco on Aug 5, 2023 17:57:39 GMT -7

Read before playing:

WARNING! Excess use of alcohol or drugs while playing this game can result in a corrupted save file (state of mind). During this time, the game will become impossible to play for awhile. Please refrain from using illegal drugs while enjoying this game. ALL illegal drugs are BANNED from standard play.

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Post by demarco on Aug 5, 2023 18:00:15 GMT -7

The ADAM Tournament (Outlaw Immortalz: It’s Going Down Version 1.2)

*1,000 years have passed since the events leading to Makaveli’s return to the galaxy. *

*You walk into MOD General Solar’s office on Earth to find a written message on the wall for you. *

“Greetings Outlaw,

You have been invited to a competition involving the entire Milky Way Digital Starforce. You are to collect ADAM cores from digital media anomalies throughout the galaxy. Meet up with Makaveli and report to the center of the galaxy for more details.”

- MOD General Vega (Lv. 750)

*Makaveli walks into the room. *

Makaveli: I heard word that we have been summoned. But first, let me tell you more about ADAM cores. Like EVE cores they are collected through exploring digital media works. However, EVE cores have to be converted into ADAM cores. 4 EVE cores create 1 ADAM core. ADAM cores can be used to upgrade your armor up to a +5 upgrade. There is a small PlayStation orbiting Sagittarius A* with an Xbox Series X lab attached to it. We will meet up with the rest of the tournament participants there. Let’s move out.

*Mod General Solar enters the room. *

MOD General Solar: I’ll join you. I can use the competition to gain more clan members.

*You, Makaveli, and MOD General Solar arrive to the PlayStation 5 orbiting Sagittarius A*. *

Director Sagittarius A*: Greetings. Ignore the magic barrier. Its gravitational strength keeps me alive. It is time I announced the competition of the ages. After sealing EVE in Pandora’s Box 1,000 years ago, I decided to create the ADAM tournament. Spread out throughout the entire galaxy is EVE cores. Find and convert them into ADAM cores. The one who finds the most in an Earth month wins 100 million Credits. The competition starts now!

Makaveli: We have some time to collect ADAM cores. If you wish to collect them faster, you can use the N-Switch to do past missions. You also have access to an Xbox lab here if you wish to upgrade your equipment before leaving. The PlayStation Magic Gate has the current mission locations set up for our deployment at any time. Begin when you are equipped and ready.

MOD General Solar: How are you set on clans? While separated by light years, each clan offers individuality and strength in numbers. Maybe you should join one for now, even if it’s another MOD General’s clan. Sagittarius A* is always watching and is praying for each StarForce member’s swift return. Make sure you upgrade your equipment before leaving.

Makaveli: So, what will you do first? Here is the list of current world bounties. Each carries an EVE core.

[ALL weapons/accessories have been unequipped (from previous versions of the game). Equip new weapons/armor/accessories from the current item list (Version 1.2).]

MISSION: Compete in the ADAM Tournament.
- Collect EVE cores.
- Convert EVE cores into ADAM cores.
- Declare a clan for the duration of the tournament.
- Collect 5 EVE cores from this chapter only.

ALL players are to play/view the following:

- Everybody Hates Chris
- Seinfeld
- The King of Queens
- Friends
- The Parkers
- Moesha
- The Jamie Foxx Show
- The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
- Bel Air
- Everybody Loves Raymond
- Two and a Half Men (both series parts)
- Married with Children
- Drake and Josh
- Anger Management
- King of the Hill
- Futurama
- Family Guy
- American Dad
- Bob’s Burgers
- The Simpsons
- The Big Bang Theory
- How I Met your Mother
- Full House
- Fuller House

- Tropic Thunder
- Friday
- Next Friday
- Friday After Next
- Barbie
- Happy Gilmore
- Like Mike
- Like Mike 2
- Scream (original)
- The Expendables
- The Expendables II
- Deadpool
- Deadpool 2
- The Green Hornet
- The Super Mario Bro’s Movie

- The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
- Pokemon Legends Arceus
- Final Fantasy XVI
- Kingdom Hearts III
- Megaman Z/ZX Legacy Collection
- Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection
- God of War: Ragnarok
- Tem-Tem
- Assassins Creed: Valhalla
- Diablo III
- Diablo IV
- Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
- Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
- Hogwarts Legacy
- Baldurs Gate
- Baldurs Gate 2
- Baldurs Gate 3

- Tupac: Still I Rise [Album]
- Beyonce: Run the World (Girls) [Song]
- Michael Jackson: Thriller [Album]
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