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Super Genie Lamp Heroes - Season 3: Outbreak

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Post by demarco on Jun 13, 2022 20:32:57 GMT -7

Thank you for making Genie Heroes Infection my most successful screenplay production of ALL TIME with almost 2,500 reads. 18 years of writing 7th Age Runescape scripts has made me very resourceful. Fun fact: This story takes place 400 years after the events leading up to Guthix's death. Starting at Age 6, Year 390 and ending at Age 7, Year 22.

Flashback scenes are coming back this season!

Based on semi-true events...

Executive Producer: Demarco16

Writer: Demarco16

Super Genie Lamp Heroes - Season 3: Outbreak
----------------------------------------------------- Episode 13 ------------------------------------------------------------
Age: 7th
Year: 22

~Scene: Menaphos Gower Monument~

*A dark robed figure is talking on their clan scouter overlooking the twin waterfronts outside the steps of the monument.*
Mysterious Voice: M3rciless Jr will be here any minute looking for answers, are the preparations ready for out event?
Agent M: *Removes hood* Almost done...we need some time, Vice MOD Hathaway is close to reaching True EVE Form. Once she can transform into EVE Hathaway at will she will be unstoppable.
Mysterious Voice: Nigga don't you think we as the Jagex CIA knows this *****?
Agent M: As intelligent as we are, were lucky to be married.
Jagex CIA Agent: I know right...once this New World Order stuff is all over I cant wait to tell my family the truth about Project S.
Agent M: That is a secret! If Glienor knew that a Seren ICBM was being developed intentionally by Anne Hathaway, our plan to stop it may just backfire.
Jagex CIA Agent: Maybe we got off on the wrong foot, Agent M your job is to follow and monitor DPope316 and The Saint EX II. They are the savior and the angel of death respectively. Truth is...if we dont stop the nonsense, the city of Falador will be completely destroyed and purged. No god missile, just chaos from the poor, violent and homeless...Anyways, their airship arrives tonight, meet them at the airport, and maintain 1000M with your scouter at all times. DO not intervene, just observe. We do this, and MOD's wishes will be furfilled.
Agent M: I know just the trick, I have hidden a large standard lamp in the city, its one wish but a powerful one indeed.

~Scene: Sphinx Airship: Buffet Hall~

*M3rciless JR is seen having dinner at a nice on board buffet.*
Saints4Ever: *Finishes Caesar salad*... Hey isn't that...HEY ZEZIME...ZEZIME ITS ME!
DPope316: Ah hell naw! *hides under table*
*The Saint EX II joins him under the table.*
The Saint EX II: Aint no escaping this nigga...lets get ghost.
Zezime: Is that DPope's busta *** under that table??? Ready for round 2?
DPope316: Not on the ship *****...
Zezime: Me and Captain Savajo is coming for dat ***!
DPope316: Really now...whos gonna stop me from using the fists of Guthix on that chin of yours.
Zezime: You know what, never mind. You know what im after? The large Genie Lamp in Menaphos.
DPope316: I see *scouter recording in progress*
Zezime: Turn that off, or ill set up one of your famous flashbacks.
Dpope316: Okay the nigga's serious. M336, disable your cloak.
eShades: *Comes back from buffet line.* I don't know whether to fight right now...or record a fight for RuneStar Hip-Hop.
Hunk Blonde: I can post a 3 minute video to Drip Drop right now, and include all the classic flashbacks.
Tipsy Blonde: Oh great Zezime is here on the ship, wheres Captain Savajo?
DPope316: Thats what she said...Saint we don't associate with this guy, were genie rivals.
Saints4Ever: I see... see you on the battlefield.
Ship Announcer: The Sphinx Airship has arrived to our destination of Menaphos. All passengers prepare for landing.
The Saint EX II: Well she definitely said that...
DPope316: Like when Cultleader visited us from the Eastern Continent?

~Flashback Scene: Demarco16's House, Rimmington Condominiums.~

Age: 7th
Year: 17

DPope316: SO how many horses do you own?
Cultleader: The **** is a horse?
The Saint EX II: You do know horses are the product of myth right. Its like saying unicorns can be riden.
Cultleader: I cant imagine a unicorn without a horn, can you?
DPope316: Moving you own a Skyline?
Cultleader: The **** is a Skyline? Just kidding, yes I do!
DPope316: you own a dragon?
Cultleader: You're not ready to fight the Eastern Dragons. They will rip Western Dragons to shreds.

~Scene: Menaphos Airport, Front Hall~
eShades: The first thing to do is secure some herbs and head to the hotel.
DPope316: I thought of that, so i activated mind and soul runechosis to sneak it on the ship.
eShades: Again, I dont know how you survive being that high. Now wonder your left eye was orange and your right was grey.
*Agent M noticed their arrival and activates a cloak.*
Jagex CIA Dispatch (Scouter): Keep a close eye on them. Their main adversary here is Zezime and Vice MOD Hathaway.
Agent M: Noted *follows M3rciless JR*
Saints4Ever: So tonight I wanted to make it legit, so I got us tickets to the WizardBall Finals tonight! The Golden City Gladiators is up 3 wins pending a 4th. The Kandarin Gnomes are catching up though. The Gladiators play at home tonight and tomorrow night.
DPope316: Well I hope they win. Lets go to EX-Ramses and then to the Goldeneye Arena.
Saints4Ever: Maybe one day I can be a Gladiator. Although my dad loves the Yanille Bakers. They lost in the playoffs.
DPope316: Well at least he's not a Yanille Cutters fan haha!

~Scene: Ex-Ramses Hotel and Resort, Downtown Menaphos~

*M3rciless JR enters their hotel room.*
The Saint EX II: MEE6, meet me at the minibar with your Genie Lamp Radar...were gonna track down this lamp right now before Zezime can.
Saints4Ever: It can wait...Golden City Cadillac just called saying our Esculade is ready and parked outside.
Hunk Blonde: What color?
Saints4Ever: Platinum...did I mention i'm rich?
DPope316: Well its implied...lets turn on the TV high first so we can hear the first telepathic strike from MOD.
Chessy018 (TV): He's on fire!
Tipsy Blonde: About time *hits lantadyme blunt*
Chessy018 (TV): We are live at game 5 of the Runescape WizardBall Finals! Tip off is in 30 minutes. The game is sold out and everyone is relaxed from an end to the scruge lockdowns...however-
Saints4Ever: Always a catch with W2 News.
Chessy018 (TV): *Looks straight at the screen* Would you let me finish...anyways Scurge Vaccination Cards are required at the door.
DPope316: MEE6...forge us 6 vaccination cards for the scurge.
MEE6: Im on it niggasami! *Drinks 200 Proof Alcohol shot and gets to work.*
DPope316: Get the keys, were going downtown.
Cultleader (Scouter): You do know downtown Menaphos is dangerous at night right? Lots of homeless and criminals.
DPope316: Dont worry, i equipped Zaros Twin Uzis awhile ago. Lets see them try and stop that!
The Saint EX II: We could use some Troop Frogg music right about now. MEE6, download Lizardstyle for me please.
MEE6: Well maybe in the car, hey lets go tip off is in 25 minutes.

~Scene: Goldeneye Arena, entrance 007~
The Saint EX II: I swear were being followed...maybe gate 006 was a better choice.
Cultleader (Scouter): MEE6 has detected a genie lamp in the arena. It is a medium celebration lamp.
DPope316: I want the map and the WizardBall game. While we should look I elect MEE6 Does it...all in favor!?
DPope316: All opposed!?
MEE6: Go to Zamarok... *leaves and scans the area*
*Merciless JR heads to their seats. Row 420, seats 69-76.*
Cultleader (Scouter): I swear the west and east should reconcile their differences. Western tech is so low! A level 200 MOD is in the building.
*Announcer: And now to come and take the first shot, we introduce to you, the new Vice MOD of Asgarnia. Anne Hathaway!
eShades: *Spills Wizards Mind Bomb.* The ****!
The Saint EX II: We gotta get outta here, now. Before the Jagex Police arrives. For all we know, we could be captured by Sargent Climax.
DPope316: I know this is life threatening, but that is exactly what she said last night! *pages MEE6*
MEE6: Niggabot, the lamp is ours!
Hunk Blonde: The lets get ghost! Anne Hathaway is evil as ****.
*Anne Hathaway takes the freethrow, missing the shot.*
Vice MOD Hathaway: Maybe I need to use my new form for this one...(wait I can sense runechosis, so the oracle was right! lets do this).

~Scene: Outside Goldeneye Arena~
DPope316: Finally to the car noobs! Fall in on me!
Vice MOD Hathaway: Going somewhere...witness the power of EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Vice MOD Hathaway Transforms into EVE Hathaway.*
Cultleader (Scouter): This ***** has a total level of over 9000!!! It just broke my scope!
*EVE Hathaway teleblocks the entire congregation at the GoldenEye Arena.*
EVE Hathaway: This ends tonight! *equips Seren Railgun +5*
Saints4Ever: Holy **** batman! Son of a *****, her power scares even me.
The Saint EX II: Like when you first met me and-
Saints4Ever: Flashbacks don't work on EVE, don't attempt it.
DPope316: MEE6!!!
*MEE6 transforms into 6EEM and equips dual elder rune long barrel six shooters*
*An AK-47 is heard discharging shots. Agent M appears.*
Agent M: Ill hold her off, get out of here!
DPope316: And who the  hell are you Curry Rice of the Gladiators?
*IAMGOD arrives fully transformed from the air.*
Jagex CIA Dispatcher (Scouter): You're breaking protocol, keep your hood on at all times,and activate the voice changer to deep voice mode.
Agent M: Understood.
*6EEM goes after IAMGOD.*
*Agent M distracts EVE Hathaway successfully, and M3rciless JR escapes.*

~Scene: Ex-Ramses Hotel and Resort, Hotel Room 111~

DPope316: SO I know I'm high, but what was that we just witnessed.
The Saint EX II: The beginning of the end im afraid.
eShades: Tomorrow...we go after the big prize, were going to find the large genie lamp and wish that Vice MOD Hathaway is impeached.
Hunk Blonde: That works...Wooo!
WizardBall Announcer: Curry Rice is on fire! *shoots fire shot from half court* and the gladiators win!
Tipsy Blonde: Now that I think about it, there maybe an alternative world where the Kandarin Gnomes win the finals.
eShades: That's worse then being a Cutters fan. *looks at screen* GOODNIGHT RUNESCAPE WERE BACK FOR SATURDAY NIGHT!

----------------------------------------------Episode 13 Over-----------------------------------------------

Next Episode: Lets gamble at Michael Jackson Rancheria Casino on the Native Gnome reservation. Can Demarco16 and Danthex defeat Captain Savajo? Find out soon.

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Fun Fact: While the Gods of Runescpae are still relevant in modern Gielnor Culture, the main religion of the 7th Age is Modism.

-------------------------------------Episode 14--------------------------------------------------

~Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Break Room~

*M3rciless is watching a commercial on channel W2.*
*Party Music plays.*
*Wife throws piece of popcorn at the husband.*
Husband: Sigh...lets go!
*Husband and wife speed off causing a blur that stops at the stairs.*
Wife: Wait where are you taking me!?
Husband: *smiles* to the bedroom.
Wife: Wait what...i meant the casino!
Announcer (song):
Everybody knows! That this girls a ho!
M. Jackson Rancheria!!! *fanfare plays*
Lets ho...
*focus is shifted back to M3rciless from the TV.*
Danthex: J Palmer will be here any minute with the weapons. But what I dont get is how this commercial can make them look so weak.
Lanbo: You know my nephew pulled that 'thats what she said'' **** the other day via text to me...I teleported to his hotel bed and slapped him in his sleep.
Danthex: It probably could have applied to now. I wont have that in my citadel wither.
Demarco16: *Busts in with J Palmer. Crowd cheers.* I got the are we set for mayhem.
J Palmer: We got your Heat seeking missile launchers, SMGs, Assult rifles, flamethrowers, Sniper rifles, handgun and handgun accessories, and dont forget your armor piercing bullets. Come to my weapons shop sometime in Catherby! All weapons are Seren Grade!
*Demarco, Danthex, and Lanbo gear up from head to toe in Seren Military Gear.*
Demarco16: Now for the plan...Nergalelite has given us the schematics for the M. Jackson Rancheria Casino and Resort Building. First step, Lanbo walks in and places bets at the Texas Hold'em table for 5M a hand. When security discover that he is counting cards they will bring him into a room for questing by our nigga Captain Savajo. Once inside we will then disassemble his guards leaving us at 3 vs. 1 at the building. And after defeating his busta ****, we will leave and be back in time to see us on the evening news...and maybe we get some free unlimited coffee drinks at the buffet.
J Palmer: Yall seem like everything will be a synch...arent your children old enough to join your clan?
Danthex: They made their own...following in our footsteps really they've made a name for themselves in Asgarnia.
Lanbo: I suggest we take my Lamborghini, it may only have two seats but it races like a champ for a smooth getaway.

6 Hours later...

~ Scene: M. Jackson Rancheria Casino and Resort, Interrogation Room ~

Armed Guard #1: Now look nigga, you goin tell me or not tell me, but im still gonna get that *** for counting cards. Now who sent you...The Human Man?
Lanbo: You did not just pull that liberation **** on me.
Armed Guard #2: The **** up! *slaps Lanbo*
Radio Dispatch: We have a code black outside all the Gnome Guards are being killed and we cant *message cuts out*
Armed Guard #2: Ill check that out, stay here and get the duct tape.
*Armed Guard #2 leaves the interrogation room.*
*Captain Savajo has entered the room.*
Captain Savajo: Finally we captured a member of M3rciless. You will never be saved!
Lanbo: Oh great he got me like back at my extended family's many nieces and nephews.
Captain Savajo: Was that supposed to be funny? Cause ill flash that *** back to 94'.
Lanbo: Oh great your serious.
*Danthex and Demarco16 break into the interrogation room.*
Danthex: Now...everyone is dead. Time to end this once and for all! *equips Seren SMGs*
Captain Savajo: Is my entire staff dead!? What do you want...
Danthex: MOD Govenas life, your coffee drinks, and for you to call off for genie lamp search.
Captain Savajo: I can arrange that...but you would have to catch me first nigga! *runs towards glass window.*
*Demarco16 shoots Captain Savajo's foot.*
*Captain Savajo falls and rolls out the window, breaking it.*
Danthex: Dont go after him just yet...lets rob the casino!
Lanbo: Finally some justice, I was up 600M.

~ Scene: EX-Ramses Resort, M3rciless Jr's Suite ~

DPope316: So I retrieved the celebration lamp from last nights Golden City Gladiators Game 6 win of the NWA Finals. I think if we use this lamp to power oursleves up we can defeat EVE Hathaway.
The Saint EX II: What size is it?
DPope316: Medium...
eShades: Hmm, we could all receive level 120 skills at best. I was getting sick if all 99's anyways.
Saints4Ever: Your call...summon the *****!
*DPope316 rubs the Medium Celebration Lamp. The celebration genie appears.*
Medium Celebration Genie: *hides gladiators hat* behold, I have risen to kick *** again...what is your wish niggas?
Saints4Ever: DO NOT wish for 2 fat ******* and a bag of weed. According to my records two idiot Rank #1's made that wish and tanked a red genie lamp.
The Saint EX II: I wish everyone in M3rciless Jr. had all level 120 skills...ALL of them, even my agility.
Medium Celebration Genie: Well I don't think agility will help you outrun that German Shepard last week...wish granted! *disappears*
Hunk Blonde: Burn!
Tipsy Blonde: More like ICE Cold!
The Saint EX II: Whos up for some WizardBall?
eShades: With your 120 agility...your a WizardBall MOD now...godspeed haha.
Saints4Ever: Im done! this guy is way too good on the court now, and before he was unstoppable solo.
MEE6: Large Standard Lamp detected!
DPope316: Pull up the GPS! Show us the money!
MEE6: It is at the Dryington Monument. Outside the pools of water.
*M3rciless Jr looks displaced.*
DPope316: Well we had to visit it sometime while were here...
The Saint EX II: We understand.

~ Scene: Dryington Monument, Downtown Menaphos ~

*M3rciless Jr is sitting at the water passing time.*
DPope316: And thats what happened...
Tipsy Blonde: So you saw your mother die right here on these steps...chilling.
DPope316: The bomb should have never went off, but it was jammed with interference from a deal decoded bomb. If only she was still here...I hope we find the red genie lamps to bring her back, and your mom too.
Hunk Blonde: Actually Death was at my house last week to sign the life insurance claim, and my uncle could not forward a death certificate. Weird right?
Saints4Ever: Anyways we should just split up and f-
*Vice MOD Hathaway appears at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the monument.*
Saints4Ever: ****!
CultLeader (Scouter): The battle should be easier, send MEE6 to retrieve the lamp.
DPope316: Done *equips Seren GODSaber* Finally I can equip one like off clan wars!!!
Hunk Blonde: I loved that movie.
Vice MOD Hathaway: *MEE6 sneaks off* Ready for round 2?
*The Saint EX II shoots Vice MOD Hathaways hand, disarming her.*
*Vice MOD Hathaway transforms into EVE Hathaway.*
DPope316: I havent used a sword in a minute, but im ready now! *runs down stairs.
EVE Hathaway: Did you actually touch my shields this time? Youve gotten stronger, but no more! Just wait until im full MOD!
The Saint EX II: It doesnt matter if your a MOD or an EVE your still a *****!
EVE Hathaway: Ill send that *** to the abyss for that! *Prepares Seren Railgun*
*6EEM Appears*
6EEM: I got the lamp niggabots, lets bounce!
DPope316: Prepares telegroup spell...goodbye skank!
EVE Hathaway: Ill get you for this M3rciless! *the clan disappears* Awww...*lights cigarette*

~ Scene: EX-Ramses Resort, M3rciless Jr's Suite ~

Cultleader (Scouter): Ive never identified a lamp of this size could hold anything inside. Exercise some caution.
The Saint EX II: Thats what sh-
Saints4Ever: If you say 'thats what she said' one more time ill Chuck Norris you.
*DPope316 Rubs the Large Lamp*

--------------------------------------------------Episode 14 Over----------------------------------------------------

M. Jackson Rancheria Casino and Resort in the screenplay is based off the California Native American 18+ Casino of similar name, Jackson Rancheria. Located in Jackson, CA this casino is open to 18+ (while you need to be 21+ to smoke and drink). It has a buffet on the upper levels and hundreds of machines and games available. They give out craft complementary coffee drinks which are unlimited.

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Post by demarco on Mar 14, 2023 12:33:53 GMT -7

Fun Fact: Gielnor is organized by a Western and Eastern Continent, which is divided into regions, which is divided into counties, which is further divided into cities. Our heroes live in Rimmington, which is in Asgarnia County currently on the Western Continent.

--------------------------------------------------Episode 15------------------------------------------------

~ Scene: EX-Ramses Resort, M3rciless Jr.'s Suite ~

*DPope316 Continues to Rub the Large Standard Lamp*
The Saint EX II: So what do you think he's going to wish for?
eShades: Can't say, if its anything like the last wishes we could see him gain a level 150 skill.
The Saint EX II: Yeah in herb smoking...
DPope316: What are you saying The Saint EX?
The Saint EX II: Quick what time is it!?
DPope316: 1 O' Clock?
The Saint EX II: Yes
DPope316: AM?
The Saint EX II: No...PM. See you're as high as the joker on the dark knight when he tried to blow up both boats.
DPope316: I see well you're going to love my wish then...maybe ill just wish for the bags of weed.
*Large Genie Appears*
Large Genie: Are you sure about that? Because once I clap my hands MOD makes it happen.
DPope316: WAIT...I wish all the red genie lamps were visible on our genie radar!
Large Genie: Granted *claps hands*
eShades: M336...check the radar for red genie lamps.
M336: 2/3 Red Genie Lamps detected. 1 Genie Lamp has been used since the last reset spring of Age: 7, Year: 18
DPope316: Well that explains Anne Hathaway and Danthex Black...I thought I killed that *****!
The Saint EX II: And my stepdad...that nigga was pathetic he was better off in the ground it would have saved us some property damage.
Tipsy Blonde: So the question is...who revived them?
Hunk Blonde: One nigga...Zezime. I knew that setup near Port Sarim was some ********.
Saints4Ever: Anybody wanna explain to me WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?
DPope316: We were heroes in a time period where it was all about my dad...yell in my ear one more time and ill kick your ***.
M336: Location synchronization genie lamp locations show both of them hidden in Ground Zeroes, Misthalin.
The Saint EX II: The ****! Where's my beer...seems the only way well see them and make this Shandra wish come true is if we prevent a nuclear catastrophe. *Drinks Wizard's Mind Bomb*
eShades: Isn't that area abandoned?
Hunk Blonde: Anne Hathaway is alive again. It's possible they can be using it as a headquarters.
DPope316: Well that is suspicious. So here is what we are going to do as a clan. Me and The Saint EX II will create a distraction at the front gate. Then eShades, Hunk Blonde and Tipsy Blonde will go inside the compound, find the lamps, take them, and bring them back outside to our getaway car!
eShades: Not the Esculade...
DPope316: eShades Ferrari!
eShades: Oh...well...alright then!
Saints4Ever: So all we have to do is head home and plan the heist?
DPope316: For Next Saturday yes...

~ Scene: Menaphos Airport, Loading Dock ~

Saints4Ever: You know what I always wanted in a player owned house? A swimming pool.
The Saint EX II: Well i'm sure the aquarium counts as one technically.
Saints4Ever: Yes, but since the discovery of chlorine in Age: 6, Year: 187 swimming has never been the same. Its like soap and water. Its there, but we need some requirements to make it necessary in some places.
*The BattleStar Runnatica departing for Falador, Asgarnia is ready for takeoff. All travelers make sure to board and have your tickets ready.*
The Saint EX II: This is the ship with the strip club right?
DPope316: Saint you're not 18!
*2 Hooded Figures Follow M3rciless Jr to the edge of the on-ramp to the airship.*
Mysterious Person: Now?
Mysterious Person #2: No...we wait...

A few days later...

~ Scene: M3rciless Jr. Hideout, Rimmington ~

DPope316: So now that it is Saturday, we should find a way to steal those red genie lamps.
The Saint EX II: I have decided to call the group of super-powerful evil characters in our lives The Illumiscape.
eShades: I like that name...sounds mysterious yet scary.
DPope316: That should include a more broader spectrum of individuals right?
The Saint EX II: Yes...every cog in the operation is accounted for, even the small ones.
Hunk Blonde: *Walks in door* Sucks were going to need runes for this *****. I was pretty used to unlimited spells from a magic link with DPope. These should cloak us, dispel the guards, and tele-other the lamps from their stash. In-and-out.
eShades: Well lets get going then. I have provided three of my most luxurious and fastest Ferraris. One is the same model used in the Le-Womans Circuit on TV.
* M3rciless JR. Heads to the Garage and takes off in unison towards Misthalin.*

~ Scene: Ground Zeroes, Misthalin ~

*M3rciless JR parks outside a large bush overlooking the nuclear compound.
eShades: I don't remember those guards being there when we killed Anne Hathaway the first time...or those this is gonna suck.
DPope316: Your *** inside! *DPope uses law runechosis to teleport eShades, Hunk Blonde and Tipsy Blonde over the fence.
*eShades and his squad moves towards the facility housing the red genie lamps.*
eShades: *whispers* we move on my count, activate your infrared vision for your ACOG sights and well be back in time to play this on the GameStation. Do you copy...Hunk Blonde do you copy?
*Silence is heard on the scouter.*
eShades: **** the military talk somebody answer the **** line!
*A hooded figure covers eShades from head to toe with a blanket*
*The hooded figure leaves the area of ground zeroes with eShades, Hunk Blonde and Tipsy Blonde.*


*DPope316 and The Saint EX II walk to the front door of the Ground Zeroes main facility.*
DPope316: *knocks on door.*...maybe they didn't hear me *knocks on door louder*
The Saint EX II: Maybe we should have came in the daytime, maybe when Anne Hathaway is busy at the capitol?
*DPope316 kicks door with the back of his foot facing the door, police style.*
*Zezime, Le Me, Duriel321, Anne Hathaway and Captain Savajo come to the door with DOGMAI standing by holding a minigun.*
Zezime: *Loads Seren Sawn Off Shotgun* WHAT THE HELL YALL TWO NIGGAS WANT!?
DPope316: Umm...I just wanted to borrow a cup of sugar.
Zezime: Sure, you came all the way across county lines for some sugar. Grab this nigga!
*The group now known as the Illumiscape pulls Dpope316 and The Saint EX II into the building and close/lock the door.*

~ Scene: Ground Zeroes, Check-In Building ~

The Saint EX II: Whats going on!? It looks like just video games here. Wheres all your plans and monuments.
Zezime: I try not to advance a dictator agenda, I have other means including deceit and random violence being solved in the midst of the night. You know if everything is okay, well let you guys leave with your lives tonight.
Le Me: Nigga our red genie lamps are gone!
Zezime: That's it...wrap them up!
Anne Hathaway: You cant wrap up children...without the jumper cables! *runs to garage.*

10 Minutes later...

DPope316 & The Saint EX II: (Song) Into the unknown!!!!!! Into the unknoooooooooowwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!
Zezime: SHUT THE **** UP!!!... I don't even link Whodisney. Oh were going to go into the unknown all right, as soon as you tell me where my lamps are DPope.
DPope316: We know nothing about these lamps of yours. We just came to borrow a cup of sugar. I was going to teach my chubby friend with glasses how to make cool-aid. Cmon man its Saturday-
Zezime: I know what ******* day it is! *back hand slaps DPope taking 1000 damage.* You two say a lot of words, but they don't mean ****. Le Me, Durial321 get the Seren Army Guns. I'm going to have fun wiping our only competition off the face of the earth.
*Le Me and Durial321 go outside. They are stopped by a single mysterious figure.*
Mysterious Man: This can end in one of two ways. Lawsuit, or painful death.
Le Me: I am the greatest player of ALL Time. Better then that kids father. Painful death for you in on deck nigga. Ill sell you dub immediately!
Mysterious Man: Your choice *pulls off dark hood.*
Dispatch (Scouter): Agent M, you are clear to kick their ***!
Agent M: Granted. *equips two Elder Rune Micro SMG's.*

5 Minutes later...

Zezime: You two are probably wondering why your execution is taking so long... my niggas should be back any minute...any minute **** do I have to do everything around here? *goes outside*
The Saint EX II: Quick, burn the ropes and tape off of us so we can get off this rocket!? Seriously this launch base is creeping me out.
*a large explosion is heard outside.*
DPope316: *Burns through bindings using lava runechosis.* Well they did say the lamps were gone, so mission accomplished right? Lets get ghost...
*DPope316 and The Saint EX II head to the parked Ferrari and drive off.*
*The scene focuses on the fight between Agent M and Durial321 and Le Me.*
Agent M: Now that you are both downed its time to write you out of history.
Anne Hathaway: Ill take things from here! You have some nerve showing up here M.
Agent M: The same to you Anne Hathaway. You know how I feel about this type of study.
Anne Hathaway: Well maybe if you put me first we wouldn't be having 2nd armegeddon would we? Now LEAVE.
Agent M: Of course ill leave no problem. (Scouter) Area Secured headquarters. Coming back. *teleports out of the area.*
Anne Hathaway: Looks like he killed Durial321 and Le Me in one shot, those eggheads at that organization of his are amazing. But I AM EVE hahahahaha!

~ Scene: M3rciless Jr. Hideout ~

Saints4Ever: I knew I shouldn't have stayed behind on this mission. So tell me again one more time how eShades, Hunk Blonde, and Tipsy Blonde just disappeared out of the blue on a very important assignment.
DPope316: No! It was bad enough all the main villains were in the same room as us. They either died in action or got take by someone else. but that's the thing there is nobody else.
The Saint EX II: *runs into room panting* great news everyone our parent clan M3rciless has agreed to assist in the search for our missing members. They are giving the investigation 6 months. After 6 months, they will call the search off. I hope that helps.
DPope316: It should, that accounts for half of our full time members.
The Saint EX II: We really don't recruit much, do we?
DPope316: Guess not. But half of the members sounds better then 3 members.
Saints4Ever: *Turns to W2*
Chessy018 (TV): This is the W2 News. Today we have breaking news in Misthalin county where an explosion near a nuclear site outside Varrock has prompted swift road closures and lock-downs for local homeowners. The culprits in the case have been captured and are being held without bail at the Misthalin County Jail.
DPope316: Tell us the names...
Chessy018 (TV): Those involved remain unidentified at the moment. We will alert you when this information changes... Next on the W2 News, you wear socks, but do socks wear you? This lad in his leaderhosen shorts seems to think both is possible. More news at 11.
Saints4Ever: *Turns off TV*
DPope316: We need to find them before they find us...M336 hook us up with a genie lamp and make it bomb!

------------------------------------------------------Episode 15 Over---------------------------------------------------
Moving right a long with production...Golden Gnome Worthy? If there was a category for scrips maybe.

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Fun Fact: TV was invented in the late 6th age, and the worlds are the channels. Represented as W and then the channel number (Ex. W2, W22, W65).

----------------------------------------------Episode 16--------------------------------------------

~Scene: Jagex Headquarters-CIA Division, Jagex Citadel~

*eShades is brought into a room while wearing a hood. The hood is taken off.*
eShades: Now that you let me out I have no choice but to-
Hunk Blonde: Chill nigga there on our side.
Agent M: He's right you know. I'm Agent M with Jagex. We think you and your friends may hold the clue to saving the world. Follow me, lets meet some people.
eShades: *activates gravity jumpshoes* just one step and....
Agent M: And what ***************!?
Tipsy Blonde: Just drop the fight.
Agent M: Listen to them. First of all, I bet you're wondering about these twins mother. Well we were able to save her. And you wanna know what else? *Two people walk into the room.*
eShades: Is that SixPack...or is that some cheesy imitator?
Agent M: He's alive, we faked his death.
eShades: How though? Illusion Magic? HOLD UP....Menos Grande. HE's alive!?
Menos Grande: We don't have much time to explain things were overdue to head back to Gilligan's Island soon. But we will be working with you guys in the shadows in a way you cannot possibly imagine. Do any of you know how to use runechosis?
eShades, Hunk Blonde & Tipsy Blonde: Nope.
Drunk Blonde: *crowd cheers* good, because I Aint telling you how to reach it. One nigga on infinite runes is enough for me. Which reminds me, where is DPope?
Agent M: We will not be using him for this operation. He is too close to Zezime.
Drunk Blonde: Well lets get to why we kidnapped the three of you. It is time we carried out assassinations for the good of Gielnor. We have several targets. This is how it will work. My twin children will gather data on the whereabouts of the Illumiscape through playing the lives of others. Once the information is gathered, eShades will carry out the assassination of each corrupt individual using this Seren Hidden Glock. *Hands eShades the Seren Hidden Glock.*
eShades: This is like assassins bleed...ill need a codename. How about "The_Bird?"
Hunk Blonde: How about minimum wage. HA!
Agent M: About that... we will pay you 40B coins each per assassination.
Tipsy Blonde: I say hell yes! MOD, beam me up.
Cultleader: *Creeps up behind Tipsy Blonde and makes teleporter sound.*
*Tipsy Blonde jumps and crashes into the table.*
Hunk Blonde: What are you doing here Cultleader?
Cultleader: I was called back into the Western Continent to assist in this operation to prevent the Illumiscape from taking over the planet. There's a plan in place for MOD Govenor to find the Super Genie Lamp, which he will use to form a one world Government on Gielnor by uniting the Western and Eastern continents. You guys did get the 2 red genie lamps right?
Agent M: Yes we did. I was thinking we could use one of them right now and save the other one for when we need it down the road.
Cultleader: If I may, I think I may know what to wish for *takes red genie lamp off pedestal and rubs it*
*A Red Genie appears out of the lamp.*
Red Genie: This is nice, going on for dozens of years without niggas finding me, only to be found by young people. What is your wish woman?
Cultleader: I wish DPope316's mother, Shandra, was alive again and within our jurisdiction.
Red Genie: Your wish is my command *claps hands*

6 months later...

Age: 7th
Year: 23

~Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Break Room~

*the group is watching Computer Court on W68*
Announcer (TV): And not back to Computer Court, on The PK.
Lawyer #1 (TV): Objection your honor shes acting like a total *****!
Judge (TV): Overruled nigga. Lets see where this goes.
Lawyer #2 (TV): Did you or did you not hack your computer to run MechScape at 60 FPS???
Defendant (TV): NOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Lawyer #2 (TV): I know you did and you know why? You just couldnt stand the slow speed of 30 FPS, you have to upgrade to a speed and quality that exceeds real life didnt you! *bangs table*
Lawyer #1 (TV): Do you not see this **** happening your pimpness?
Judge (TV): Your pimpness...I like it. I find in favor of Lawyer #1. *bangs gavel*
Lawyer #1 (TV): Hell yea!
DPope316: I swear to MOD lawyers who just get criminals off free are evil.
The Saint EX II: *busts through door with Demarco16* Hey guys...good news and bad news.
Saints4Ever: Whats the good news?
The Saint EX II: MOD Govena has ended the Scurge emergency in Asgarnia, closing a dark chapter in world history. We have an 85% vaccination rate apparently. Bad news is Demarco16 has called off the search for the missing members of our clan.
Demarco16: We tried everything but we just couldn't find them. Id hate to be in this situation. They could be dead.
DPope316: Then we will track their location with the Red Genie Lamps using the genie radar on MEE6.
Demarco16: Also will not work, the son of a ***** that took the lamps used one 6 months ago apparently when The Saint check the radar.
Saints4Ever: Somethings happening on TV *turns up TV volume*
Chessy018 (TV): This is a special broadcast on behalf of the W2 news delivered to all channels. The Chief of the White Knight Police has been assassinated. I repeat, the Chief of the White Knight Police has been assassinated. An assassin known as The_Bird was seen fleeing the area and shouting "the bird is the word" before taking the leap of faith into a moving dump truck.
Demarco16: That means Sargent Climax is the new White Knight Chief. This actually works out. The old Chief was responsible for overlooking many newb PK's in Asgarnia County, especially in the Falador area.
Chessy018 (TV): A manhunt for the white robed individual is on and a 20B coin reward is offered for his capture for bounty hunters only!
Demarco16: ****** were not bounty hunters *turns off TV* maybe we should have invested into that slayer station hookup. I mean I cant win it if I'm not in it.
DPope316: Dad that's the slogan for the Supreme Sphere Lottery.
Demarco16: Yea about that...go buy me some tickets. I will only go to Gower Liquors in Varrock for my tickets I won 400M so far from tickets.
DPope316: Fine, but im buying one too.

~Scene: South Varrock, Gower Liquors~

*The Saint EX II is checking out the alcohol selection while DPope316 buys the lottery tickets.*
Store Clerk: That will be 5M for the tickets. 50 Supreme Sphere Tickets with varying numbers.
Saints4Ever: No wonder he wins he buys 50 of them! Haha!
Store Clerk: And as a bonus, we are giving away these small standard lamps, good for fortune or just a good time on the beach.
DPope316: Well its a small, but well take it.
*DPope316, The Saint EX II and Saints4Ever walk outside.*
DPope316: *rubs lamp*
The Saint EX II: You already know what you're wishing for?
*Genie Appears*
DPope316: Yes I do, I wish one of these tickets is the winning lottery ticket!
Genie: Your wish is my command *claps hands and disappears*
Saints4Ever: Just curious, what is the lottery worth today?
DPope316: 800B Coins. It is one of the largest lotteries in the history of runescape.
The Saint EX II: Hey...its that guy from the news with the white robe jumping from roof to roof.
DPope316: There's no reason to follow him, lets go back to the citadel.

---------------------------------------Episode 16 Over----------------------------------------------
What could M3rciless Jr possibly want with 800B coins? Find out next time on the same forum, under the same category.

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Fun Fact: The following screenplay production is based on Gielnor of Runescape, based on modern day real life to take place in a California setting.

------------------------------------------------------ Episode 17 -----------------------------------------------

~Scene: Apache Bank, Native Gnome Reservation~

*eShades is in the middle of combat during an important heist*
eShades: And another thing!... can I get this money to go?
Banker #1: Not before you meet our supervisor...oh your thugness! *Captain Sajavo come out of the back room*
eShades: I've been waiting for this for a long time old man!
Captain Savajo: You think you can defeat me? I have girls screaming I wanna be saved!
*eShades fires the bandos shotgun at Captain Savajo without hitting him.
Captain Savajo: A misfire...well my gun wont miss! *equips Seren Ak-47.*
Cultleader (Scoter): You're doing great, lead him outside of the bank so he can be shot properly.
eShades (Scouter): Affirmative. Hey Savajo! I got your girls right here!
Captain Savajo: Thats what SHE said *runs towards eShades.*
*eShades activates a smoke bomb and jumps out the window*
*a person in a zoot suit is waiting for his fall at the bottom of the building*
Shandra: *Crowd Cheers* Ah hell naw. Nephew, get your raggity *** back in there and **** that ***** up!
eShades: Yes mom...
Shandra: You think im playin!? Do i need to pull out the whip?
eShades: At least heal me first.
*Shandra uses defense aura to heal eShades to perfect health.
Captain Savajo: There's those niggas right ere. Gnome Guards, shoot them!
*eShades fires a Bandos Ak-47 at the guards.*
Shandra: Hold up nephew, that's not how you shoot an AK. *takes the gun from eShades.* This is how you shoot an AK! *begins firing at the guards.*
eShades: As always a drama queen.
Shandra: I didnt make the top of my guild before my first death for nothing! Just wait till I finally see my son.
Cultleader (Scouter): This is the spot, stand still until the shot is fired, and then teleport out.
eShades: Honestly Captain Savajo, if you really have to ask your self if you should save her, then maybe you should just stop being a captain. I'm sure E-40K will understand.
*A Sniper Shot was fired, hitting Captain Savajo in the heart.*
Shandra: That's what yo *** gets! Lets get ghost. *Teleports back to Jagex CIA headquarters*

~ Scene: Jagex Headquarters, CIA Division ~

Shandra: So our mission was a success. We injured Captain Savajo to the point of where he cannot recover. Next we wait for him to enter hospice to finish the job. Nobody said dirty money was supposed to be easy but I've dealt with plenty of badder ******** then this.
Agent M: Good job, we will wire the two of you 5B each as a reward.
*eShades walks over to the blonde twins and their game systems.*
eShades: So what are you looking up this time?
Tipsy Blonde: The Legend of Hilda. Apparently a corrupt leader tried to kidnap a princess for political gain. Similar to how MOD Govena was able to remain in office for so long. So once this game is complete and I confirm the hitlist from Hilda, ill inform you.
eShades: Deal.
Cultleader: When you take those leap of faiths do you always expect a moving trash truck to be passing by? Because free falling into one sounds hella tight.
eShades: I usually choose dumpster bins so I'm not trapped inside of them.
Hunk Blonde: Im currently playing Final Reality. Im pretty sure the end of most of the 30 games in this series ends with the world being threatened by a weapon of mass destruction. Lucky for us it connects to Anne Hathaway at Ground Zeroes. So we will infiltrate at a later time.
eShades: Excellent. Ill keep up my assassinations as well.
Agent M: I have a request for you in the meantime eShades. Follow me for details.
*eShades and Agent M walk of the room stage left*


~Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Break Room~

*M3rciless Jr is watching music videos on W22.*
The Saint EX II: *Runs into the room* Did I miss anything from the songs.
DPope316: The contestant just started singing an opera version of the 'Thong Song'
Talent Contestant: That THOOOOOOOOOOONNNNG, Thong-Thong, Thong-Thong
Saints4Ever: HAHAHAHA now that is funny!
M3rciless Jr (Group): *literally laughs out loud*
Chessy018 (TV): We bring you urgent news from the capital city in the native gnome reservation where Captain Savajo has been hospitalized in urgent care for gunshot wounds. If Guthix was alive he would not be happy. The culprit in the crime is the same individual who shot and killed the police chief of the Falador White Knights. He was seen shouting "The Bird is the word before escaping through a teleportation device. Patrols in the Asgarnia and Native Gnome lands have been increased until the threat has been resolved. This has been the W2 news and we return you to your current show in progress.
DPope316: I need to turn to W1 anyways, I bought a single lottery ticket with my dads left over money. If the genie is that strong as a small standard, were going to be multi billionaires!
*Turns to W1*
Announcer (TV): And the winning numbers are 11, 5, 47, 32, 55, 41 with the supreme sphere number being 2
DPope316: And that's how you win a lottery...lets go get my money.
The Saint EX II: It's late cant claim until Monday morning in downtown Falador. Good luck playing keep away from us over the weekend haha.
Announcer (TV): The odds of winning the lottery are the same odds of being named Grandmaster of Gielnor 1:500,000,000
*Turns off TV*
*Demarco16, Lambo, and Danthex walk into the room.*
Demarco16: Didnt say I wouldnt warn you.
Danthex: Well its their ticket they ordered 52 instead of 50. Let them keep the money.
Demarco16: Well if youre going to be a billionaire you minus learn how to act like a billionaire. Right this way maggots...
Lanbo: If my nephew could see this, maybe I wouldnt have to pay his car note for the new bolt rune powered Ferrari. As bad *** as that car is, its as expensive to maintain as a lava rune powered engine.
Danthex: Now for our next phase of operations. I have received an anonymous tip that Captain Savajo will be held for treatment at St. Phillips Hospital in downtown Ardounge for the next few weeks. We need to attack and kill him before he recovers. We cannot count on The_Bird to help us out this time.
Demarco16: I have installed a magic jammer inside of MEE6 that should allow you to get inside the hospital undetected in both base and modified forms. Wait for our lead and then infiltrate and assassinate the janky nigga, cold blank. Like do not pass go do not collect 200K coins cold blank. Like leave no trail really have fun ki-
DPope316: Okay dad you're scaring me with your devotion to the cause. But I do think a swift assassination of Captain Savajo is in order.


~Scene: Asgarnia Capital Building, Downtown Falador~

*The county government is conversing on the urgent situation.*
MOD Hathaway: The vaccines have been distributed, I will announce an end to the Scurge pandemic today, but bear with me as those people develop heart problems later on... Its like hitting two birds with one stone its genius.
MOD Govena: I agree, but don't make it so obvious, I need to be elected to another term after this for us to destroy an Asgarnian city.
MOD Hathaway: Alright I get know my ex boyfriend Agent M came to my compound a few months ago. I'm wondering if I would have the power of EVE if I didn't cheat on him in the end. Probably not! Haha!
*MOD Hathaway looks at a scroll containing future targets and kill methods.*
MOD Hathaway: All according to plan...everything is going according to plan.
-------------------------------------------- Episode 17 Over-------------------------------------------
The secrets out, Shandra is back in a black zoot zuit!

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Fun Fact: Artificial Runes were invented in Age: 6th, Year: 398. The Bolt Rune and the Frost Rune are used as semiconductors and coolants for a variety of mechanical appliances/vehicles. For example, a bolt rune would keep the power of a refrigerator running for decades while a frost rune would keep the refrigerator cool for the same amount of time. Bolt runes have replaced fire runes in the creation of electrical energy. Converting natural runes into artificial runes is big business in the major cities.

-----------------------------------------------Episode 18---------------------------------------------------
1 week later...

- Scene: St. Phillips Hospital, Downtown Ardounge -

*eShades and Shandra are seen in a bush outside the hospital with binoculars.*
Shandra: On my command, we will use the sniper rifle to sever his leg, causing him to fall out of the window onto the ground. And that is where we will strike!
eShades: How are you going to be sure this nigga will actually appear out of the window?
Shandra: If I know my baby's daddy, he will be here soon. He will create a diversion. We will shoot Captain Savajo down, escape, and let M3rciless have the win.
eShades: So...we just wait?
Shandra: Shhh. Im thinking.


- Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Break Room -

*M3rciless Jr. is watching PC Court on W22*
Announcer (TV): And now back to PC Court, a syndicated broadcast on W22 The Beast!
Lawyer #1 (TV): I call John Ganondwarf to the stand. *Ganondwarf takes the podium* Is is true that you are running an octo-core processor?
John Ganondwarf (TV): A what now?
Lawyer #1 (TV): Dont play that ******** with me in this piece. You know **** well what that is. Its 8 processors powering one CPU. Like how the **** do you sleep at night with that much power. And each one of the has the power of 2.6gHz!? If this aint some cheating then I dont know what the **** this is. There is no way you can have that much po-
Lawyer #2 (TV): Objection your honor he's badgering the defendant like a ho!
PC Judge (TV): Overrulled nigga. Stand down before I hold dat *** in contempt of court.
Lawyer #1 (TV): Judge here I have proof of Ganondwarf's PC hacking including a list of impossible specs and design schematics.
PC Judge (TV): Lawyer #2...did he actually build the computer in this picture? Because this is illegal as ****..
Defendant (TV): I think I have the right to remain silent.
*A Ninjendo representative gives the defendant a cut-throat signal from behind the podium.*
Lawyer #1 (TV): Judge I will pay you $40B coins to side with us immediately.
Lawyer #2 (TV): I will pay you $75B coins to declare a mistrial right now.
PC Judge (TV): Mistrial it is! *pounds gavel*
Lawyer #2 (TV): Hell yea! I did it!
Lawyer #1 (TV): Not so fast *tackles Lawyer #2 outside the court room.*
DPope316: If I dont know what a monster computer is then I give up with this society *rolls snapdragon blunt*
The Saint EX II: I think the news is coming on in a second, Saints4Ever go get our parents.
Saints4Ever: I'm on it *leaves room*
*The Saint EX II turns the TV to W2*
Chessy018 (TV): Leaving thousands injured...this is the W2 news at noon with trillionaire Chessy018 as lead news anchor. Today on W2, Captain Savajo has entered intensive care at a hospital in Kandarin County. More news on his recovery at 11. In other news PC Court has become the #1 tech show on TV behind Mobile Suit MechScape.
DPope316: I love their models!
Demarco16: *walks into the break room* Today is the day we end this with Captain Savajo. He's saved so many ho's, hisself he cannot save. We got in touch with our weapons dealer in Catherby, and he gave us some Seren equipment a long with some Mastersmith stage 4 body armor.
DPope316: Are you sure we need all this Call of Djibouti stuff to get the job done?
Danthex: No mistakes can be made. We infitrate the hospital with invisishields, execute him, and slip out undetected. This plan is foolproof. MEE6, disable their electronics in a hour, were heading to the west side!

2 hours later...

-Scene: St. Phillips Hospital, Downtown Ardounge-

Demarco16: We will have two teams to infiltrate the hospital. Team 1 will consist of myself, my son, and Saints4Ever. Team 2 will include Danthex, The Saint EX II, and Lanbo. We will meet at captain Savajo's room and carry out the assassination. Agreed?
All: Yes!
*Team 2 enters the hospital through the front doors*
Lanbo: It's too dark and quiet to find anything here... oh **** its a trap!
*The lights turn on revealing a gang of native gnomes armed with Guthix AR-15's. They open fire.*
Lanbo: ****!!!! *Dodges the bullets in slow motion.*
*Team 2 begins to return fire.*
The Saint EX II: *Equips Seren Freeze Ray* I got this all under control!
Danthex: Maybe so, but this is your first fight in years without a runechosis magic boost. *Equips Seren FAMAS.*
Lanbo: *Equips Seren AK-47* Theres too many of them...lead the niggas outside! *provides return fire*
*Team 2 leads the group outside, allowing Team 1 to enter the hospital undetected.*
The Saint EX II: *activates freeze grenade.* get back grenade! *throws grenade at the native gnomes*

- Scene: Captain Savajo's Hospital Room, St. Phillips Hospital -

*Team 1 enters the room with Captain Savajo inside.*
Captain Savajo: What's all that noise outside...I told them May the 4th was May the 4th, not revenge of the 6th...
*Demarco16 turns off his invisishield.*
Demarco16: Were here for your life *looks around* and that big *** diamond I guess I could use some cash.
Captain Savajo: Why is it every-time we fight you rob me afterwards!? *Stands up out of the bed and walks towards the window.* If you wish to kill me, you'll have to do it on live TV. *W2 helicopter appears out of nowhere with a bright shining light and camera.
*The scene focuses on eShades and Shandra.*
Shandra: New Plan, shoot him in the head! We cannot let him frame my baby's daddy!
eShades: *arms sniper rifle and fires at Captain Savajo's head.*
*Captain Savajo falls out of the window and to the ground.*
Demarco16: Holy ****!
DPope316: Oh Chessy018 is going to ridicule us.
Saints4Ever: Lets get the **** out of here!
*Team 1 meets up with team 2 outside.*
Danthex: Quick to the Esculade. Well lose their trail and head to my house in Yanille.
*The group gets inside Danthex's clan Esculade and drives off, the Kandarin County Sheriff catches up to them.*
Demarco16: Were already in trouble whats another few years... *fires Seren Micro SMG outside the window at the sheriff tires*
Danthex: Well that's one way to handle things...MEE6 take the wheel, its showtime!
*The back window opens, revealing a cannon.*
*Danthex fires the Seren rail-gun at the Sheriff cars.
Danthex: There's too many of them.
DPope316: Its guys continue on ahead, Ill straighten this out right now. MEE6 stop the car.
Demarco16: Son are you serious, MEE6 don't stop the ******** car!
DPope316:Just go I have everything under control. I figured I would be going to jail anyways.
Demarco16: I see...come back to us son!
*DPope316 gets out of the car as the rest of the crew speed off. DPope316 is arrested on the spot by the Kandarin County Sheriff.*
Deputy #1: Do you know why we are arresting you today?
DPope316: I think so...
Deputy #2: You killed Captain Savajo you *****! *smacks DPpe316*
*DPope316 smiles*
Deputy #1: You have the right to remain silent, and you do not have the right to an attorney...


- Scene: Asgarnia Capital Building, Downtown Falador -

Sargent Climax: MOD Hathaway I come bringing news on Captain Savajo...he was killed at the hospital the other day.
MOD Hathaway: And after my speech on the end of the Scurge Pandemic last week huh...punk ***.
Sargent Climax: If we don't make a decision on the DPope316 case soon it will backfire on us in the most negative way.
MOD Hathaway: I am aware of the circumstances, so I have been training. I have achieved a new EVE form, the Midlight Form. At the stroke of Midnight, my powers are amplified. Such powers are even further refined at sunrise, but I have not entered that form of EVE yet. When I reach Daybreak Form EVE...the world is toast haha!

- Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Break Room -
The Saint EX II: What happened to DPope!? You would think he would have called by now *looks upset*
Saints4Ever: *turns to W2*...okay guys this is it. since we didn't see ourselves assassinate Captain Savajo on live TV well have to watch the recaps.
*Phone Rings*
The Saint EX II: I got it! *answers phone*
Messenger (Phone): This is Gielnor Municipal Services with a collect call from "Anyone who doesn't know who this is wasn't around last week." An inmate at "Kandarin County Jail. Do you accept the charges.
The Saint EX II: Great he's in jail...yes I accept.

------------------------------------------------------Episode 18 Over--------------------------------------------------
To be concluded in Season 4 of Super Genie Lamp Heroes