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Post by Vu1canF0rce on May 9, 2022 20:19:53 GMT -7

So I have a couple older posts I'm gonna tie in here -- on xCloud and about next-gen consoles.

In hindsight, I love my Series X. I have been extremely fortunate to make it through the zombie battle when it was first coming out to get one. There was only one occasion when I was moving that I had remembered happened upon my One X and I broke it out to played RDR2 as well as GTAV and noticed for the first time with my own eyes vs the M$ marketing just how slow the old system was compared to the new one. Granted, the One X is still faster than its predecessors, as would be expected.

Work and personal life have kept me really busy so I haven't been gaming a lot, but there was one point recently where I finally got mad enough at CoD enough to uninstall the dang game. It was going to have taken up about 30~40% of my hard drive and enough was enough. I have not purchased an external SSD yet because I cannot justify the cost-to-GB ratio just yet. I played CoD since release day and it went from a fun, authentic experience to a vast paywall with little fun in it now.

Since I had first posted about xCloud, they did bring it into the fold as expected they would. Since then they brought in EA and it looks like there might be a few more bonus perks being bolted onto Game Pass Ultimate (ubisoft+, but still rumor for now). but I have had Gold since the earllllllly days and with my Costco membership, I saved a buttload on the upgrade ratio when that was a thing (it might still be?). I'm sure it'll be a hard pill to swallow on the cost when that renewal period comes up in a year or two.

The wife and I ordered Star Wars Skywalker Saga because the LEGO series is the only handful of games she likes on console. We will be playing that soon.

A lot in one update, but what are you thoughts on the landscape of Xbox?