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Outlaw Immortalz: For Realz (v 1.1) [Interactive Media RPG]

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The first sheet is the directions on how to play Freestyle Mode.

The second sheet is your character sheet. You can print it and fill it out with your status in the game, or place it somewhere handy on your computer for reference.

The third sheet is directions on how to use the X-Box Lab, the item synthesis system. Enhancements can be applied to your character sheet after calculations have been made, as a grand total per item. With this, you can create up to +5 equipment.

This is the end of the tutorial.

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Outlaw Immortalz Tip Page

1. You must be 13 or older to play the main game of Outlaw Immortalz. Some material is intended for a mature audience.

2. You must be 21 or older to use the C-Rank and A-Rank features. Unless you are 21, you cannot legally smoke or drink.

3. Autism is required to transcribe the messages found in digital media into words.

4. A form of psychosis is required to interpret the messages in full. DO NOT induce psychosis without cannabis.

5. Outlaw Immortalz is a Modern Mythical RPG, and the first of its kind.

6. The story, characters, and job classes in the story are based on the book of 'Revelation' in the bible.

7. The game is enacted entirely on message boards. No payments or downloads required.

8. Outlaw Immortalz is an 'Interactive Media RPG.' It requires an open mind and access to other digital forms of entertainment. This includes music, TV, movies, and video games.

9. Every story description has a main objective or goal to keep you on track with the game.

10. To navigate the main menu, choose a story version. Read its description and pick a digital media lead to follow up on and explore. Once the objective is complete, you can move on. This can be done in any order you wish.

11. You can play the digital media leads of any update, in any order you wish. Make sure you read the story description and objective first.

12. The Bishop class is the easiest job class to play as. They are only required to watch movies, which can go by very quickly.

13. The Soldier class is the hardest job class to play as. It requires that you play video games, which can take a significant amount of time and effort.

14. Your Cosmic Drive allows you to equip a weapon and 3 accessories. The weapon can be single handed, dual wielded, or double handed.

15. Your level is calculated based on your equipment and stats. The resulting number totals is your cosmic score. Apply the cosmic score to your level requirements to determine your job class and level.

16. Invite others to participate with you. Turn on the TV or play a movie with them. Explain what is happening.

17. The record-keeper class is special. It allows those with epilepsy to play the game.

18. THC/CBD and Alcohol are game enhancements. Use with care and responsibility.

19. Major updates yield the most digital information game-wise. Expansion updates offer fewer digital media leads.

20. Outlaw Immortalz will receive monthly updates that follow up on the story so far.

21. Outlaw Immortalz is based on the music of Tupac Shakur, and is a work in progress.

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Elite Immortal #1 (Outlaw Immortalz: For Realz Version 1.1)

Dear Outlaw Immortalz,

“We have entered a new age on Earth. With EVE sealed away, we can focus on more pressing issues in the Galaxy. MOD General Vega has given us his blessing to participate in Galactic Clan War. All we have to do is join a clan and view/play as much digital media as possible. You should be arriving at PlayStation 5 soon. Speak to MOD General Centauri when you arrive.”

MOD General Solar [Lv. 100]

*You arrive at the PS5 Magic Gate.*


“My name is MOD General Centauri. Our location is close to your planet Earth. As such, your Starforce Branch is a dear neighbor to ours. Allow me to brief you on the situation. EVE has been sealed away in a magical box. In order to keep the seal active, you must collect EVE cores. Most enemies and villains in digital media works drop EVE Cores when discovered. You have learned how to locate evil such as EVE, the Antichrist and the False Prophet in your past work. This time around, locating EVE cores will be a bit of a challenge. Good luck, meet with MOD General Vega next.”

MOD General Centauri [Lv. 100]

Hello Immortal,

“You have been informed about the EVE cores and Clan Wars right? We look forward to your progress with both. In the meantime, we need to talk. The reinforcements that traveled to Earth discovered the presence of the most powerful Immortalz to grace the galaxy. We need your help locating them. They are known as the Elite Immortalz. Picture if you will 7 deadly human beings. Blessed with the gift of speech, the power to reach, each person on every street. Since the final battle with EVE, the Elite Immortalz have separated all over the galaxy. Kadafi, one of the Elites has been spotted in the Dual Centauri area. Speak to MOD General Centauri again for deployment into the sector. Locating clues will be difficult, get to know his interest and everything will fall into place. After the first 6 Elite Immortalz are found, they will be called to revive the 7th, Makaveli.”

OBJECTIVE: -Locate Kadafi
- Collect EVE Cores
- Participate in Galactic Clan War

The Commanding Officer is to play/view the following:

The Matrix Resurrections
Judas and the Black Messiah

Def Jam: Fight for NY
Dead or Alive Series

Tupac: Still I Rise [Album]

All other units are to play/view the following:

Tupac: Me Against The World [Album]
Tupac: When We Ride [Song]
Tupac: High Speed [Song]

Poetic Justice
Forrest Gump
Black Panther
The Trail of the Chicago 7
American Gangster

US History: WWII – Present Day
World History: 2000's – Present Day
Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kyosaki

The Bernie Mac Show
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Boondocks
Lazor Wulf
Love & Hip Hop
The Real Housewives
The Parkers
The Tiger King
Squid Game
Chappele's Show

Assassins Creed: Liberation
Assassins Creed: Rogue
The Legend of Zelda Series (Ocarina of Time, The Windwaker, Breath of the Wild)
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
DragonBall Z: Kakarot
Call of Duty Series
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/ Shining Pearl
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Resident Evil: Village
Diablo II
Diablo III

*GUILD BONUS: +50 to all stats for digital media played/viewed at night.*

One more thing,

“The Magic Tap technology our engineers have been developing for the PlayStation is now complete and ready for use. You can now use Magic Gate 2 to travel back to past scenarios (Version 1.0). You will be placed in a simulation pod, where you can relive past events as they unfolded.

- MOD General Vega [Lv. 100]
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Elite Immortal #2 [Expansion] (Outlaw Immortalz: For Realz Version 1.1.1)

Dear Outlaw Immortalz,

“Our search in the Centauri System for Khadafi has been successful. He is the god relative of Makaveli. His parents were members of the Black Panther group in the 1970's. His upbringing may have been the strongest clue we had for his search. Khadafi is being transported to PlayStation 5 orbiting the Vega System as we speak. But I have another request for you. MOD General Altair has requested your assistance in the Altair System. The Elite Immortal Hussein Fatal has been located in the vicinity of Altair's PlayStation 4. Head to the MOD General's location for deployment.”

- MOD General Centauri [Lv. 100]

*You travel from the Centauri System and head to the Altair system to meet up with MOD General Altair.*

Dear Outlaw Immortalz,

“Our records indicate that several musical talents on our planets have been teaming up with Hussein Fatal. We wish for you to investigate, and bring Hussein Fatal back to headquarters. His voice, face, and likelihood has been featured on our video screens as well. Locating him will be difficult, but there are some clues that should help out. Enemies carrying EVE Cores have also been spotted in the area. Collect them as you please.”

- MOD General Altair [Lv. 100]

Dear Outlaw Immortalz,

“I've been looking into Hussein Fatal. You may want to visit the race track on Altair 5. Here are your deployment orders.”

OBJECTIVE: Locate Hussein Fatal
- Collect EVE Cores
- Participate in Galactic Clan War

The Commanding Officer is to play/view the following:

> Don't Be a Menace in South Central: Don't Drink Juice in Da Hood

> Saints Row Series
> Grand Theft Auto IV
> Jet Set Radio

> Tupac: All Bout U [Song]

> Run's House
> The Boondocks

All other units are to play/view the following:

> Ja Rule: Blood in My Eye [Album]
> Ashanti: Rain On Me remix [Song]
> Tupac: I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto [Song]

> Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
> Gran Turismo Series
> Forza Series
> Fire Emblem Series

> Sleeping with Angels
> Bound by Blood
> Tales From the Crypt
> Class Act
> Speed Racer

> Game of Thrones
> The Real Housewives Series

> Political Science [Textbook]
> The Great Gatsby [Novel]

“Here's a camera. If you see a crash, take pictures.”

- DPope (Grandmaster Ultimate Commanding Officer) [Lv. 99]

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Elite Immortal #3 [Expansion] (Outlaw Immortalz: For Realz Version 1.1.2)

Dear Outlaw Immortalz,

“Hussein Fatal was found in his sports car speeding when he was informed of the issue and transported back here to PlayStation 5. He is safe in our care currently. Your return to the PlayStation comes with great timing. We need a Commanding Officer specifically to participate in this next special mission. Our next Elite Immortal, Napoleon, has been located in the vicinity of the Betelgeuse System. It is a large, but old system and has seen many changes in its government rule. Our target Napoleon is the ruler of the planet Betelgeuse 7. We will need you to change you class to a Commanding Officer, even on a temporary basis, to negotiate with the ruler without using your C and A-Ranking abilities. This way, he will agree peacefully to our terms. For those who choose not to change their class, there are several other problems involving EVE's influence in the area of the Star System Betelgeuse. Prepare for deployment immediately. When you arrive to the system, you will find a PlayStation 4 orbiting Betelgeuse 4. Have a talk with MOD General Betelgeuse there, he will guide you in how to approach the ruler and EVE's influences in the area."

-MOD General Vega [Lv. 100]

*You travel to the PlayStation 4 orbiting the Betelgeuse System.*

Dear Outlaw Immortalz,

"Thank you for meeting me here at our local PlayStation. For this mission as a commanding officer, you cannot drink or smoke during the negotiation process with Napoleon. He has turned his life around with royalty, and has since given up C-Rank and A-Rank abilities. What he lacks in magic is made up in his ability to offer motivational speeches to the masses. As you can see, there is solid peace on Betelgeuse 7 due to the outlawing of such magical enhancements. It is not illegal in the star system, but it is not recommended for this mission. As for your down-line units, we have detected a moderate number of EVE cores in the area that have to be collected to keep EVE inside Pandora's Box. As the MOD General, I am able to give you their locations in the Betelgeuse System for further investigation."

- Change your job class to Commanding Officer and negotiate assistance from Napoleon.
- Collect EVE Cores in the Betelgeuse System as a class other then Commanding Officer.

- Participate in Galactic Clan War using Freestyle Mode.

The Commanding Officer is to play/view the following:

>Tupac: Assassination
>Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

>Batman: Arkham Asylum
>Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
>Elden Ring

>Me Against the World (Tupac) [Song]
>Thug Passion (Tupac) [Song]

>American Dad

All other units are to play/view the following:

>I Am Legend
>Barbershop II
>Rush Hour
>Rush Hour 2
>Rush Hour 3
>Sonic the Hedgehog
>Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Once Released in Theaters)
>Die Hard
>Die Hard II

>The World Ends With You
>The World Ends With You: NEO
>Advance Wars Series
>Final Fantasy X
>Final Fantasy XII

>Still I Rise (Tupac) [Album]
>High Speed (Tupac) [Song]

>Yu Yu Hakusho
>Assassination Classroom
>My Hero Academia

- +50 Spd for Digital Media enjoyed during the daytime.
- +50 Int for Digital Media enjoyed during the nighttime.
- C-Rank and A-Rank features have been disabled for Commanding Officer Units for this mission only.*

“I am aware that this mission is double-fold, but it can be done with cooperation from individuals such as yourself. The Multi-tap system for our PlayStation 4 has been hooked up for practice purposes.”

- MOD General Betelgeuse [Lv. 100]
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Thug Mansion [Expansion] (Outlaw Immortalz: For Realz Version 1.1.3)

Dear Outlaw Immortalz,

“Your efforts in the Milky Way Galactic Starforce is going very well. Half of the Elite Immortalz members have been found and made aware of the situation back on Earth. They have decided to help us out in reviving Makaveli. As such, I cordially invite you to join me at my safe-house located on a large moon orbiting around Vega 7. The name of the safe-house is Thug Mansion.

There is plenty that can be done at Thug Mansion. There is an on-site magic gate that can take you to nearby worlds that Makaveli's assassin frequently visited. If you wish, you can track him down and eliminate the killer. Or you can collect EVE cores using the great processing speed of our Magic Gate.

It is your choice as a front-line soldier to work alongside the commanding officer in this mission. C-Rank and A-Rank abilities are multiplied in this situation, and can be transferred to non-users. These enhancements are highly recommended for this mission.”

- Use the Magic Gate Portal inside the mansion to follow and take down Makaveli's Assassin.

- Collect EVE Cores
- Participate in Galactic Clan War

ALL Units are to explore the following digital media leads as a team:
> The Terminator
> Terminator II
> Terminator III
> Terminator: Salvation
> Resident Evil
> The Mummy
> The Mummy Returns
> The Scorpion King
> Queen of the Damned
> Blade
> Blade: Trinity
> From Dusk to Dawn
> Kill Bill Vol.1
> Kill Bill Vol.2
> Scream (New)
> G.I. Joe
> Small Soldiers
> 2012
> San Andreas
> The Matrix Resurrections
> Mortal Kombat (Old)
> Mortal Kombat (New)
> Assassin's Creed

> Civilization VI
> The SIMS
> Mortal Kombat Series
> Grand Theft Auto V
> Grand Theft Auto IV
> Red Dead Redemption II
> Grand Theft Auto Online
> Rune Factory
> Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins
> Grand Theft Auto III Collection
> Kingdom Hearts II
> Kingdom Hearts III
> Resident Evil Series (1, 4, and 7 are recommended)

> One Piece
> Bleach
> Star Trek: Lower Decks
> Futurama
> Titans
> Squid Game
> Bel Air
> The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
> The Cleveland Show
> Two and a Half Men (w/Ashton Kutcher)
> Anger Management
> Teen Titans
> Teen Titans GO

> Thug Mansion (Tupac) [Song]
> Thug Passion (Tupac) [Song]
> Juicy Fruit (Biggie Smallz) [Song]

> Of Mice and Men (Novel: Fiction)
> The Great Gatsby (Novel: Fiction)
> Year 2020 (or younger) Encyclopedia (Information)

*Guild Bonus:
Contact High options have been activated. Enjoy relaxing leads using an enhancement to transfer your good time buzz to the person next to you.

+25 to all stats for digital media played and/or viewed at night*

“The whole point of Thug Mansion is to provide a safe space to regroup and plan a future strike. Make great use of the faculty. It may not be a PlayStation, but we do have an X-Box lab facility downstairs. MOD General Solar can brief you on how the lab is used after our mission together.”

- DPope (Grandmaster Ultimate Commanding Officer) [Lv.99]

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Elite Immortal #4 [Expansion] (Outlaw Immortalz Version 1.1.4)

Dear Outlaw Immortalz,

“I hope you feel as relaxed from your vacation to Thug Mansion as I did. You survived an onslaught of scenarios to track Makaveli's assassin down. As a reward, I will tell you about another use for the EVE cores you have been collecting from the other worlds.

EVE cores are used as synthesis materials for enhancing weapons and accessories here on the PlayStation. This is done inside of an X-Box Lab. Your title and level determines which lab you can use. It also determines how many enhancements you can apply to your equipment. For example, an X-Box Lab Series X can be found on-board a PlayStation 5. Try utilizing the lab to upgrade your weapons and accessories.

Now down to business, MOD General Regulus has detected the magical energy of another Elite Immortal within the Regulus system. You are to head out to their local PlayStation 4 immediately.”

- MOD General Vega [Lv. 100]

*You travel to the Regulus System to await instructions.*

Dear Outlaw Immortalz,

Your attention is needed for a special joint mission with our local authorities. The Elite Immortal 'Big Syke' has been taken into enemy hands on a small planet orbiting our star. You are to find this stronghold, infiltrate the compound and rescue Big Syke undetected. In order to maintain your cover, you should take examples from nearby worlds to aid in your quest. Only by studying other worlds will you be able to take on this challenge. For this mission, Commanding Officers will take on separate missions from the rest of the units. Attached is your mission instructions, prepare for deployment.

- MOD General Regulus [Lv. 100]

OBJECTIVE: Locate Big Syke
- Become acquainted with the X-Box Lab
- Collect EVE Cores
- Participate in Galactic Clan War

The Commanding Officer is to play/view the following:

> Midnight Club
> Midnight Club 2
> Saints Row
> Saints Row 2
> Borderlands
> Need For Speed: Underground
> Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
> Bully
> The Sims 4

> Die Hard 2
> Speed
> Top Gun
> Top Gun: Maverick
> Big Hero 6
> Pirates of the Caribbean
> Twilight
> The Purge
> Resident Evil

> Snoop Dogg: Rhythm & Gangster [Album]

> The Walking Dead
> Bob's Burgers
> The Cleveland Show
> The Jamie Foxx Show
> Black Jesus

All other units are to play/view the following:

> Borderlands 2
> Borderlands 3
> Gran Turismo 7
> Advanced Wars
> Kingdom Hearts III
> Spiderman
> Metal Gear Solid
> Super Smash Bros Ultimate
> Halo
> Call of Duty: Modern Warfare I, II and III
> Need for Speed Underground 2
> Saints Row 3

> Speed 2
> Jumunji (NEW)
> Avengers: Infinity War
> Superman 1, 2 and 3
> Madea (Tyler Perry)
> Next Friday
> John Wick Series
> Avatar
> Bob's Burgers Movie, The
> Twilight Series
> Mad Max
> Mad Max: Fury Road

> Rick and Morty
> Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law
> Aqua Teen Hunger Force
> 3rd Rock from the Sun
> How I Met Your Mother
> Enchanted (Hulu Only)
> Naruto Shippuden

> Snoop Dogg: Doggystyle [Album]
> Keisha Cole ft. Tupac: Playa Cardz Right [Song]

*Guild Bouns: +30 DEX for all digital media viewed in the morning.*
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Elite Immortal #5 [Expansion] (Outlaw Immortalz: For Realz Version 1.1.5)

Dear Outlaw Immortalz,

“After a lengthy court case, a decision has been made regarding the Elite Immortal 'Big Syke.' He was found innocent of grand theft and homicide, among other dropped charges. He has agreed to help us resurrect Makaveli and can be found aboard PlayStation 5 orbiting Vega.

Big Syke has brought urgent news to our attention. He has communications with Elite Immortal Kastro. However, Big Syke lost contact with him a week before his arrest. Perhaps the locals on the planet were aware of the StarForce's arrival? Anyways, you are to rendezvous with MOD General Antares on Antares 7, the steam planet. Locate Kastro's lost signal and follow it to his location. Afterwards explore the nearby worlds to discover an entry point. Antares 7 is split into two political parties like pre-revelations Earth. It is possible he is being held captive by either party. Proceed with caution, sometimes a soldier shouldn't go for the kill right away. Board the MagicGate when you are ready.”

- MOD General Vega [Lv. 100]

OBJECTIVE: Locate Kastro
- Revisit the Improved X-Box Lab
- Collect EVE Cores
- Participate in Galactic Clan War

ALL units are to view/play the following:

> Tupac: Bomb First [Song]
> Tupac: Hail Mary [Song]
> Tupac: I Wonder If Heaven's Got A Ghetto [Song]
> Tupac: When I Get Free II [Song]
> Snoop Dogg: California Roll [Music Video]

> Stranger Things
> Secrets and Lies
> Tri Gun
> Mobile Suit Gundam
> Full Metal Alchemist
> CSI: Organized Crime
> Law And Order: SVU
> Quantum Leap
> Squid Game [Netflix Only]
> Justice League
> X-Men (Evolution is recommended)
> Scooby Doo: Where Are You?
> American Gangster
> American Dad
> The Great North

> Top Gun: Maverick
> Lightyear
> The Birds
> Childs Play 1-3
> IT (Original)
> IT (Sequel)
> Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (Once Released in Theaters)
> From Russia With Love: James Bond 007
> Casino Royale: James Bond 007
> Goldeneye: James Bond 007
> Texas Chainsaw Massacre
> The Purge: Election Year
> Indiana Jones
> Back to the Future
> Notorious
> Avatar
> Lilo and Stitch

> Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
> Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 1-4
> Megaman Zero 1-4
> Megaman ZX/ZX Advent
> Assassin's Creed Origins
> Grand Theft Auto Online
> Bravely Default
> Pokemon Legends: Arceus
> Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
> Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II
> The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker
> Need For Speed
> Goldeneye: 007 (N64)
> Halo 1-3
> Destiny 1-2

> The Twilight Series [Novel]
> The Chronicles of Narnia Series [Novel]
> Of Mice and Men [Novel]
> Marvel Comics Line [Comic]
> DC Comics Line [Comic]
> Dragon Ball Super [Manga]
> Boruto [Manga]

*Guild Bonus: +30 INT and SPD for all Media Viewed in the Morning. All summer guilds receive +40 STR for the entire chapter.*

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Elite Immortal #6 [Expansion] (Outlaw Immortalz: For Realz Version 1.1.6)

Dear Outlaw Immortalz,

“MOD General Antares has informed me of the work you done on one of his planets. Kudos. Kastro was found in a neutral town on Antares 7, where he eluded capture and persecution. The Publicans and the Cremorats were not successful in the plot to take over Antares 7. Usually we do not meddle with the affairs of developing planets, but this was an emergency.

While you were gone, we looked into E.D.I. Mean's whereabouts. He is on Earth. Just stop by his house and explain the situation. I am sure he will help us. To seal the deal, give him 5 EVE Cores. This is a long trip back, so explore different worlds on the way to collect EVE cores.”

OBJECTIVE: Locate E.D.I. Mean
- Collect 5 EVE Cores using the worlds in this chapter only.
- Participate in Galactic Clan War

ALL Units are to play/view the following:

> Tupac: Dear Mr. President [Song]
> Tupac: So Many Tears [Song]
> Ice Cube: Today Was a Good Day [Song]
> Snoop Dogg: Bush [Album]
> Beyonce: Flawless ft. Nicki Minaj [Song]
> Nicki Minaj: Truffle Butter [Song]
> Nicki Minaj: Shanghai [Song]
> Biggie Smallz: Juicy Fruit [Song]
> Tupac: 2 of Americas Most Wanted ft. Snoop Dogg [Song]
> Tupac: Changes [Song]

> Love and Hip Hop
> The Game
> Bel Air
> The Cleveland Show
> Halo
> House of Dragons
> Rick and Morty
> WWE Smackdown
> WWE Raw
> MLB Baseball
> Hell's Kitchen
> Masterchef
> Little Demon
> Dragon Ball Super
> The Simpsons
> King of the Hill
> Futurama
> Pokemon
> Bleach
> She-Hulk
> Gunsmoke

> The Simpsons Movie
> Cocoon
> Star Trek Series
> The Amazing Spiderman
> The Amazing Spiderman 2
> Toy Story 4
> Iron Man
> Star Wars Episodes 7-9
> 21 Jump Street
> Superbad
> School of Rock
> Little Nicky
> The Kid Who Would be King
> Pokemon: The First Movie
> Pokemon: The Movie 2000
> Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
> Wild Wild West
> A Beautiful Mind

> Shadow the Hedgehog
> Final Fantasy XIV
> Phantasy Star Online 2
> World of Warcraft
> Runescape 3
> MU Online
> Maplestory
> Fly For Fun (Flyff)
> Gunz 2
> Tokyo Extreme Racer 3
> Super Mario Odyssey
> Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
> Call of Duty: Warzone
> Multiversus

> Local Newspaper – Major Headlines [Newspaper]
> Forbes Magazine [Magazine]
> Lord of the Flies [Novel]
> Lord of the Rings [Novel Series]
> Game of Thrones [Novel Series]

“Our journey to permanently seal EVE inside Pandora's box is almost over.”

- Mod General Vega [Lv. 100]

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Elite Immortal #7: Resurrection [Expansion] (Outlaw Immortalz: For Realz Version 1.1.7)

Dear Outlaw Immortalz,

“Great Work on assembling the Elite Immortalz. Makaveli has been resurrected! Now we have everything necessary to permanently seal EVE inside Pandora's Box. Time is of the essence. Makaveli is waiting at the top of the Milky Way Starforce's Headquarters here on Earth. Meet up with him and locate Pandora's Box. The temporary seal will be released to allow for the permanent seal to be applied. Once Makaveli gives the signal there will be world distortions. Find and use each EVE core found in the distorted worlds to seal Pandora's Box.”

OBJECTIVE: Team up with Makaveli to permanently seal EVE inside Pandora's Box.

SIDE OBJECTIVE: Collect 10 EVE Cores using the digital media leads in this chapter only.

ALL units are to play/view the following:

> Maleficent
> Matilda
> iRobot
> Major League
> The Exorcist
> Alice in Wonderland (Live Action)
> Hocus Pocus
> Hocus Pocus 2
> Power Rangers (2017)
> Tangled
> The Little Mermaid
> Suicide Squad
> Cinderella (1997)
> Cinderella (2015)
> Batman Returns
> Neighbors 2
> Mean Girls
> John Tucker Must Die
> Saw 2
> Rush Hour 3
> White Chicks
> Turning Red
> Terminator: Salvation
> Terminator 3
> Rugrats in Paris: The Movie
> Final Destination
> The Interview
> Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
> Kill Bill Vol. 1
> 101 Dalmatians
> 102 Dalmatians
> The Devil Wears Prada
> Batman and Robin (1997)
> The Blair Witch Project

> Pokemon Sun/Moon
> Phantasy Star Portable
> Sonic Adventure 2
> Final Fantasy 8
> World of Warcraft (Horde Only)
> Metal Gear Solid
> Tomb Raider
> Grand Theft Auto 3
> Resident Evil: Village
> Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2
> Final Fantasy 10
> Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
> Chrono Trigger
> Chrono Cross
> The Last of Us
> Metroid Prime

> The Parkers
> The Boondocks
> Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
> Game of Thrones
> Chappele's Show
> The Pimp Chronicles
> Bad Girls Club
> Futurama
> Killing Eve
> Weeds
> Monarch
> How to Get Away with Murder

> When We Ride (Tupac ft. Outlaw Immortalz) [Song]
> Tupac: Still I Rise [Album]
> Tupac: Tattoo Tears [Song]
> Tupac: Blasphemy [Song]

“We will be able to give a great sigh of relief once this is completed. There will be a great celebration once this is all over.”

- MOD General Vega [Lv. 100]

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Great Sagittarius [Expansion] (Outlaw Immortalz: For Realz Version 1.1.8)

Dear Outlaw Immortalz,

“You may have noticed that we are headed to the exact center of the galaxy right now. Deep inside the gravitational field is the Director of the Milky Way Starforce, Sagittarius A*. This person sits at the center of the galaxy and is in charge of operations for billions of MOD Generals. There is a celebration being held in our honor in a few hours here for our roles in sealing EVE inside Pandora's Box. As thanks, I am giving this device to you before we arrive. It allows you to go back in time to relive past missions.”
- MOD General Vega [Lv. 100]

*You arrive at the Supermassive Site orbiting a large black hole.*


“I see you were given an N-Switch. That device is reserved for only the greatest of Immortalz so be sure to treat it with care and responsibility. Congratulations for making it this far in the Holy War against EVE. You now know how to use all of my abilities to scout for information. Who would have thought it would be found hidden behind a video screen or a speaker. Down to business, before the celebration starts we need the abnormalities involving EVE under control. We need all of your EVE cores to get this party started. There are some nearby worlds of you need to collect more EVE cores quickly. Feel free to use your N-Switch to travel to past missions to collect them as well.”

> Offer your current EVE cores to Sagittarius A* as tribute. If you are out of cores, use the N-Switch feature to go back in time to previous missions.

> Collect 10 EVE Cores from this chapter only.
> Collect 15 EVE Cores from other chapters.

All units are to play/view the following:

> Battle Royale
> Battleship
> Alien vs. Predator
> Robocop
> A Beautiful Mind
> Stitch! The Movie
> The Prince of Egypt
> Monster Hunter
> Assassins Creed
> The Kingsman 1 & 2
> Austin Powers
> The Matrix
> 2012
> World War Z
> San Andreas
> Jurassic World
> Undercover Brother
> The Fast and the Furious
> Forrest Gump
> Independence Day
> Blade
> District 9
> From Dusk Till Dawn
> Resident Evil
> Black Panther
> Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
> Avatar
> Pokemon: The First Movie
> Scream
> Scream 2
> Bad Boys
> Bad Boys 2
> Iron Man
> Men in Black
> Men in Black 2
> Men in Black 3

> Mario Party
> Goldeneye: James Bond 007
> Brawlhalla
> Super Smash Brothers Ultimate
> Mortal Kombat
> Friday The 13th
> Sonic Frontiers
> Metal Gear Solid 2
> Metal Gear Solid 3
> Amongst Us
> Fortnite: Battle Royale
> Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
> The Simpsons Hit and Run
> The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
> Assassins Creed: Valhalla
> Cuphead
> Saints Row
> Grand Theft Auto Online
> Pokemon Legends: Arceus
> Final Fantasy XIV
> Persona 5
> Bayonetta 3

> Star Wars: The Mandelorean
> Inside Job
> American Dad
> Futurama
> Cutthroat Kitchen
> Hell's Kitchen
> Dynasty
> Pawn Stars
> Seinfeld
> The King of Queens
> The Big Bang Theory
> Velma
> Quantum Leap
> Oz

> 1984
> The Pit and the Pendulum
> The Chronicles of Narnia Series
> Goosebumps

> Tupac: I Wonder If Heaven's Got a Ghetto [Song]
> Tupac: Changes [Song]
> The Doors: The End [Song]

“You have made it to the end of your journey...for now. See you in 1,000 years!”
- Director Sagittarius A* [Lv. 999]

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