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Outlaw Immortalz [Online Interactive Media RPG]

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Post by demarco on May 1, 2021 15:18:37 GMT -7

Preparation for Magic War (Outlaw Immortalz Firmware 0.9.1)

Hello, and greetings to you famed outlaw.
I am your Grandmaster Royal Commanding Officer [Lv. 75], DPope. By now you should be wondering where you are, or what a Grandmaster is. Each question will be answered with time. Time is however of the essence at this current time and honestly, I need help from Outlaw Immortalz such as yourself. Your magic skills may be useful in my studies. They say that each star out there is a link to another world.

Our Oracles and the MOD General has foreseen the arrival of the Antichrist en masse. Right now we need to build up our defense forces in a movement I am dubbing 'Project Shield.' For this, I ask that you visit each digital media world listed and light a beacon that can be seen throughout Starspace.

The Royal Commanding Officer is to Play:

-Pokemon Sword and Shield

Squires, Bishops, and Oracles are to Explore the following Digital Media Works:

*Video Games:
-Star Wars Battlefront
-Star Wars Battlefront II
-Final Fantasy 15

-Star Wars Episodes 4-6
-Harry Potter Movies 1-7

-Tupac: All Eyez on Me Album
-Lamb of God
-Led Zepplin

-(Turner Run Stations) CN, TBS, TNT

With your help, young hero, we can divert a catastrophe, and be on our way to the quest for eternal life.

~DPOPE Grandmaster Royal Commanding Officer [Lv. 75]~

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Post by demarco on May 1, 2021 15:19:27 GMT -7

The 2nd Great Magic War (Outlaw Immotalz Firmware v. 1.0)

Dear Outlaw Immortalz,
I would tell you to bow down to something greater then yourselves, but I have arrived with good news. The MOD General has picked up a signal located in a dead star that flickers with the same magical energy we use here at the starforce. Have you read the astronomy news? The signal from the stars location is a repeater signal, which means it can be mastered and controlled. This was the beacon I was talking about creating before.

So allow me to explain what this means for us at the Digital Starforce. What we just did, invented starspace travel. This link as we call it, will allow us to tap into the power of the GODs. Like a 5G tower here on Earth, starspace will allow us to explore other worlds at our leisure in the Milky Way Galaxy.

At the moment, we are not authorized to launch into starspace, as we have some tasks on Earth we must complete first to do so. The Antichrist has arrived to the world with his army, and until his reign comes to an end we cannot launch.

The current starspace links to other worlds must be tested more to ensure smooth connectivity in the future. Continue to explore the worlds on the job board, and I will add more in the area momentarily.
And note one more thing, the MOD General has upgraded my Cannabis Rank (or C-Rank) from Master to Grandmaster. I look forward to leading the way to victory with the hidden knowledge. However I have no proof of my rank. I have set out on a journey to find it. Once I do, I can present the proof of Grandmaster Lineage and save the planet from Great Magic War.

We need your help, our loyal bondservants so the world may know salvation. After a review of your work, I have decided to induct you into the Milky Way Digital Starforce. You shall now be known as an Outlaw Immortal. As a new Outlaw, you are entitled to the usage of magic. You will also need a job class going forward to help channel your magic skills.

*To learn magic and how to pick a job class, view the tutorial page posted to the pinned post on the Starforces wall.*

The Royal Commanding Officer is to play:
>Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
>Naturo Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Road to Boruto

All other members are to play:

>Final Fantasy Tactics Series
>Starwars Battlefront I & II (new gen)
>Assassins Creed III & IV
>Diablo III
>Call of Duty MW & MW2 (Remaster)
>Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2, XIII-3
>Star Wars Episodes 1-3
>Star Wars Episodes 4-6
>Lord of the Rings 1-3
>Harry Potter 1-7
>Avengers: Endgame
>The Twilight Series
>The Hunger Games 1-3

>Tupac: All Eyez on me [Album](Rap)
>Lamb of God (Metal)
>Rage Against the Machine (Classic Rock)
>Nicki Minaj: Pinkprint (rap)
>Snoop Dogg: Bush [Album](Rap)

>Cartoon Network/Adult Swim

>Civil War History [Textbook]
>Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies [Textbook]
>Catcher in the Rye [Storybook]
>A Curious Incident [Storybook]
>World History [Textbook]

May the MOD General be with us as we unravel his hidden agenda.

Grandmaster Royal Commanding Officer [Lv.75]

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Post by demarco on May 1, 2021 15:20:06 GMT -7

Starspace Connection Test [Expansion] (Outlaw Immortalz Firmware v. 1.0.1)

Hello Outlaws,
This is you royal commanding officer speaking. Today I will be briefing you all on the origins of the communication signals, and the direction we will take to harness the magical power from it.

From this moment on, Starspace Communications will be utilized on a technical invention here at the Starforce. Our top Magitek Engineers have developed a device called a StarComm (This is your brain with a bit of induced knowledge, such as THC or CBD). Try using the StarComm in different worlds and see what happens with the clues and messages.

With that being said, our current mission on our planet is key to future Starspace travel. I would like you to identify the antichrist in the digital media you are becoming accustomed to. Consider the wording, plots, character personalities, and actions when it comes to the perspective of the villain. You will find that many of digital fictions greatest villains follow similar creeds, techniques, and values when they become bad guys (example: Diablo from Blizzard Studios).

While the majority of our work will be on Earth this round, we can still test our newly developed StarComms on local Starspace worlds.

The Royal Commanding Officer is to play the following games:
>Phantasy Star Portable 2
>Assassins Creed: Bloodlines

All other members are to play/view/listen to the following:

>Borderlands 1-3

>The Fifth Element

>The Doors (Classic Rock)
>Pink Floyd (Classic Rock)

The invention of this device in our brains...sounds like telepathy doesn't it? But not to worry it will be fine!

Grandmaster Royal Commanding Officer [Lv. 75]

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Post by demarco on May 1, 2021 15:20:39 GMT -7

Cosmic Drive Development [Expansion] (Outlaw Immortalz Firmware v. 1.0.2)

Hello Immortalz,
If you are reading this message, that means more information on Star Space has been revealed. Have you seen the astronomy news lately? Another radio signal created through our operations have been discovered in our neighboring star. That's right, Proxima Centari (our nearest out of system star) is able to tether the pirate signal we have been sending out. In-fact, the galactic signals recorded so far have been getting stronger and stronger over time. This change in star usage and composition has created a super fast highway for spacer travel that may be usable in the future for deep space and interplanetary space travelers.

The StarForce commends your actions as heroic, as the mysteries of time and space as starting to be revealed significantly. To think that alien radio signals and fast space travel can someday become a possibility through our actions. Our focus should be to create more Star Signals in space while exploring the nearby worlds we have access to currently. To help you with this goal, we have developed a device that may help you out.

Our top Magitek engineers have developed a tool called the Cosmic Drive that allows you to enter other worlds with a weapon, and three accessories to assist you in your journey. The equipment you choose to use decides your aptitude and skills in the field. Weapons can include gaming systems, laptops, computers, and TV's. The exact equipment you have in your inventory depends on what you have in possession in real life. Be sure to use any option you have in your possession as equipment.
To determine which equipment is right for you, a long with a tutorial of what we just went over, be sure to visit the pinned post on the main page. Take a look at the Cosmic Drive Tutorial and the current Item List.

Now, onto business...the Antichrist has been identified. It would be wise to try and end his reign within two weeks time. A type of biological warfare through a virus is being used to spread fear and chaos through the devil. Your mission is to determine the origin of the virus and connect the usage of the virus to the Antichrist, his followers, and the victims the virus has already taken. I also want you to continue to explore the worlds in the 1.0 update, a long with any expansion update available for 1.0. Something tells me that the situation just wasn't natural in nature to our Earthly standards. If the virus is this deadly, why did it appear now and not hundreds of years ago? I will be exploring these origin stories myself."

The Royal Commanding Officer is to play/view the following:

>Dot Hack Infection Part 1
>Final Fantasy 15

>Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies

All other reserve members are to play/view the following:

>Pokemon Sword/Shield Expansion Pass
>Kingdom Hearts 3

>Snoop Dogg: Rhythm and Gangsta (Album)
>Tupac: The Don Killuminati (Album)

>James Bond 007 Series
>The Kingsmen 1 & 2

"With this assignment, time is of the essence. We will be launching into Star Space soon, and for that to happen our villains need to at least be contained in an enclosed area. Our job this time is the prevention of Magic War. You are free to use any nearby world in our circle to figure this out."

Grandmaster Royal Commanding Officer [Lv. 75]

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Post by demarco on May 1, 2021 15:21:37 GMT -7

Launch Date [Expansion] (Outlaw Immortalz Firmware 1.0.3)

Greetings Outlaws,

Six long years has passed since the start of the 2nd great magic war, yet we have not aged. The chaos has left civilians silent and those responsible are still at large, conquering more and more cities, towns and villages for their own profit. The final year of magic war is upon us, and the MOD general has updated our combat strategy to include two main tenets.

First, the Antichrist and EVE have teamed up to take control of all major cities under Starforce control. This is a serious threat to our strategy and is not to be taken lightly. But this comes with good news as well. Their presence can be felt through the cosmos, and our star beacons have guided the way for assistance to arrive by the end of the 7th year of war.

As such, starspace travel has been approved for complete travel during this emergency. You are free to do future assignments and missions in any order you wish after this log. However, the posted assistance is recommended that you explore those worlds as they are announced. You can now travel throughout starspace on your own.

The first steps in your travels is to choose a Star Clan, and obtain your Constellation Guild License.

There are 12 clans to choose from, each representing a different star in the galaxy. In order to affiliate yourself with a clan, you must fortify your bond with our GOD (Solar) via offering. Each star represents a different GOD and clan, and yes Solar is can be chosen as well.

Each guild represents the 12 original Zodiac. Your guild is determined by your birth date, and cannot be changed. When you are ready to choose your guild, the next best thing to do is to take a trip to some local towns and villages in your area.

There are towns and villages throughout the Earth and in Starspace for you to explore. This can be done through utilizing social media websites. These social media places are made for you to explore and discover the truth behind the world. Try to gain notoriety in the towns of your choice.
Before you leave I have two words for you. First, I have update your ranking systems to include an Alcohol ranking (A-Rank) system. Make sure to read the tutorial on the subject before blasting off into starspace.

As such, you now have access to view your hit points and magic points. HP equals Alcohol tolerance while MP equals THC/CBD tolerance. It works on a ratio scale which utilizes 100 points total. (Example: [Does not drink, but smokes MMJ] = [10HP/90MP]). Consider your status when making plans to move on for more calculated results.

I have updated the entire tutorial to include everything we just went over. Make sure to review it before moving on with the assignments. And speaking of assignments:

The Royal Commanding Officer (Lv. 75) is to play:
>Phantasy Star Portable 2

All other Units are to play/view the following:

-Samurai Jack (Complete Series)
-Star Trek
-Star Wars: The Mandolorean
-Final Space

-District 9
-Independence Day
-Godzilla vs. King Kong

>Video Games
-Phantasy Star Series
-Dot Hack Series

We need you all as a collective to discover the truth behind the other worlds to execute a solution on our world. Our efforts to end the Magic War are working. Keep it up Immortalz.

-DPope [Grandmaster Royal Commanding Officer] (Lv. 75)

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