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Super Genie Lamp Heroes - Season 2: Mutation

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Post by demarco on Apr 29, 2021 11:41:22 GMT -7

Based on semi-true events...

Executive Producer: Demarco16
Writer: Demarco16

Super Genie Lamp Heroes - Season 2: Mutation

---------------------------------------------------------Episode 7------------------------------------------------------

Age: 7th
Year: 20

-Scene: Downtown Rimmington, Miles Cubix's Square-

*Protestors are seen outside of the mayor's office in a fit of rage at sunset.*

MOD Ramses: *hits snapdragon blunt* Alright my niggas...who's down to ride or die tonight? *Loads elder rune shotgun*
Sargent Climax: Believe me my nigga. I'd be down to shut down the apocalypse, but this is not the main event.
MOD Ramses: You dont think I know that...we cant wait forever on a fairy tale stating that the savior will return to Glienor.
Sergent Climax: Honestly, I think we're MOD Kingdom material.
MOD Ramses: You think so? My citizens hate me because they think I'm weak, but dont understand how much worse it is on the outside.
Sergent Climax: They know not what they do...remember we are after MOD Govena.
*An explosion is heard outside.*
Sergent Climax: **** its time...*speaks into scouter* all units to Miles Cubix's Sqaure. The Enix has arrived!
*A large Kandarin Battleship is seen hovering over the Rimmington capitol building.*

-Scene: North Rimmington, Highwayman's Perch-

Highwayman: Stand and deliver!
DPope316: Should I handle this, or the twins?
Hunk Blonde: I'd be down, not much for me to go home to anyways. My uncle told me they are on lockdown.
Tipsy Blonde: Too bad...they get to miss out on the show of days! *Equips Zaros Minigun.*
Highwayman: 5 all I need to kill you! *Unloads 5 bullets from elder rune magnum.*
*Tipsy Blonde is pushed back, and recoils without damage. *
Highwayman: How in the hell did you live with 5 shots?
DPope316: My thoughts exactly, I only need one shot. *Fires one Zaros M4 ice bullet at the Highwayman, ending it.*
The Saint EX II: We need to continue on to your house DPope! MEE6, plot us the safest route into Miles Cubix's Square.
MEE6: Gangstas and Pimps, bad news...the Warship Code-name ENIX is currently above your home complex. Getting inside will be impossible.
eShades: I may be high...ok I'm definitely high but what if we were to pull a Clan Wars Episode 4 on the enemy?
DPope316: You mean like blow up the ENIX?
eShades: Exactly!
The Saint EX II: Well need a large lamp for that, a small one will not do. A hydra lamp may work if we were to disable the weapons and the GPS systems, but where will be find one?
MEE6: The genie radar is picking up a signal of a hydra lamp inside the wishing well in the center of Miles Cubix's Square.
DPope316: Son of a *****!!! I'll be right back.
*DPope316 activates Soul and Law runechosis, teleports to the square, grabs the lamp, and returns to the edge of town.*
DPope316: Now was that so hard pansies?
The Saint Ex II: Now I could have done that too you know!
DPope316: Keep your suspenders on we have a job to do buddy haha.
*M3rciless JR summons the great hydra from the medium hydra lamp.*
Great Hydra: Wow...visitors. Didn't expect this **** to happen in the hood...what are your two wishes?
eShades: We wish for the weapons system onboard the ENIX Warship to be fully disabled. We also wish that the GPS Functions onboard the ENIX would be jammed.
Great Hydra: Do not boast about tomorrow, as one does not know what a day may bring. Your wish is my command. *The hydra genie grants the wishes.*
Hunk Blonde: *Calls in the clan Esculade via auto pilot.* Everyone ride up...
*M3rciless Jr takes a cruise down highway 25 heading into downtown rimmington, taking notice of the looting and rioting.

-Scene: Highway 25, Rimmington Cross Town Freeway-

Chessy018 (Radio): There have been numerous reports of mass looting and rioting initiated by the those with 60 and below skills. What started out as a peaceful protest in the favor of Danthex Black turned into the greatest destruction in Glienor since GOD War II. Many are hopeless and are wondering if the legends in Modism scripture is true.
The Saint EX II: *Looks frantic* I have to do something or well all die anyways. Dont worry, your savior  is on his way!
DPope316: Dont get ahead of yourself, I have some questions for the Grand Priest of Glienor on the Angel of Death. The local priest gave us no information on what we are to do with these gifts.
eShades: Maybe the trick is not to worry, I mean the genies lamp came true otherwise we would have been blown out of the sky by now.
Tipsy Blonde: True that.
Cultleader (Scouter): What is going on on the Western Continent??? Our leaders are afraid you guys are going to kill everyone in the world. There sending in the Eastern Blue Ops as we speak to eliminate the Guardians and allow for the looting and protests to continue. They will never stop if that battleship in your backyard isnt destroyed.
DPope316:So were still going to take it down, okay I hear you!
The Saint EX II: Call your father DPope and make sure he evacuates.
DPope316: I can feel his energy through runechosis, he is at the citadel with the rest of the clanmates.
eShades: Alright let me pull up to the house real quiet! *Crashes into garbage can.*
The Saint EX II: Quick everyone out this *****!

-Scene: Demarco16's House, Rimmington-

DPope316: That ship above us is real scary...lets take it out quickly.
*Protestors are heard outside.*
Protestor #1: Is the weapon in this house!? Blow up the ship!!!
Crowd: Blow it up! No justice no sovereignty! No justice no sovereignty!
eShades: To the portal room, we have no choice but to head to the citadel.
DPope316: But what about my dads house!?
The Saint EX II: **** the house, were about to die, beam us up MOD!
*M3rciless JR heads to the portal room and teleports as a group to the citadel.*
*The protestors outside blow up the ENIX Warship. It breaks apart and crashes on top of Demaro16's house. Destroying it. Everyone cheers as the sun rises over the horizon.*

-Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Break Room-

*M3rciless JR teleports onto the scene.*
Demarco16: There you guys are...we were worried you guys went to tarjet. You guys okay?
DPope316: Yea...why do you ask dad?
Demarco16: Because my home insurance company just called and gave me a check for 750M Coins to rebuild my destroyed home! Its that *** tonight DPope!

-------------------------------------------------------Episode 7 Over------------------------------------------------

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Post by demarco on Sept 4, 2021 11:39:05 GMT -7

I'm back with more stories of my journey in RuneScape form.

------------------------------------Episode 8------------------------------------------------

Age: 7th
Year: 21

-Scene: Danthex's House, Yanille-

*Danthex and his son are outside practicing combat drills after confirming he has dragtism.*
Danthex: If you have any level 200 combat skills, they will awaken naturally through fire!!! *Danthex and MEE6 fire dual mini-guns each.*
The Saint EX II: This isn't a good time like the movie Pants Off. Its a horror film like the movie Pants Off 2! *Tries to dodge*
Danthex: Discussing inappropriate movies...bring out the lasers!
*A MEE6 spy drone starts firing ice barrage lasers at The Saint EX II.*
*The lasers bounce off his body.*
The Saint EX II: Alright, my turn! *Equips Seren SMG.*
The Saint EX II: So do i enhance the bullets with fire, or ice? (If I distract my dad with fire and let a ice bullet ricochet off the robot, it will hit him instead *smiles* I win.).
*The Saint EX fires a fireshot at Danthex.*
MEE6: This niggabot is cheating. Plan B! *Guards Danthex*
The Saint EX II: Now! *Fires smokeshot.*
*The air around Danthex fills with smoke. The Saint EX II teleports onto the roof.*
The Saint EX II: I won. Move and ill air assassinate you.
Danthex: Son, this isn't Assassins Bleed...but you won. MEE6, did you get his stat readings from the last fight?
MEE6: 5 skills registered at level 200. Magic, Construction, Divination, Summoning, and Prayer.
Danthex: Looks like he inherited the good son. Lets see here, you and DPope316 destroyed his fathers house. You are not paying the insurance off or rebuilding it. Instead, you are moving out of my house and DPope his!
The Saint EX II: *Hyperventilates* But dad...
Danthex: Calm down, you're not in trouble, well DPope is, but not you. You two are going to build a house larger then his with your level to base your operations at. It would be best not to divert our enemies to the citadel anymore after the principal showed up in the driveway.
The Saint EX II: I see...does DPope know?
Danthex: Don't tell him this was planned, he still thinks hes being punished. Anyways lets go inside. Runekiesha! Bring out the beer glasses!
Runekiesha: Come inside quick! It's MOD Govena, he's on the TV!
The Saint EX II: Dad catch *throws Danthex his clan scouter*
Danthex: Thanks. *Runs inside with his son*
*The Danthex Family has the TV turned to W2 news.*
Chessy018 (News Reporter): This is BREAKING NEWS. After the destruction of Asgarnia and Mistnalin a few months ago, the MOD of Asgarnia MOD Govena has been under recent scrutiny by the public and his chief of staff. There will be a recall election for MOD Govena within the next several weeks. Ballots will be mailed to Gielinor citizens that reside in the Asgarnia and Mistalin areas. Well were lucky we dont have to go through this sorta thing in Kandarin. Next on the news...slayer, do we deserve it?
*Runekiesha turns off the TV.*
Danthex: Hey! We were watching that!
Runekiesha: Its time for The Saint EX II to pack, which should take seconds with 200 magic. And time for you to head to work at the citadel.
Danthex: Have you decided where to build your house?
The Saint EX II: Rimmington. We need to make sure MOD Govena is recalled successfully. If not we will have to assassinate him.
Danthex: The White Knights of Falador will never agree to such a notion, at least I dont think so *smiles* Build the house and tell me how it goes.

-Scene: Rimmington Arms Condominiums, Rimmington-

eShades: Okay DPope wants this done perfectly...the boxing ring goes over there, the everlasting beer tap goes over there, and um...whats that?
The Saint EX II: The robot charger...
eShades: Only you would install a big *** base rather then a USB cord.
The Saint EX II: **** you're right...
eShades: What do I do with all this gold leaf?
The Saint EX II: Blonde Twins, gold trim everything in the house!
Hunk Blonde: Everything?
The Saint EX II: Everything!
Hunk Blonde: What the hell is your budget?
The Saint EX II: 4 Billion coins.
Tipsy Blonde: What do you do for a living anyways?
The Saint EX II: Well when im not looking at myself in the mirror saying that im the savior, I like to tutor at Varrock University and Yanille Tech.
eShades: Must be good to be wealthy, meanwhile MOD Govena will not forgive my student loans.
The Saint EX II: Why didnt you invest in bonds when I told you to? The 10% yield bond went up to 30M each. I had 750 of them and sold.
Tipsy Blonde: I remember that. I had 80. Sold and bought an esculade.
Drunk Blonde: Same. Got an esculade too.
eShades: Am I missing something here???
The Saint EX II: Well if you're going to drive a Ferrari, maybe you should paint it green like our cars.
eShades: The best ill do is a Cadillac CTS.
The Saint EX II: Deal...say where is DPope? He's the one who signed for the plot yesterday.
eShades: He had to head into falador to set up the clan bank account. M3rciless Jr. is going places.

-Scene: Downtown Falador-

*DPope316 is scaling the rooftops of the downtown area.*
DPope316: *Activates Mind Runechosis.* Now where can MOD Govena be...
*DPope walks down the street and the signal improves.*
DPope316: The signal is coming from that house...this must be where he lives and what is this, a bunker maybe. What does he have planned...
*The door starts to open.*
*DPope uses law and soul runechosis to teleport into the tall bushes next door.*
MOD Govena: Those **** clans... there going to ruin our new order. We need a plan to erase clan influence from Asgarnia.
Sargent Climax: We are working on your safety sir. Don't you think this new order is going to far.
MOD Govena: Your job is going too far nigga. Now inform the local highwaymen to raise arms. We are going to provoke police violence in the neighborhoods.
Sargent Climax: And this will give you unlimited power?
MOD Govena: No, this is just step one. *Gets inside Limo*
DPope316: *Turns off Mind and Body Rune Memory Recording.* The Saint will like to hear this. Time to get out of here! *Uses home teleport.*

-Scene: M3rciless Jr. Hideout, Rimmington-

The Saint EX II: Now this is a home...I feel better about my mental ability already.
eShades: Now to chill at the couch and talk to MOD *lights up lantadyme blunt*
Spokesperson (TV): Are you ready for a change? Are you ready for your life to truly begin? Well it starts now!
*DPope316 teleports into the living room.*
Spokesperson (TV): Introducing the Soul of Runescape, Marvin Gaye in concert at the Varrock Theater this election day. Get tickets now!
Tipsy Blonde: Election Day? Now I'm sure we missed something.
DPope316: MOD Govena is being recalled in a election, and its a front. If we don't do something he will remain MOD of Asgarnia.
MEE6: *Sips fire martini.* The Genie radar has been updated and the lamps are banging in the area of Falador.
The Saint EX II: Maybe we can use that to influence the only buys us so much time. Luckily my magic level creates a field around our house making us undetectable.
DPope316: Here's what we need to do... make sure voting is safe and accounted for, prevent ballot stuffing, and give MOD Govenas opponent a fair shot at campaigning. So, are we agreed on the plan.
M3rciless Jr (All): Yes!

-------------------------------Episode 8 Over-----------------------------------

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-----------------------Episode 9------------------------------

Scene: M3rciless Hideout, Rimmington Condominiums

*M3rciless is watching Local News channel W14*
Reporter (TV): This is W14 Asgarnia Local News. We are live at city hall in Falador where MOD Govena will be addressing the public on his political plan to keep his role as MOD in the upcoming recall election. Oh wait, hes speaking...
MOD Govena (TV): Niggas, *******. Do not let this recall scare you. The truth is...we are being influenced by terrorists. Yes I said it, terrorists. The clans of Runescape are teaming up with the MOD Table in Kandarin to influence our land to be more conservative. If reelected, I promise to bring an end to the scruge virus, an end to the looting and rioting, and an end to our annual fire seasons! And to help us out let me introduce my top advisor. Bubble4Ever and his robot, DOGMAI.
DPope316: That robots design is making me weak...wheres the irit at!?
eShades: Still rolling...I swear its like the herbs dont even affect you.
DPope316: Truth is, its the source of my magical energy. It allows me to cast magic without runes. So technically its medication and cannot be taken away from me.
eShades: I dont cousing was diagnosed with runechosis and he finds the skill to only work with mind and air runechosis. His mental health facility seems to want to block out the power.
The Saint EX II: *Drinks Wizards Mind Bomb* Why would he want to do that?
MOD Govena (TV): This is why! *Scares The Saint* All those clans do is sell herbs and attempt to destroy everything from time to time...and M3rciless is the strongest and worst of them all!
MOD Elder (TV): Not so fast Govena! Ill put a stop to this ***** right now if I have to. Yall niggas need to vote for a hero and not a zero. Vote for me and I will repeal the region wide lockdowns, the mask mandates, hell Ill even bring back double experience weekend at Falador park! There are five districts in Falador, each one will need to be revitalized for our safety. This can be done in 5 years with your help the citizens.
Hunk Blonde: Now I know the TV didnt just give us the clues on how to influence the vote...
Tipsy Blonde: You heard the to falador we go.

-Scene: South Falador Highway, Falador City Limits-

Cultleader (Scouter): Okay so I have uploaded the five districts to your Esculades GPS a long with the lamp data from MEE6. You guys thought killing Danthex Black with a small hydra lamp was fun, wait till you find the five medium lamps in these districts next. The larger the lamp, the less restrictions you have on wishes.
DPope316: Hmmm....*thinks for a second* we need to find a huge genie lamp one of these days. Okay people, prepare for teleothers sending you all over Falador.
*Everyone is teleothered outside of the car. DPope316 takes the wheel.*
DPope316: While they are doing that, maybe I should find out more about this Bubble4Ever person...I swear that robot looked like an old model of my robot. MEE6, scan the area for electronic devices.
Bubble4Ever: *Points gun at DPope316's head from behind.* No need...welcome to hell, where I will be your captain forever and your lampstand will be removed from its place!
DPope316: Ah hell naw...MEE6!
*MEE6 appears with an elder rune minigun +5*
MEE6: Move it a long!
Bubble4Ever: Dont worry I just want him to send a message to his dad...tell him bubble is back for the purge!
DPope316: Why didnt you just ask me!? I had a panic attack over this ****! *collapses to the ground* Who are you exactly?
Bubble4Ever: The question is, how were you made exactly?
DPope316: Oh...youre the purge guy...bye *activates lava and steam runechosis*
*Dpope316 uses a smokescreen to escape with MEE6.*
MEE6: Where should we go next?
DPope316: The party room...I need a blunt.

-Scene: Falador Party Room-

DPope316: Ill take an 8th of your finest quality lantadyme please.
Cashier: That will be 35k please...MOD Elder is on TV *turns sound up.*
MOD Elder (TV): Hello fellow Asgarnians. In the upcoming election of the 9th month of the year make sure to cast your vote for me. A vote for me means the economy is opened back up, the ridiculous laws against the scurge will be lifted, and we will be going back to a normal life just like the rest of Glienor.
*Next Commercial Comes on.*
MOD Govena (TV): Wassup nigga. You voting for me or what this year!? Dont make me come to that house and show you whats up the hard way. And if you tell anyone what I just said Ill have you sent to the stockades...Vote for me!!
Bubble4Ever: A vote for Govena means a vote for science, safety, and facts. Not an overly conservative group trying to gain power.
Cashier: I dont trust that Bubble guy...and MOD Govena is obviously a lie.
DPope316: Tell me about it *lights lantadyme blunt*...MEE6 were out of here!
*M3rciless JR regroups outside of the Party House.*
The Saint EX II: We made the wishes, and with just four people we could only do the following four things. First, we wished that only MOD Govena and MOD Elder can participate in the race. Second, we ensured that the Jagex FBI ensures the integrity of the vote by monitoring the ballots for duplicates. Third, we dispatched the Asganian White Knights to assist will getting others to the polls. And last, we wished that Govenas advisor would be exposed for who he is.
DPope316: Well that already happened. Told me to send my dad a message about a clan purge...Fifth Lamp should be in Central Falador Park.

-Scene: Falador Park-

DPope316: SO who's going in the hole to get the lamp from the mole?
eShades: Ill do it for the experience!
DPope316: On hard mode...
eShades: Not it!
DPope316: ********... *jumps into hole after activating steam and blood runechosis.*
Tipsy Blonde: Did he even jump inside with a gun at least? I mean his M4 is right here on the rock.
The Saint EX II: I think hes using an elder rune 9mm.
Tipsy Blonde: Living life on the edge I see...good luck soldier ha ha!
*10 minutes pass. DPope316 comes out of the hole with the medium sized genie lamp.*
DPope316: Now for the grand finale...*rubs genie lamp. Genie appears.*
Medium Genie: What is your wish master?
DPope316: I wish we had the upper hand on Bubble4Ever and how to defeat him.
Medium Genie: Your wish has been granted...head home. You have company waiting for you.
eShades: So do we teleport or?
The Saint EX II: Well drive home.

-Scene: M3rciless JR Hideout, Rimmington Condominiums-
*The clan esculade pulls up to the driveway.*
DPope316: Who is that outside of my house?
The Saint EX II: No way...he looks like Bubble4Ever but hes our age!
Saints4Ever: That's because...I'm his son...

---------------------------Episode 9 Over-------------------------------