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Super Genie Lamp Heroes - Season 2: Mutation

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Post by demarco on Apr 29, 2021 11:41:22 GMT -7

Based on semi-true events...

Executive Producer: Demarco16
Writer: Demarco16

Super Genie Lamp Heroes - Season 2: Mutation

---------------------------------------------------------Episode 7------------------------------------------------------

Age: 7th
Year: 20

-Scene: Downtown Rimmington, Miles Cubix's Square-

*Protestors are seen outside of the mayor's office in a fit of rage at sunset.*

MOD Ramses: *hits snapdragon blunt* Alright my niggas...who's down to ride or die tonight? *Loads elder rune shotgun*
Sargent Climax: Believe me my nigga. I'd be down to shut down the apocalypse, but this is not the main event.
MOD Ramses: You dont think I know that...we cant wait forever on a fairy tale stating that the savior will return to Glienor.
Sergent Climax: Honestly, I think we're MOD Kingdom material.
MOD Ramses: You think so? My citizens hate me because they think I'm weak, but dont understand how much worse it is on the outside.
Sergent Climax: They know not what they do...remember we are after MOD Govena.
*An explosion is heard outside.*
Sergent Climax: **** its time...*speaks into scouter* all units to Miles Cubix's Sqaure. The Enix has arrived!
*A large Kandarin Battleship is seen hovering over the Rimmington capitol building.*

-Scene: North Rimmington, Highwayman's Perch-

Highwayman: Stand and deliver!
DPope316: Should I handle this, or the twins?
Hunk Blonde: I'd be down, not much for me to go home to anyways. My uncle told me they are on lockdown.
Tipsy Blonde: Too bad...they get to miss out on the show of days! *Equips Zaros Minigun.*
Highwayman: 5 all I need to kill you! *Unloads 5 bullets from elder rune magnum.*
*Tipsy Blonde is pushed back, and recoils without damage. *
Highwayman: How in the hell did you live with 5 shots?
DPope316: My thoughts exactly, I only need one shot. *Fires one Zaros M4 ice bullet at the Highwayman, ending it.*
The Saint EX II: We need to continue on to your house DPope! MEE6, plot us the safest route into Miles Cubix's Square.
MEE6: Gangstas and Pimps, bad news...the Warship Code-name ENIX is currently above your home complex. Getting inside will be impossible.
eShades: I may be high...ok I'm definitely high but what if we were to pull a Clan Wars Episode 4 on the enemy?
DPope316: You mean like blow up the ENIX?
eShades: Exactly!
The Saint EX II: Well need a large lamp for that, a small one will not do. A hydra lamp may work if we were to disable the weapons and the GPS systems, but where will be find one?
MEE6: The genie radar is picking up a signal of a hydra lamp inside the wishing well in the center of Miles Cubix's Square.
DPope316: Son of a *****!!! I'll be right back.
*DPope316 activates Soul and Law runechosis, teleports to the square, grabs the lamp, and returns to the edge of town.*
DPope316: Now was that so hard pansies?
The Saint Ex II: Now I could have done that too you know!
DPope316: Keep your suspenders on we have a job to do buddy haha.
*M3rciless JR summons the great hydra from the medium hydra lamp.*
Great Hydra: Wow...visitors. Didn't expect this **** to happen in the hood...what are your two wishes?
eShades: We wish for the weapons system onboard the ENIX Warship to be fully disabled. We also wish that the GPS Functions onboard the ENIX would be jammed.
Great Hydra: Do not boast about tomorrow, as one does not know what a day may bring. Your wish is my command. *The hydra genie grants the wishes.*
Hunk Blonde: *Calls in the clan Esculade via auto pilot.* Everyone ride up...
*M3rciless Jr takes a cruise down highway 25 heading into downtown rimmington, taking notice of the looting and rioting.

-Scene: Highway 25, Rimmington Cross Town Freeway-

Chessy018 (Radio): There have been numerous reports of mass looting and rioting initiated by the those with 60 and below skills. What started out as a peaceful protest in the favor of Danthex Black turned into the greatest destruction in Glienor since GOD War II. Many are hopeless and are wondering if the legends in Modism scripture is true.
The Saint EX II: *Looks frantic* I have to do something or well all die anyways. Dont worry, your savior  is on his way!
DPope316: Dont get ahead of yourself, I have some questions for the Grand Priest of Glienor on the Angel of Death. The local priest gave us no information on what we are to do with these gifts.
eShades: Maybe the trick is not to worry, I mean the genies lamp came true otherwise we would have been blown out of the sky by now.
Tipsy Blonde: True that.
Cultleader (Scouter): What is going on on the Western Continent??? Our leaders are afraid you guys are going to kill everyone in the world. There sending in the Eastern Blue Ops as we speak to eliminate the Guardians and allow for the looting and protests to continue. They will never stop if that battleship in your backyard isnt destroyed.
DPope316:So were still going to take it down, okay I hear you!
The Saint EX II: Call your father DPope and make sure he evacuates.
DPope316: I can feel his energy through runechosis, he is at the citadel with the rest of the clanmates.
eShades: Alright let me pull up to the house real quiet! *Crashes into garbage can.*
The Saint EX II: Quick everyone out this *****!

-Scene: Demarco16's House, Rimmington-

DPope316: That ship above us is real scary...lets take it out quickly.
*Protestors are heard outside.*
Protestor #1: Is the weapon in this house!? Blow up the ship!!!
Crowd: Blow it up! No justice no sovereignty! No justice no sovereignty!
eShades: To the portal room, we have no choice but to head to the citadel.
DPope316: But what about my dads house!?
The Saint EX II: **** the house, were about to die, beam us up MOD!
*M3rciless JR heads to the portal room and teleports as a group to the citadel.*
*The protestors outside blow up the ENIX Warship. It breaks apart and crashes on top of Demaro16's house. Destroying it. Everyone cheers as the sun rises over the horizon.*

-Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Break Room-

*M3rciless JR teleports onto the scene.*
Demarco16: There you guys are...we were worried you guys went to tarjet. You guys okay?
DPope316: Yea...why do you ask dad?
Demarco16: Because my home insurance company just called and gave me a check for 750M Coins to rebuild my destroyed home! Its that *** tonight DPope!

-------------------------------------------------------Episode 7 Over------------------------------------------------