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Valheim Posted Apr 13, 2021 21:12:38 GMT -7

Post by Jon on Apr 13, 2021 21:12:38 GMT -7

The current PC exclusive Valheim has been making great first impressions across the gaming community since it's release on February 2nd, 2021. At the time of this post Steam currently shows 191,676 reviews holding an 'Overwhelming Positive', 10/10 rating. We see similar results within the Google community with a 4.8 rating and 95%+ of users liking the game. IGN rates Valheim an impressive 9/10, GameRant considers Valheim a 5/5 'Masterpiece', and the list goes on. Valheim is a survival based game, you're dropped from the sky, literally, and begin your adventure on your very own, custom, 'seeded' map. Every map is different, and when it comes to Valheim, they certainly spared no expense when it came to creating by far the largest map I've ever seen within a game, and I've played some pretty serious MMORPG's in my time.

Valheim guarantees a great time from A-Z, beginning your journey with nothing but what God gave you. Train your melee, range, swimming, running, jumping, woodcutting, and so much more while always having something exciting to look forward to next. Between the array of skills and tasks, building your masterpiece stronghold from the ground up using materials you forage and loot around the islands, slaying mobs and bosses, sailing the oceans and river, and so much more Valheim has to offer - you're sure to keep busy.

In-game you're given the choice to either play within community/public servers, or, play within your own with the option to open it to the community with a password, therefore, Valheim is perfect for both single and multiplayer game lovers.

Valheim Early Access Date Reveal Trailer - Coffee Stain

Included below are some in-game screenshots I took for the purpose of offering our Gaming Boards community a unique look into the world of Valheim.