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Post by Nergal on Mar 10, 2021 13:54:44 GMT -7

New outlooks on F2P skills, both Woodcutting and Fishing seem worth doing in f2p; I would have to crunch some numbers to be certain but in a similar way to how spending significant membership time on Smithing didn't make sense to my playstyle, using membership on Woodcutting/Fishing does not seem particularly useful; it's fine if I already have membership and am trying to do something AFK on mobile but I cannot reasonably justify burning a bond to train these skills exclusively.

Starting with woodcutting, as far as f2p methods go I can AFK Maples or Willows for reasonable experience rates if I am dropping everything; Yews are slow but AFK and marginally profitable and unless the margin for Smithing and Alching 3-bar Rune Items tanks drastically I shall not be trying to make money by Woodcutting.
The fastest experience I could gain in f2p would be 3-tick willows at around 85k experience per hour; which would be a LOT more click intensive than I want to be while Woodcutting. Tick Manipulating Willows is about on-par with cutting sulliusceps on Fossil Island, which is likely the method I would be using IF i was chopping in p2p, at least until I unlock Redwoods at 90+ for that long AFK.
The fastest woodcutting I could possibly do would be 2-tick teaks which caps around 180k experience per hour, over double tick-manipulating willows in f2p; however from level 80 it would still take well over 60 hours of perfect tick manipulation to hit 99 Woodcutting by 2-ticking teaks. 60hrs over a 2-week bond is possible, don't get me wrong, but dividing it evenly over the length of a bond it would be 4hrs and 20mins of 2-tick teaks each day which does nothing for my account but gain woodcutting experience. It isn't profitable, it's just burning a bond to gain experience quickly; additionally it will require me learning to properly tick-manipulate and do so, like a machine, for over 60 hours. 5m bond divided by 60hrs of playtime for the 99, assuming that's all I do with that bond, means I will be effectively paying 83.3k per hour to get 99 Woodcutting; which would be manageable but feels bad when you consider that cutting Magic Logs yields around 120k gp per hour, and Redwoods only yield 50k per hour but nearly double the experience that Magic Trees do; to afk chop magic trees for the same 60 hrs would at least replace your spent bond; you'd have to spend A LOT more time getting the 99 but it wouldn't impact your bank negatively, it's a slight profit but other things in members can be vary profitable so it's more or less a wash.... at least you'd break even?
Aside from time, f2p woodcutting has no costs, afk cutting willows with a Rune Axe is comparable experience rates to AFK Magics in the Woodcutting Guild with a Dragon Axe spec to boost. You don't make as much money from cutting Willows, in fact I will probably be dropping them to bolster the experience rates rather than spend time banking a few thousand gp per inventory.
Fossil Island would be better experience, but I don't currently need more kudos for any reason and the extra bump of experience from finishing fossil collections seems more like a trap than anything else; extra prayer experience would be nice but I don't see enough documentation about it to justify spending a bond for it (presently, it's been out for a while, is it dead content or did i miss something?); it doesn't appear to be significantly profitable but would save time/money, i'd probably be doing this rather than [trying to 2-tick teaks, or 3-tick willows], if i was trying to optimize experience gains.

Fishing is a similar story; if you do it for money it's crazy slow experience. Barbarian Fly Fishing is the way to go for fast experience in p2p; plus it gains Strength and Agility thus saving some time training those skills, but it is not profitable. It's going to cost bond time and feathers.
Moreover Strength can be trained profitably in NMZ and Agility can be trained profitably by collecting Marks of Grace, shards from the Seren course, or doing the Hallowed Sepulcher (around 2.7m per hour at 92+ agility); so I don't necessarily need them trained passively by fishing.
Without tick manipulation Barb Fly Fishing is 50k to 70k experience per hour.
Regular f2p Fly Fishing caps around 50k per hr, however you aren't wasting a bond on it.

Monkfish which is the hybrid fast/profitable fishing method at my level in p2p is around 30k xp per hour and 80k gp.... which is just breaking even on bond costs
Minnows requires the Angler outfit but would be 39k xp and 200k gp per hour (not bad tbh), aerial fishing could earn me the Angler outfit and is decent hunter experience too but is not directly profitable, faster to get angler doing fishing trawler; Lava Eels, Dark Crabs and Angler Fish are all profitable options but the experience isn't too good; minnows is probably the way to go if you have the Angler Outfit.

Just hit 81 Fishing which means I can catch the Manta Ray I need for the Ardy Elite Diary.
I still need 94 Magic and 90 Agility to finish the Ardy Elite tasks but I'd like to get those done if I am going to be farming out the Angler Outfit since it boosts fish yield from Fishing Trawler.

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Post by Nergal on Mar 16, 2021 10:09:42 GMT -7

Found Notebook with goals from early in November of 2020, I had marked down a bunch of Quests and Skill Requirements for assorted achievement diaries.
Of the 29 items I laid out for myself to take care of?
27 of them are complete! Honestly, that's pretty good considering I only used 3 or 4 bonds for it and wasn't actively referencing this sheet. PROGRESS!

Of course that page of notes ALSO reminded me about the contract my buddy was trying to establish which could have had us retiring within the year; rip to that lost opportunity.

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Post by Nergal on Apr 6, 2021 16:32:59 GMT -7

Evening of March 3rd I was kicked back into free to play worlds.
A bit delayed but the experience breakdown for my most recent month is:
4.7m Crafting xp
743k Smithing
493k Magic xp
185k Fishing xp
43k Woodcutting
6.6k Cooking
2.3k Runecrafting

I have had 2 days off since March 18th; one was taken up entirely by end of life proceedings for a beloved pet, this was not a rejuvenating day off; the other day off was Easter, which I used as an opportunity to relax however it really wasn't enough. I do not foresee another day off in my schedule until May, which is a bit ludicrous but well worth the added stress for the reward. Anyway, my skill gains are going to be significantly lower going forward, at least through the end of April.

Started f2p grind with the goals of: recouping my cash stack and raise my magic level by casually smithing rune2h and then alching them in my spare time.
Then I tested both: power fly-fishing && cutting willows (much prefer the fishing rates to woodcutting..)
Eventually I moved onto Crafting: Making diamond necklaces, if I am paying attention I get close to 100k experience per hour and around 50k gp profit. I can High Alch them and profit if the G.E. margin breaks but I have been selling on the g,e, to people trying to enchant Phoenix Necklaces.
Additionally between batches of the necklaces I have been buying some alchables with better profit margins than the necklaces would have; yea, I could alch the necklaces but I would be down SO MUCH crafting time to do so.

Made a joke when I first got booted back to free to play that I might get another 99 before coming back to Pay to Play; one friend in particular begged me not to do so because my progression kills his own motivation, I don't know why my leveling causes you to go on TILT dude. It was originally a joke that I would get another skill to 99 before returning, my real plan was: Not enough time to play to justify using a bond, just make some money in f2p by smithing; but I don't NEED to alch the Diamond Necklaces, which means I can afk mobile and not use desktop at all, I prefer desktop still but I can craft Diamond Necklaces for around 10hrs before needing to break to sell or alch whereas an investment of the same value in Runite Bars only gets me around an hour of smithing followed by the arduous task of alching on mobile or finding a reasonable buyer. I do up to 5hrs of crafting before starting a sell order, then continue crafting or go to bed; it has been a very relaxed crafting grind, I never run out of supplies, can train on mobile, and I think I am hitting 92 Crafting tonight.

Don't know when I will be back online to update, but my only real plans for April are to keep crafting and maybe do some fishing.

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Post by Nergal on Apr 18, 2021 7:46:56 GMT -7

For a while, I had not been playing nearly as much while at work.
However, with my 2 weeks notice placed and an incredibly slow day in front of me, I managed to crank out around 2hrs of crafting training during (mostly) my first shift.

Steadily trudging onward, 99 Crafting before returning to p2p is feeling real.
I do not have time to invest into my account to warrant spending a bond right now, still running 0 days off in the immediate future.
94 Crafting today though. Was woken up early by someone else in the household, been playing while doing laundry

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Post by Nergal on May 2, 2021 8:04:59 GMT -7

The price of Gold Bars has been climbing and Nature Runes dipped.
I still have a profit margin on the Crafting which I have been passively training with on mobile, although the margin has been shrinking.
I did spot an absolutely massive swarm of bots training near me, I wonder if they've eaten up a chunk of the supply...

Purchased around 10k Nature Runes at what I presume to be an amazing discount, I double checked recent and upcoming patch notes and cannot for the life of me find a reason for the price drop. Nothing released which should be bringing significantly more Nats into the game, nothing released which would make some use for the Nats (at least from my perspective) obsolete. 10k Nature Runes felt like a reasonably safe number, the price could go lower I suppose but I can potentially use another 50k+ Nature Runes on my main account alone so I feel quite comfortable with the investment.

Steadily approaching 99 Crafting, I didn't really think that I was going to have another 99 before returning to p2p but I still don't have enough consistent play time to justify burning a bond and I am likely to hit 97 Crafting today, so we are in the final stretch.
I do have a few goals to accomplish before returning to p2p regardless, 99 Crafting was not originally one of them but is the most easily executed while afk on mobile and thus suddenly took precedence.

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Post by Nergal on Jun 28, 2021 12:09:05 GMT -7

Been a hot minute since I've had time to play Runescape, or updated here; I did reach 99 crafting before my most recent hiatus.
I hopped on OSRS on a F2P account and killed an Imp, much to my suprise it dropped ashes which could be spread for prayer experience; neat they implemented the infernal ashes at some point to make demonic creatures mildly more worthwhile to slay. So I looked into it and among the creatures added to the lists? Hellhounds. Hellhounds are now easily one of the most experience efficient slayer tasks in the game. (Until you pause to complete a Hard Clue)
I cannot believe that I am excited about Hellhound tasks without even having access to Cerberus.

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