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~Nergal 2021~

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Post by Nergal on Feb 3, 2021 10:30:13 GMT -7

Rounded out the end of last year with 99 Smithing on Xmas Day.
Proceeded to Smith and Alch R2H as a f2p for gp. It's afk-ish, profitable, and magic xp; high investment cost though.
With my newly found cash stacks I moved onto making Wines through to 99 Cooking, wines were DIRT CHEAP to make, like between [0.5] and [1.5] gp per xp AND the experience rates are comparable to some of the highest level training options. So, easy and fast free-to-play second 99 in OSRS meaning that my Smithing Cape will be trimmed when I pick it up and offer me a nice Prayer bonus.

Gave a random player 1m to get his 1st bond, I had high hopes for him and then he disappointed me. Told me he had earned his next bond within his 2nd day of membership; but at the end of his 2 weeks was asking me very f2p-centric questions once more, and asking for help with another bond... dude, you said you already got the 2nd bond WHERE DID IT GO?!

Did not play too much in January after getting 99 Cooking. Mostly just afk smithing and alching if I bother to login. Currently in the top 5k on the OSRS Smithing HighScores, kinda lit.
Was planning to build up a fat cash stack to take care of a long list of expensive goals before returning to members' servers; everything changed when the Jagex-nation attacked. 
Blowpipe and dragonhide nerfs incoming in the near future; absolutely GUTTING the blowpipe after it being considered the highest dps (non-target specific {ie. DragonHunterCBow or TwistedBow, both of which are magnitudes more expensive anyway}) ranged weapon for the better part of 6 years. I am expecting it to plummet from 3.3m down to around 1.7m in the next few weeks.
Unsure how much the blessed d'hide will drop but was only keeping my boots because i thought it was best-in-slot still, short of buying Ranger's or Pegasian for over 35m; HOWEVER one of my friends suggested boots of brimstone, turns out they have no negative magic bonus (unlike Pegasian) making them better for hybrid Magic/Ranged at Zulrah for example (7 less ranged attack bonus but a plus 3 magic, better melee defense than Pegasian as well) AND the brimstones only cost 300k more than the blessed boots i was holding (no prayer bonus though).

Replaced my Blessed D'hide with full Karil's (already had skirt and weapon and the other two were pricey but an all-around upgrade less the prayer, and i expect the set to spike in price after the d'hide nerf hits so better to buy now) and an Amulet of the Damned, then realized I could get an Necklace of Anguish for under 12m as well (was 20m when i looked a month or 2 ago). I accidentally bought an Amulet of Torture but flipped it for 5k profit within 20min and then got the Anguish.
I also picked up an Occult Necklace for under 300k which should improve my Barrows runs, and use of Combat Magic in general.

Dropped a little over 13m on GrimySnapdragons and RedSpiderEggs and will be able to get 70Herblore, unboosted requirement for Song of the Elves PLUS one of my last skills under 70; got Herblore above my Runecrafting now and immediately did Tears of Guthix for 10k RC experience.
I wanted to get my Construction up a lot whenever I got my next bond but that was also under the assumption I would have built up a lot more cash before coming back.

Alas, I will have to make do with my shanty-house for a while longer.
Quests to do, levels to gain, Lava Monsters to kill.
I believe my buddies were looking to do Barbarian Assault as well as some God Wars Dungeon Bosses.

Whoops, there's 70 Herblore!

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Post by Nergal on Feb 3, 2021 21:41:51 GMT -7

After getting 70 Herblore I sold a huge chunk of my super restores on the G.E.
Bought a bunch of Saradomin Brews to complement my remaining restores, enough for a few fight cave attempts at least.

Go to Farming Guild to do a Hespori kill, realize I have no actual food in my bank other than Wines... I mean Brews and Super Restores are an option still ... right??
holy, nope, bad plan, bad plan!! Too much time wasted drinking potions, kill took over 50% longer than my P.B. was not fun, would not recommend!
Re-plant Hespori

TP between my House and the G.E. portal a few times, added a Workshop room, upgraded as I could and then repaired my Karil's coif which I bought uncharged last night WAY overpriced because no one was selling charged/uncharged for a reasonable price.
Buy a couple hundred Cooked Bass as it's reasonably cheap and heals 13 in one bite.
Take off to do some Barrows,manage to get my 2nd Karil's CBow and sell it.
Using my Karil's Coif during a few Ahrim Kills so that it degrades before the rest of the Set in actual combat; a warning System, should save me money and could save my life if my helmet degrades to paper but the rest of my outfit is still functional for a few moments (minutes).

While doing Barrows runs i was looking into a Strength Training Weapon for t70. Barrows Weapons fo sure but i wanted to see some options~
turns out the Saradomin Sword attacks just as fast as a Whip, has the same stats as a whip but can train strength also AND ALSO +2 Prayer; the upgrade item for the SaraSword is 4m but you keep it when it degrades whereas you keep the 300k Whip upgrade item. Meanwhile a Whip is 3m but the SaraSword is 300k... the only tradeoff i see is that you don't get a shield/defender
I don't currently have a defender and Strength Comes before Attack anyway for optimal melee training, a Sarachnis cudgel looks like it might be a comperable 1-handed weapon for crush to replace the SaraSword with and is only 400k; Dragon Warhammer would be better and has a Spec but is 41m, Inquisitors Mace is better but 600+m
Abyssal bludgeon over 30m... and a 2h weapon...
So yea, as far as a cheapish str training weapon goes: SaraSword seems good for now
Dharok Axe would hit harder and more accurately but is slower
Godswords are faster than the Greataxe but range in price from 3m to 35m, would be nice though...

Anyway a rather uneventful evening of Barrows, only did 17 runs. Made around 1m, less my cheap supply costs.
Getting tired, decided to do a farm run of EVERYTHING that i could, a budget run but still; it's all time-gated and i need to keep on top of it if i want my in house spirit tree, which i do.
Took forever getting through my farm run, exhausted; too much snow shoveling.
Got a random event Quiz Master, took the Mystery Prize, Easy Clue *hnnnng* okay this clue and then off to bed.
To burthorpe, to digsite, to Edgeville Dungeon and:
7 Nature Runes, 35 Mind Runes

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Post by Nergal on Feb 9, 2021 6:58:05 GMT -7

Wakeup, quick-fix my sister's car which my father broke, come in to brew some coffee, rant over my coffee.
Do my Daily Ectofuntus exchange of 26 Dragon Bones to Ground+Slime from Robin.
Daily Zaff Battlestaves, buy Earth Orbs on GE and craft/alch the staves, moderately profitable.
Buy 200 uncharged orbs and battlestave, charge them into Air Orbs, craft the staves and alch them; only made like 45k... it's cheap/profitable crafting xp to charge&alch them but oh boi is it boring.
Decide to take care of a few Construction related achievement diary tasks; make a little bit by buying extra supplies from the stonemason in Keldagrim, and upgraded a few parts of my house while I was at it.
Realize that I am under a 200k investment from 72 Prayer at a gilded altar, 200k away from 1 extra prayer point restored per potion dose... or IT WOULD BE, if these Altar hosts would keep their burners lit!! Suddenly finding myself 10 bones short :(
Buy the extra needed bones.
Look into Birdhouse trapping, ask a friend about it, and decide to get started on that while doing the rest of these bones.
Passive Hunter experience and offsetting the cost of farming runs sounds good to me.
Setup house around 320pm, will check in about an hour to see how that goes.

Karamja Med diaries
check birdhouses; easy xp i suppose
Woke up
new personal best at Hespori, forgot my Fury Amulet though, couldve been better
full farm run
some misc diary tasks, didn't finish any set just going through some quicker ones
most of Barbarian Training, less a pyre ship burning, is now complete
On Lunar Spellbook for a PlankMake in Lumberyard task, decide to go and do some Runecrafting at ZMI while the teleport is in front of me.
Look up xp rates and an efficient guide because the less running i need to do the better; i have 1 tweak in place compared to what is the meta relating to run_energy restoration (using a housetab and my run restore pool every 3rd run, rather than a stamina dose ~every other run) and while it might cost a little time it should save a LOT of money over the long run, somehow the expected wiki xp rate is 150% of what I am getting (i know that I am not tick perfect but I've tried the way with stamina potions as well and it didn't improve my xp rates by 50% so idk how they are amanging those rates)
Birdhouses if I remember to do them whenever i can.

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Post by Nergal on Feb 9, 2021 8:21:49 GMT -7

--Last post was already a few days Stale--
Got myself to base 70 stats, runecrafting was the holdout; Lots of ZMI runecrafting, up to 73 Runecrafting.
Broke it up a bit by finishing my Suqah Slayer task.... while crafting Astrals

I also made over 2800 planks using the plankmake spell; saves me about 300k and was reasonably afk, gotta make sure to shutoff the sounds for that though, the SFX still haunts me.

Couple of friends were online so we all did our Fight Pits achievement diary task.

Did a full tree run this morning. Farming can be such a relaxed skill, if you keep up with it... i tend to fail to do so
I will never understand ZMI runecrafters whom drop runes, y'all need to bank to get more essence anyway, do you not? equally strange: people looting these runes, and not just the bigger stacks but all of the little stacks too...

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Post by Nergal on Feb 11, 2021 8:23:34 GMT -7

Did some Barbarian Assault with the bois, it was... something.... After our first Queen Kill I picked up a granite body and finished up my Kandarin Medium and Hard Diaries, reward gives 10% bonus B.A. points. I am Rank 2 of 5 for each role now, need 5 in all for Elite.

Did a little Slayer waiting for next BA run; Neive was reasonable: Fire Giants cannonable right next to her and the lizardmen.
Lizardmen Task, do I cannon the little ones to rush through and maybe finally get my Xercic's Talisman or hope for a Dragon Warhammer drop at shamans?
I kind of want the quicker kills with a cannon, I really need that Talisman for my account and am over droprate already; if i don't get it, get a new task, we in it for the XP this bond, a Dragon Warhammer would be an amazing upgrade (plus it's worth 40m) but I can make money in f2p easy enough so let's rush for that talisman.
I got it with 30 kills left on task! (28 after tags NPCs killed off for me)
Sweet! Can I mount it in my house? Nope, need 2 levels BUUUT i already have the supplies for those levels banked.

Crank out 20 Mahogany Homes mahogany tiered contracts, get the levels i need and am well on my way to the Construction Skill Outfit.
Stop training there, build Portal Nexus room, the base portal, and mount my talisman.

Realize that my ZMI runecrafting left me with *just enough* blood runes to permanently unlock both of my other Mage Arena God Spells, having them all open is required for M.A.2 and that's the best in slot magic cape whenever I do it.
Still haven't done a Quest or the Fight Caves during this Bond but at least I am leveling and getting some permanent account unlocks and Achievement Diary tasks done.
I have, however, burnt my liquid gold quite a bit whilst training; I have assets which i can re-liquidate but I'd rather not as I got them for good prices and will need them later.

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Post by Nergal on Feb 11, 2021 22:12:04 GMT -7

Medium Western Province Diary, in doing so I Killed many Chompy Birds and had to do the Gnome Cooking Training, as well as some misc tasks over on Ape Atol
Hard Diary will require combat 100 (am 92 and was trying to keep to a lower bracket but will see how equipment changes play out)and a Zulrah kill.

Continue throwing money at Farming and Construction, i *really* want that SpiritTree/FairyRing in my house; personal Spellbook Swap and more other infinite teleports are nice too though.
Mahogany Homes, Plank Sack and Carpenter Boots unlocked, on way to next piece of outfit.
Built up my Costume room a bit and stored some cosmetics and treasure trail rewards that were cluttering my bank; a clean bank is one of the many advantages of construction.
Up to 77 Construction and 79 Farming; will need to parley and go back to earning money soon though, Construction burns supplies a bit quickly for my current stage of play.

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Post by Nergal on Feb 17, 2021 17:04:23 GMT -7

Continue throwing money at Farming and Construction, up to 82 and 78 Respectively.

Quest Grind
Mourning's End 1
Mourning's End 2 (only 72 Agility was biiiig oof)
Craft Death Runes
Ardy Hard Diary Complete

Grim Tales
Devious Minds
Slug Menace

Finish Lizardman task @ Shamans; no luck
next task is Daganoths, am i going to try to run Rex with my last hr or so of membership? Yes
...and i ended up redeeming my last stockpiled bond to keep the task going.
Ran out of Death Runes, back to Runecrafting

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Post by Nergal on Feb 18, 2021 22:40:07 GMT -7

Went to the Abyss to get my Giant Pouch to break up the Runecrafting.
Up to level 75 and can actually use that Giant pouch but feeling kind of burnt out by ZMI.
Ran out of mind runes and did some Barrows to replenish them.
More questing? Might as well, actually the free experience is ideal, need to do quests eventually anyway.
Exiles > Cold War > Great Brain Robbery > Swan Song > My Arm's Big Adventure > Getting Ahead > Royal Trouble > Troll Romance > Making Friends with My Arm
jeez, 9 quests in one day? and i think 8 quests (plus some mini quests) to go??
But yeah, I have the level requirements for Quest Cape.... and Quest Cape PLUS 76 Runecrafting mean finishing the Elite Lumbridge Diary which is a 50k experience lamp for me to drop into Runecrafting and save ~2hrs of ZMI Running...

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Post by Nergal on Feb 22, 2021 8:07:27 GMT -7

Have burnt a decent portion of my cash stack and my playstyle has become more conservative; trying not to dip too far below 10m liquid gold since my primary money maker in f2p requires a lot of capital, at 10m I am only going to be able to work for about 30mins before needing to go back to the G.E...
Had to check my logs to reference which quest I had completed the other day, Forgettable Tale.. oh, the irony.
Started using my protected Herb Patches to grow Snap Dragons, I believe that the 3 patches alone are making me as much profit as all of the non-protected patches collectively did with Toadflax.
Need to use Icy Basalts to get to Weiss quickly and those cost around double what a House Tab does,,,,, seems like a good Teleport to keep in my house and the supplies are reasonably priced (it should only cost around 600k for the Weiss teleport). Set buy offer, no one selling Basalt, +5% offer, nadda, +5% +5%, nope; okay then, time to go mine some salt for myself before i get scalped.
Basalt mining is only about 3k mining experience per hour, but according to G.E. margins is around 300k gp per hour for an easily noted item which no one is selling at that price.
The excess salts sold slowly too, just a low volume item i suppose?

Anyway, teleport added to portal nexus, onwards to questing!

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Post by Nergal on Feb 24, 2021 7:57:37 GMT -7

Darkness of Hallowvale and A Taste of Hope were completed without much trouble.
Sins of the Father is proving a tad more difficult, not as hard as the RS3 equivilent was despite me having Max Combat stats there, but only using the Blisterwood Flail with Melee stats in the Low to Mid 70s and 80HP felt pretty bad. While avoidable mechanical errors led to my death in the first attempt, I had only skimmed the Quest Guide about the fight and got CLAPPED, but I also felt that I was not hitting very consistently therefore i wanted to do some melee training.

Of course, I want a FireCape to speed up my melee training. Took Karil's Armor with a Rune Crossbow and Broad bolts (higher accuracy and strength than Karil's Crossbow, although slower rate of fire) and a swap to Enchanted Diamond Adamant Bolts for Jad. That run felt REALLY BAD compared to prior blowpipe attempts. I got to Jad with 1 dose of Super Restore left and 4 or 5 full Sara Brews, so I did not have enough Prayer Points left to survive the fight, which makes sense because the run took FOREVER; but it's doable if i adjust the potions in inventory a bit.
I was hoping that Archer's Ring and Necklace of Anguish and the Karil's Armor would be enough to get on par with Blowpipe plus Fury Plus Explorer Ring plus Blessed D'Hide Treasure Trail Armor; while I was tanky I really lacked the sheer DPS desired, and the set sacrificed a LOT of prayer bonus, Holy Wrench was a wasted inventory space and if i had just taken another Super Restore in its place that may have been enough....
We are still anticipating nerfs to the blowpipe eventually so I don't want to re-buy what's going to become a lemon within a few weeks.
A few teaks to the gear, including imbuing my archer ring and we should be good to go.

Except Upgrades cost money and all I have been doing with my prior bond is burning cash to train.
Begrudgingly test out some Dharok's at NMZ, I don't have enough HP for it to be the META for me; but I already have the gear from Mole Hunting so let's learn how that works. Easy enough and neat. Definitely different from the Prayer Build, I think cheaper than using Prayer Potions too??

But NMZ doesn't make much money, so onto the Herb Patch and Barrows Grind

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Post by Nergal on Feb 24, 2021 9:49:38 GMT -7

The other evening I did something accidentally galaxy-brained.
I was thinking about ways to make some spare gp and I decided to test out a classic processing method which is semi-afkable while I was watching some videos:
Cracking open Coconuts and Filling Vials with the coconut milk.
It is profitable, despite me quick selling, although there is no experience gained from the process. The reason this was accidentally genius was that after processing the coconuts you keep the coconut shells, the shells have no G.E. value, I am not sure if they are tradable off of the G.E. (for someone's junk collection perhaps), but they are supercompostable.
I bank stand, make some quick cash, and now have a surplus supply of materials to make supercompost? Neat, how much effort is needed to turn that into Ultra Compost? Next to none?? Excellent!
So filling the compost bin does throw off the rhythm of my usual Allotment Runs a little, however ending up with +30 Ultra Compost in my Bottomless Bucket for dirt-cheap (pun intended) is pretty sweet.
Withdraw 300k, buy herb seeds and volcanic ash, do herb run while filling my Bucket with Ultra Compost and refilling the composting bins; sell all of the herbs, pocket the extra compost, cash stack is now 461k. Making 161k OSRS after a farm run which net me additional supplies making further farm runs potentially even more profitable is kinda lit.

I was floating around a 10m cash stack when I decided to slow my spending, green cash stack is a safe place to rebuild from WSHTF.
Did a bunch of Herb Runs and some Barrows.
Thank Zaros for the Morytania Hard bonus Runes from Barrows chests rewards because in the 60 Chests I looted yesterday I got 2 Barrows Equipment Pieces.
The first was Torag's Hammers; from the cheapest set, a weapon which is far outclassed by the Verac's flail which I already have; but at least it's a new slot in the collection log.
The second, on chest number 60, was..... Torag's Hammers. SNAFU got 2 of the same dirt cheap item!

Regardless somehow today I am staring at a 17m cash stack, I've done some alchemy and not replaced the Nature runes but Nats are under 200gp so that doesn't feel like the answer, Barrows and Elite Clue Loot are valued under 4m and I didn't liquidate all of it.
I don't feel like i have done THAT MANY herb runs to have made another 3m+ but honestly I am not keeping track... do your herb runs kids!

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Post by Nergal on Feb 25, 2021 7:55:40 GMT -7

I thought that the amount of money I had recouped was ludicrous but my most recent triple Snapdragon patch yielded over 160k profit; it had been about 3 or 4 days since i decided to stop burning money on Tree Runs and Construction, and i was popping in to do herb runs relatively frequently throughout the day(s).... they're ready every 90 minutes but maybe i was checking every third hour?
[4 days] x [5 herb runs] x [100k : 160k per run] == 2m to 3.2m
suddenly the unaccounted for 3m makes sense!

So what did I do with that money? Spent it on Construction and PoH upgrades OF COURSE!!!!
from level 78 up to 80
Upgraded restoration pool which now includes prayer points, really liking that upgrade a LOT, 80 was worth it for this alone.
Mounted Digsite Pendent, sick of replacing them for birdhouse runs.
Bought a Pharaoh's Scepter for 40% over market value because i am impatient
Made an Ancient Altar to Swap between Ancients and Standard spells in the comfort of my home, a friend of my suggested making the Lunar Altar instead but I have Lunar Isle Teleport in my Portal Nexus, the walk to the Astral Altar isn't too bad HOWEVER there is no 'good' way to get to the Pyramid to Swap to Ancients aside from using a Pharaoh Scepter OR already being on Ancients and using Home Tele. He tells me that he just uses Mage Skillcape.... bruh I'm level 91, "oh then use someone else's PoH", having to hop to a house-party world defeats the point dude. Quick Swap to Ancients in house; tele from house and a short walk to Lunars; Arceus spells are practically useless outside of Kourend, and are a short walk from a fairy ring, they were not even in this contest.

I also picked up a Mystic Smoke Staff for a bit under 2m; I wanted a Smoke Battlestaff pretty much since it came out but 7m was rather steep for my at the time, 2m now? very doable. Don't need it nearly as much now as i did back then but it's an upgrade from the Dust Staff, which i will camp until i die, and opens up opportunity to train with smoke barrage a little more cheaply?? Or we can just Super Glass Make to the moon!!!!

The boys decided to do a round of Barbarian Assault last night, 3 of us plus two randoms. We adopted an Ironman as an attacker, and his gear was pretty bad, which is all dandy because I also ran as an attacker to compensate; unfortunately our other adopted random was a collector who repeatedly failed to call or collect eggs for us.... it took a longer than needed BUT a queen kill nevertheless! Am a Rank 3 Attacker now, just shy of rank 4.

Did some NMZ last night (and am doing so while typing this up).
80 HP, 75 Strength (almost 76); enough points for a Ring (i)

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Post by Nergal on Feb 28, 2021 9:39:59 GMT -7

Had a few days off quarantining because a member of my household fell ill and we were waiting on test results; not rona so will be back to work today.

Work on some slayer, ended up getting a Jad task; SWEET!
Gear up for it but decide to check on something irl before going out to it; that irl b.s. ended up taking 3.5 hrs and when i finally got back to the game I no longer had the headspace for a fight cave run.
Slayer Helm (i), Dragon Crossbow, Archer Ring (i) and Blessed d'hide boots should all make for a significantly more smooth run than my last attempt though.

Up to 85 Farming, Celestrus Tree to make my own Battlestaff for an Elite Kourend Task
Torstol picked for an Elite Ardougne task

Hit 78 Strength while getting my Archer Ring imbue at NMZ; Up to 81 HP;
92 Magic (halfway point, w00t), and 71 Defence.
95 Combat, steadily approaching the 100 combat needed for a Veteran game of Pest control and getting a task from Duradel

Did a little Barrows with no luck and decided to change things up
off to the crazy archaeologist in the wilderness! Trying to fill up that Boss Collection Log using only rags; manage to get 2 of his 3 unique drops (and a 2nd copy of the valuable drop, the odium shard)
Sold the duplicate shard, used the profit to buy the other 2 shards and made an Odium Ward; the other shards are pretty cheap but i suppose the other bosses which drop those respective shards do have pets to grind for?

Some of my friends dragged me over to Barbarian Assault again, Rank 5 Attacker; progress towards that Elite Diary!
I have only a few days of membership left, my cash stack isn't in the *worst* state but I haven't really rebuilt bank significantly as I am spending as quickly as I earn. oh well...

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Post by Nergal on Mar 3, 2021 12:03:37 GMT -7

Really weird and busy few days irl; did not have much time to play during my last days of membership.
No bonds left banked so i begin prepping for the switch back to f2p. Use house storage to bank a ton of item sets, void, graceful, prospector, etc. Charge jewelry so that my Glory Amulets only take up one bank space instead of 3. Sell off my junk items, fill my Slayer Rune pouch with the ENTIRE stacks of 3 members only runes i had in the bank. Drop some extra quest items that i no longer need and end up switching back to f2p with 20 free bank spaces. (18 if I need to remove my Smithing Cape and Hood for some reason.)

Managed to get 3x odium shard 2 from Crazy Archaeologist, still waiting on the Malediction Shard to finish that collection log, but it will need to wait for my next bond.

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Post by Nergal on Mar 5, 2021 8:47:51 GMT -7

The margin for Smithing and Alching the 3bar Rune items has closed up a lot in the recent few months.
It's still profitable, but much less so.

Perhaps there are more accounts doing the activity.... unlikely enough to make a significant difference.
The price of Nature Runes is up, the price of Rune Bars is up.
Fewer Nature Runes and Rune Bars entering the game, and/or inflation.

I think that there was a bot-purge not too long ago, they tend to do bigger ones every few months; and if a bunch of Rune Dragon Bots got taken down and haven't been replaced (some hefty requirements to get that bot/Alt account running) then it makes sense for the prices to be adjusted accordingly, rune bar price was declining steadily though.
Still a few 100k per hour OSRS in addition to gaining experience in f2p worlds isn't too bad.

I already have the farming level which I needed for Spirit Trees in my PoH, I need 95 Construction (or 90 with a good boost) for the FairyRing/SpiritTree combo. I entered back into members servers a bit earlier than I had wanted due to the expected weapon rebalancing updates, I had no where near the amount of funding which I wanted; now back to f2p I have plenty of time to casually rebuild and figure out how much i need/want for my near future goals.

M3RCILESS on RuneClan