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Nurmof vs Nanosquishy's Porthole Protector

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Post by Nergal on Jan 28, 2021 11:49:48 GMT -7

1st rul3 o' fi' ♣
{ am not sharing any specific information intentionally, please do the same if you choose to respond }
{ if you have mastered search engines, which I half expect of forum users, you can definitely figure out exactly what i am doing; }
{ but I do not want to support any brand(?) nor do I wish to make it too easy to recreate my results without learning anything along the way }
{ what would be the point of that anyway? }
I have much to learn about technology still but that's half the fun of it, it's always evolving, I'd get bored if it wasn't.
Still, I like to consider myself reasonably tech savvy. 

I feel that I am extraordinarily late to be jumping into the world of blockchain technologies and way behind the curve to start mining profitably, especially given my present lack of resources. Nevertheless, and for purely educational interest reasons, I am investigating: AltCoins, multiple pooling platform models, various mining software, etc

There are actually plenty of opportunities for people to get into this field still, it might take a long time to payoff but that was always the case; it's all a gamble of time, if you are interest then place your bets as well as you can and just pray i suppose.
But yes, MINERS! A horrific waste of electricity probably and yet one of the most consistent ways to support a ProofOfWork style Blockchain.
First and foremost I can support a decentralized network, if I receive a reward for the effort that's nice but not particularly why I am interested.
If I assume to not profit then I don't need to fret if  do not.

There are a few systems which I have been participating in since my research began and while they do have their own affiliate programs I am not here to preach for any of them; I've done the math and they suck, there are posts online by 3rd parties about how they suck which do not get into precise numbers so I did the research first-hand and I will agree that they do suck and I do actually have math to support the argument for how bad they really are.
On the other-hand these awful services are so dang easy to use that I could probably turn my grandmother into a Cryptominer; I am sure other, better, easy-to-use services exist too however I am not personally afraid of a command-line-interface and I didn't dive too deep into GUI options. A GUI Application really is just extra overhead bloat in this case, and I am working with VERY limited resources.
Again, we are out here for the Fun/Educational value; I am not worried about any ROI

So, what are we mining on an old garbage-picked laptop with only Dell Integrated OnBoard Graphics?
Well, something CPU compatible and hashing with the RandomX algorithm.
i had previously tried to get this miner working some months ago on even less usable hardware, compounded with the software being an extremely out of date patch of an obscure Linux distro; and failed pretty miserably at the time. Granted, I was also trying to recompile from source both dependencies and the program itself to force it to work on the older patch.
Fast-forward to this week when I decide to throw the pre-compiled version onto a reasonably fresh installation of Normie OS; no offense meant but it is what it is and as a daily driver that things just work on ( at least until Nanosquishy releases a patch that borks everything) it is fine, Bourgeois OS also has a precompiled version to run I just don't personally bother with Bourgeois.

Download Zip, Porthole Protector warnings, allow.
Extract zip, and run; more porthole protector warnings, ALLOW. 
Does it launch successfully? YEa.
Copy a BAT script from my faster pc to a usb drive; move usb drive over and holy heck so many porthole popups, it did not like that!
Prompting me to Backup to Nanosquishy CloudNine to avoid a potential ran some where onslaught.
Chill Porthole Protector, the miner itself is not going to encrypt my disk, even if it did- there's nothing on here other than you and it.

Okay, batscripts work, what next Robin?
Well I get a nice warning about needing Admin to use an MSR Mod for better hashrates
easy, run batscript as alfred!
not so, sir; turns out Nanosqueesh REALLY hates when alfred gets into the batscripts.
There's a workaround but ya gotta turn the batscripts into full-blown batarangs. (exe)ptional! we can get a tool to do that too
Head over to ARCHham IVE found a converter
pretty straightforward tool
exe DOES launch as admin properly; new error though, turns out one man's trash truly is trash, the hardware does not support the MSR Patch directly, the quick fix option does not exist on this device, and the long fix is a bit convoluted for my palate at the moment; the Riddler wins this round

Regardless, I was trying to improve the hashrate which had dipped overnight; I was also have connectivity issue to the pool's webpage but those resolved themselves....
ah yes, there we go hashrate is back up to-
"HEY <converted bat file now exe> IS A CONDOM; IT CAN LET AN ATTAKCR EXE MALICIOUS CODE!!!" said the PortholeProtector 
to which i replied:
Would you shut up man?

there's a mild chance that the archival copy of this converter is exploited and packing viruses into each executable it creates, but more likely it's just leaving behind a nice little:
" made using xyz "
signature within the exe and/or the exe is simply UN-SIGNED and that's dangerous; literally had the same issue with the official installed py2exe library, just because it can be used to package malware DOES NOT MEAN that everything processed by it is actually malware. DAMN!
...fear-mongering to scare the normies. granted, that's probably a good thing for dealing with the enormous amount of end-users who aren't tech savvy but dagum, if I want to run a CryptoMining algorithm as an Administrator on my own hardware than i am going to melt this CPU before Nanosqeesh can stahp me!!!

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Post by Nergal on Jan 28, 2021 11:58:56 GMT -7

For the record, this laptop (which was dumpster dove for) has earned me less than(LESS THAN!) 1cent USD since I started playing around with it as a miner about 3days ago. It's not up 100% of the time, it's not utilizing all of its cores, but under a penny worth of alt coin in 3 days of research is pretty dang bad.