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Teh wundafol wowd of ware naym twadein [Rare Name Trading]

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Post by Nergal on Jan 27, 2021 17:48:48 GMT -7

Maybe it's just because I am an older player and managed to Secure screen-names for myself that I wanted, but this is a market I cannot understand.
I have infiltrated a rare name trading discord server. (I just joined via the link that countless bots were spamming identically over the recent few days; literally filled my ignore list by reporting these spammers before finally deciding to figure out what the hype was about.)

So upon entering I make a joke about the immeasurable spam bots, which are ironic since the server owner frowns upon people using his Discord Server to advertise their own Server(s); I also asked if people here truly see the rare name market as an "investment" as so many of the bots would say before i had a chance to mute them.
Overall the admins took the joke in good sport and replied that the market for ~rare names~ has climbed like crazy in the recent year.
A mildly sarcastic: imagine that- people are willing to pay more for the name that they stare at all day during a pandemic when they aren't doing anything else
Again, this actually was met with reasonably pleasant responses from the various members and staff online at the time.
They cited the partyhat market on Rs3 and one user stated that it's like that but this looks better.
another member jumped in to imply that I'm probably about to drop huge money on a new Name for myself.

I have got to hand it to them, I would be more inclined to buy a username than a partyhat for myself; but I am quite content with my ScreenName, maybe if I was playing a brand-new alt account that needed a name? I have 4 or 5 alts that I don't play much already though, and I am rather happy with all but 2 of their names...
Even if I was still rocking NergalElite instead of Nergal I doubt that I'd give up my name, if someone else had sniped Nergal when it became available would I have paid-them for the name nergal? Probably not because Nergal is almost never an available name, in fact Runescape may be the only place that I managed to secure the plain-text un-appended variant.

The following day (today) another user entered the discord complaining about the bots and asking what idiots invest in usernames; amazing how much his tone affected the response of the admins, jokes was a good call on my end, but regardless of the initial welcome they did still try to sell the newcomer on a name.

So, the names.... what's for sale? 
Well, I do not know. They are a private list, requiring jumping through hoops to prove availability of funds with which to purchase a name.
There are some hints as to what names may be available at certain price points (ie number of characters in the name and a description hint, with a pricetag)
They also have chat channels for swapping and such
interesting to see but do i trust any of it??

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