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Nintendo vs the Time Travelers

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Post by Nergal on Jan 11, 2021 21:38:38 GMT -7

Time Travel (or System Clock Manipulation) has been an exploitable flaw in many games throughout the years.
I can recall using it in Pokémon Diamond/Pearl to import from my GBA files more quickly.
People use it to access events long passed in their Animal Crossing files today.

There are fail-safe systems to avoid abuse, anti- soft-reset systems were used in the Mystery Dungeon games for the GBA/DS (red and blue rescue teams) and I believe there was also one used on the Gamecube Animal Crossing although I have no personal experience with it.

One particularly interesting case is an anti-time-travel trap wrapped around a time-gated system which misleads players about how it actually works within Paper Mario 1000 Year Door: