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Post by Jon on Apr 28, 2020 15:33:26 GMT -7

Grounds for Kicking and Banning are those arguably suspected of, accused of with evidence, and/or caught breaking any of the following community rules.

Disobeying the ProBoards Community Guidelines shown here

If using our Discord server, disobeying the Discord guidelines shown here

Scamming or stealing of any form (e.g. legal tender, data, virtual goods, content, material)

Posting overly explicit, disturbing, or ‘dark’ content

Severe, continuous, or unwanted harassment of any kind

Racism, hate speech, gender/age/religion/location discrimination, bullying

‘Toxic Behaviour’ - Creating a disturbance within the community or staff(i.e. abuse of power, rallying members against the best interest of the community)

Not respecting a fellow community member (Sharing spoilers(Movies, books, television shows, games, etc.), making others feel uncomfortable, disobeying staff, etc.)

Disrupting lines of communication. e.g. spamming or interfering with Discord type(text) and/or voice channels, in-game community channels, threads and/or posts at

Offering, selling, sharing, posting, etc. any form of illegal content or material

Influencing or encouraging other members to partake in any form of rule-breaking

Sharing or destroying confidential information obtained from staff related channels and/or lines of communication

These rules are subject to change at any time without prior community notice.
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