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Super Genie Lamp Heroes - Season 1: Infection

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Post by demarco on Mar 27, 2020 14:33:06 GMT -7

Executive Producer: Demarco16
Writer: Demarco16

-------------------------------------------Super Genie Lamp Heroes - Season 1-----------------------------------

Age: 7th
Year: 20

-Scene: Da Grocery Mart, Downtown Ardounge-

*Kandarians are scrambling to buy house supplies.*
Yanillani: Now I know yo broke *** ain't buying all the yew logs!
Runekeisha: ***** don't play with me I'll give you the scurge right now!
Yanillani: Ho take that back...
Runekeisha: Now my baby's daddy wont hesitate to clap that ***, I wont either.
Cashier: Now yall know this aint love and hip hop Ardounge...that'll be 150k.
Runekeisha: Cmon woman get the cart *looks to left and stops*. Oh crap...
*A guy in a zoot suit walks up to the register*
Cashier: Sir, what are you doing???
Danthex Black: A sequel. *pulls out a elder rune AR-15 and opens fire.*
Runekeisha: *throws money at cashier* Time to superman out of here. *teleports to the citadel.*

-Scene: Demarco16's House, Rimmington-

TV Announcer: This next video is to all the MODs who decided to cancel Double Experience Weekend at Falador Park this week. Demarco16's new Gangster R&B track!
Demarco16 (Dru Hill song):

Girl im not drunk!
I cant waste!
You said the gains would change.
***** the gains are still the saaaammmeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
Girl im not drunk!
I cant waste!
You said the gains wouldnt come own me.
I knew you were a joke (were a joke)!
I dont have a bonus, anymore...

Tipsy Blonde: Man this **** is fire!
DPope316: Anyone who can turn R&B into that is...well we know hes rich already.
eShades: I know this video is new and all but pass the blunt...we cant go buy more snapdragon till after this lockdown. *takes hit of herbs*
DPope316: Yea I completely forgot all the herb dispensaries are closed.
Hunk Blonde: Thats because you live in ghetto *** Rimmington, where theres a homeless tent right outside your alley.
DPope316: And you think Fremnick is good right now? Youre lucky youre qurantined here that city is a trap.
Hunk Blonde: And why would you say that? We have a division 1 university.
eShades: Division 1 in deez nutz... im going to get more herbs from the guilded alter be right back. *walks outside*
*group gasps*
The Saint EX II: Yea I sorta have to stay here...theres no alcohol anywhere else thats unlimited.
DPope316: Speaking of that its done! *pulls out MEE6's MOD Chip* I upgraded out robots mod chip. With this I uploaded out scouter information which means...we can search for genie lamps in peace with these crazy ppl preparing for armegeddon.
eShades: Armageddon happened like 5 times in the 7th age...whats one more? I bet the news reporter tells us of another one right now.
TV Announcer: WE HAVE A URGENT MESSAGE. Reports of a tall black nigga in a zoot suit destroying a super store in Ardounge is currently underway.
eShades: What did I tell you bustas???
The Saint EX II: Aww hell naw thats Danthex Black!
DPope316: *installs MOD Chip in MEE6.*
MEE6: *wakes up* whats a nigga robot gotta do to get a dry martini around here???
DPope316: There we go...just like the droids in Clan Wars.
Hunk Blonde: You did not just upgrade your robot using hood technology?
DPope316: The nigga can actually think like one of us now. And we need him if it turns out Zezime had something to do with the scurge.
eShades: Bunch of conspiracies...yall know Zezime, and the MODS had nothing to do with this, other then being idiots.
The Saint EX II: Yea we would have noticed a hydra lamp or higher being me the genie lamp radar!
DPope316: I'm glad you asked, each genie lamp in the continent is located on this ***** right here!
Demarco16: *Walks downstairs* I knew clan quarantine was a bad idea...either find something to do or get this robot a drink. Already on probation, like this is their house and ****...
DPope316: Dad, Danthex Black is back...
Demarco16: Are you serious!? *Opens scouter* Crap his aura is still here...I need to get to the citadel our clan just became essential...standby for clan raid orders for M3rciless JR. *Teleports to clan citadel*
The Saint EX II: Ok, find ANY genie lamp in town, ill wish the lock-down over right now so we can go outside...
MEE6: I got da hookup on the closest lamp...its in the clothing store attic down the street.
Demarco16: Good we don't have to take the Esculade then...fall in on me were leaving the house!

-Scene: Rimmington, Center Market-

The Saint EX II: What if the scruge is a real threat...whos going in the house.
Everyone but The Saint: NOT IT!!!
The Saint EX II: Yall say it like youre lifting my fat drunk *** back in my dads house after a party. Ill get yall back for this like in Project Genesis.

-Flashback Scene: M3rciless Citadel, 5 months ago.-

*The TV is turned to W111.*
Announcer: And now back to Project Genesis.
Prospector: Yall niggas want me!? Yall MODS want me!? *starts raining* youll have to sink the USS Sega first...Men, start the ship in this *****.

-Scene: Clothing Store: Rimmington-

The Saint EX II: Man I need a drink *grabs open bar glass before retrieving the genie lamp*
*gunshots are heard outside.*
The Saint EX II: I didnt even touch the alarm yet...*walks outside with the lamp*
Jagex Cop: Come out of the Esculade with your hands up!
DPope316: Saint break the damn lamp already so were not sent to jail.
*The Saint EX II rubs the standard genie lamp.*
Genie: What is your wish?
The Saint EX II: I wish the lockdown was over and we were able to go outside again!
Genie: I cannot stop the imminent threat, but I can grant your wish. Be careful heroes. *grants wish and leaves the area*
Jagex Cop: *snaps out of it* What was I doing here again??
eShades: Thats what I thought punk!

--------------------------------------------Episode 1 Over---------------------------------------------------------------

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---------------------------Episode 2--------------------------

-Scene: Govenor's Office, Downtown Falador White District-

*a dark robed person is seen walking into the office in slow motion*
*the person unmasks their robe*
Captain Savajo: Ello Govena!
MOD Govena: Sup my got my papers!?
Captain Savajo: Yes I do...I have the finest mahogany, gummed, rolling-
MOD Govena: Naw nigga! The lockdown legislature! We got an order from the prime minister to end the lockdown. The **** out of ere with that other item. Only other rolling here will be deez handz.
Captain Savajo: Ahh yes...let's sign it before the citizens start protesting.
Protestor #1: (from outside) I want my ****ing haircut today!
*throws brick at govenor's window shattering it*
MOD Govena: Oh ****!!! Hurry mofo sign it! John Handcock it! Do something Mr General Captian Savajo, if that is your real name...
Captain Savajo: I have you know I am native Gnome from the Port Sarim area. My ancestors were buried under the mall your fiancee shops at with deez nutz.
MOD Govena: If this order wasn't from a genie Id pimp slap you right now...
Captain Savajo: Hold up nigga...a genie? I need to bounce. Peace. *teleports to Zezime's location*
MOD Govena: Have the military fix my **** window with your platinum card while your at it... *sits back in chair*...phase 1 is complete.
*Protestors are heard outside. MOD Govena walks to a podium balcony.*
MOD Govena: People of Asgarnia! Bear with us! We are in the process of doing revolutionary change, better then our homeless initiative, even better then our healthcare as compared to the Kandarin region. No! We are going to let you guys start going back to work in a week. Change has come! The scruge will be no more! Dont forget to vote for me! For without me, there is no MOD!
*Crowd cheers*

-Scene: Interhighway 4 en route to the clan camp, Falador outskirts-

*Lanbo is driving down the highway in her brand new 720 Lamborghini with Rayjdeoxys*
Lanbo: Yo listen to my new track this **** is hot! *hits ranarr blunt and slides a CD into the deck*
*Car swerves*
Rayjdeoxys: Watch the road homie!
Lanbo (CD Player):
[Keisha Cole Voice by Lanbo]
Never knew that I was pimpin!
When the nigga came in trippin I shhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooott hiiimmmmmmm!
Shooooooooooooooooootttt hiiiiimmmm....
Ohhhh the man got owned! I shot him!!!!!!
Never knew I diteched the mercedes!!!
My car now owns yours owns mines owns coors, plus niggas and more.....
Found out I shot you!!!!
Rayjdeoxys: Pull over here lambo...*stops car* I need to make a withdrawl.
Lanbo: At the footlocker... only reason I would see black and white workers outside posing is that.
*News broadcast overtakes Lanbo's Gangster R&B track*
Chessy018 (News Reporter): Attention gielnor! This is not a drill. I repeat playas and hustlers, this is not a drill. The Govenor of Asgarnia has agreed to a cease order to a previous lockdown order that gained attention by other runescape regions. It has been noted that this lifesaving methodology has resulted in the need for the workforce to produce materials. I know my stocks are **** right now. The bill was signed by MOD Govena at the falador footsteps despite what seems like a businesswoman throwing a brick at his window. More news at 11.
Lanbo: What's taking so long...
*Alarm goes off*
*lanbo looks behind her*
Lanbo: Holy **** it's a bank!
Rayjdeoxys: Start the car start the car!!!
*Lanbo skids out of the area at 145 MPH.*
Rayjdeoxys: You forgot me you blockhead!!! *teleports to the clan citadel with the cash*

- Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Clan Forum -

Danthex: Alright clan, we have special guests today from my baby's mamma's guild which she was just named Chairman of. Lighters up for the leaders! And as leaders I wouldnt be doing my job unless I told you of these marks going around causing random chaos, during an easy mode apocalypse.
Shag Orrath: And who is this Danthex Black you speak of?
Danthex: Imagine my handsome *** in a ski mask. He will destroy us all. And my scouter readings picked up other past enemies as well. My assistant will pull up the chart.
Cheeserules8: It shows Principal Hathaway, DOGMAI, Le Me, Danthex Black, and Zezima's auras...but somethings not right about them they are super strong.
Danthex: And since were on probation were sending the JR's out to the frontline.
Tipsy Blonde: Couldnt we just wait till your probation ends in 2 months?
Danthex: Don't make me air rune slap you from there!
The Saint EX II: Im getting bored *looks out the window*
Danthex: Son, I think you would take our world ending via stupidity a bit more serious...
The Saint EX II: I was watching Dpope316's wings turn grey, I think soul runechosis activated in him but his eyes just stand straight...all grey and boring.
Demarco16: Son, what are you sensing?
DPope316: Captain Savajo just summoned the five of them, and their clans to ground zeroes. We need to bizzounce.
Demarco16: And if you think youre going to fight them all right now in season 1 ill kill you now...we need a plan. Go see your grandfather he should be done posting outside with the OG's by now.
DPope316: I'd rather spend my saturday night having fun.
Demarco16: Consider the clan your fun now! Now go.

- Scene: DPope12's House, South Varrock -

eShades: **** the people are still scared of the scurge...everyone goes back to work in a week but its chaos 101 here.
*DPope316 knocks on the door*
DPope12: *answers door* about time you guys showed up...the MODS are up to my *** in paperwork as I prepare to go excavating. I need you guys to drop off a package to a friend of mine in East Varrock.
Hunk Blonde: Well what's in it old man?
DPope12: Manners first of all, second, it is for an ancient skill. Make sure the materials reach him.
*M3rciless JR walks down the street*
DPope316: I still cant believe a nark like MOD Govena would do that...
The Saint EX II: The guys an idiot. It's obviously just part one.

---------------------------------------------------Episode 2 Over---------------------------------------------------

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----------------Episode 3----------------

-Scene: East Varrock, North Corridor-
*M3rciless JR is seen approaching a run down house in the hood*
Dpope316: Well i aint knockin on that ****!
eShades: Noob...*police knocks on door*
*Drygore Shotgun is heard loaded at the door.*
Tipsy Blonde: Quick pull out the box i aint trying to get shot during the scurge!
Rac Frobozz: *opens door* *crowd cheers*....I thought i was gonna cap some niggas but its just a bunch of kids...what the hell you want some candy?
The Saint EX: Well do you have candy?
Rac Frobozz: Nigga please this isnt 50-Cents music video! Gimme my package *telegrabs box*
The Saint EX: And I thought I was rude what would my father Danthex think?
Rac Frobozz: Wait young blood...Danthex is your father?...come in we have much to discuss.
*2 hours later*
The Saint EX: Chefs delight is the ****!
Hunk Blonde: Saint sit your drunk **** go on Rac.
Rac Frobozz: IAMGOD did not purge the entire saint roster, as some of the original saint members are still alive, like my youngest son.
DPope316: My father mentioned that one of his best friends was killed by IAMGOD, you mean that man is your son? Youre a clan legend as M3rciless right now!...and IAMGOD is back.
Rac Frobozz: I'm too old to fight right now as I am now a retired community MOD and the chairman of the new Rank #1. Find the surviving saint members...thats your only hope.
*The TV turned to W2 has a urgent new message.*
Chessy018 (News Reporter): Good evening glienor! Tonight our MOD Govena has a urgent message on the guidelines for ending the lockdown.
MOD Govena (W2 TV): Wassup niggas...yall aint going nowhere in this *****. Yall are to stay on lockdown in Asgarnia until I say so...or you drop something on my 40 whichever comes first. I see yall checkin out Misthalin and Kandarin like "The ****, why do they get to produce hennessey while we look stupid on TV?" Cause were doing it safe. Nobody is to leave their homes for the next month in Asgarnia!
DPope316: What did I just tell you guys he just lied!
The Saint EX: We just used the genie lamp too ****!
MEE6: This niggas trippin *takes martini drink*
eShades: Well I need to smoke, to the Ferrari.
Dpope316: Yea I think ima ask my father whats going on with these surviving saint members. He met my mom that way a long time ago via time travel. He may know more then we think.

------------------Scene: Downtown Falador, Govenors Office-----------------------
*MOD Govena is seen looking through some papers*
MOD Govena: Dem noobs didnt know about phase 2 to deez nutz! *presses button*
MOD Barz: Stop right there hata! You think the elder MOD council is gonna let you destroy your own people this way....This isnt new world order or benevolent worthy...its just plain dumb. I have no choice but to moderate you...Rap Game #37 *opens vortex and breaks MOD Govena through the window.
Passerby: #1 MOD fight!!!
Passerby #2: Runestar!!!! *records on camera*

-Scene: Demarco16's House, Rimmington-
Dpope316: You couldent even save your own homies back then! Why did you go back in time?
Demarco16: Well youre here, so what difference does it make?
Dpope316: Things arent the same for you old folks since your days in the 390's!
Demarco16: Hold up...nigga what? The only reason anyone is even viewing your show right now is because were in this *****, us old folks. And the way things have been going, you should have died in episode 1. Now get out of my rap studio before I tell everyone I raised a male Shandra.
DPope316: While aint this a -
*DPope316 is teleothered into his room.*
Dpope316: *pulls up cellphone and calls Saint*....yes...yes...well were going out tonight im tired of this lockdown plus! Were going to the Pyramid Club tonight...there not supposed to be open but theres an underground dance club on the premisis ive been hearing about....yes well meet at the desert pyramid at 11....What fund your entrance fee? You better change into a woman in falador first! *hangs up*

-Scene: Club Pyramid, Desert-
eShades: You see dem ho's? There being let in through the basement, lets follow *starts walking*
The Saint EX: Hold up nigga *looks very pissed* That Danthex Black on that ho's arm everyone heres bout to get shot!
MEE6: Not exactly...theres a hydra lamp in the top floor of the pyramid.
Cultleader (Scouter): You guys are gonna have to get your hands on that genie lamp before going in and fighting him...use the wish to weaken him and save that clubs life!

---------------Episode 3 Over---------------------

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-------------------------Episode 4 (Season Finale Triple Feature: Part 1)------------------------------------

-Scene: Club Pyramid, Members Desert, Midnight-

*M3rciless JR is huddled next to the trash cans out of site at the entrance of the club.*
DPope316: Ok so heres the plan, eShades youre 18 and can get in with ID so go and flirt like crazy with those hos in there. View this gangster R&B track on DewTube by my father back when he was 13 to understand how to do it. And were smart as **** so it wont fail like his series 1 hating ***.
eShades: Youre referring to hos like there a race.
DPope316: Well for the next 45 minutes youre changing your class to a pimp with a hydrix pimp cane. *Dpope316 pulls out the magic stick*
The Saint EX II: This is not 50-Cents music video!!!!! I dont care activate law runechosis if you have to just kill my stepdad! I will not take orders from a clone of my father!
Bouncer: *turns around* Whats that noise?
Tipsy Blonde: ****
DPope316: I got this...*activates smoke runechosis* *deploys smoke miasma to escape*
Hunk Blonde: That's our queue to go upstairs via the elevator lift to the alter to get the hydra genie lamp. Activate the genie lamp radar MEE6.
The Saint EX II: First the scurge, and now the fabled city destroyer has come back from the dead after I owned him. I cant take this I have to do it now!!!
eShades: This is bad, like when The Saint EX found out the justice leauge was a lie!

-Flashback Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Break Room, 2 years ago. -
Age: 7
Year: 18

The Saint EX II: Youre trippin balls on those herbs again DPope, Goku cannot, i repeat, cannot, ever beat superman!!!!!!!! Hell even I can kick Goku's ***. *Drinks pitcher of wizards mind bomb*
DPope316: And this is why your agility is 1...
The Saint EX II: Dont make me use the force in this ***** *hiccups*
DPope12: *walks in* I better hear you two studying the oracles ways!
DPope316: And enters the biggest drunk pimp of them all... i was asleep and even I used mind runechosis to tell you were high that night.

-Scene: Pyramid Club Elevator, on the way to the top floor.-
Tipsy Blonde: Is The Saint EX II going to fold and attack him? His magic maybe 150 but hes no match for Danthex Black.
Hunk Blonde: I dont know, but the genie lamp radar is picking up an exact location under the ancient alter. If we dont grab it The Saint will be killed. Move nigga!
Tipsy Blonde: Dont move nigga me ill move your girl like I did last night.
*a unkown person cracks up laughing*
Hunk Blonde: What...the...****! know what just grab the lamp and rub it. We need two wishes for this **** i need a fake ID.
*Tipsy Blonde breaks the hydra genie lamp*
Hydra Genie: Now what do I owe to pleasure of being called out for this time?
Tipsy Blonde: Two wishes, first I wish Danthex Black would have moderated stats of 70 for all stats. Second, cancel the bouncer so we can all get in the club.
Hydra Genie: Now I can drink to that...granted. Peace! *disappears into the mist*

-Scene: Club Pyramid, Outside-
DPope316: Any second now well get the clear to storm the place.
Random Ho #1: Quick call a doctor! The bouncer just died of the scurge.
The Saint EX II: About got **** time! Lets go befo-
*Multiple gunshots are heard in the club from more then one person.*
eShades: Not good, Danthex Black seems to have a following now we have 35 minutes until the debuff wears off.
DPope316: Hold my shoulders *activates law and death runechosis*
The Saint Ex II: Is this your first time using runechosis in public?
DPope316: Is this the first time youre going to gain some agility experience? You know **** well your size wont change at 120 agility youll just be an unstoppable Golden City Gladiators magicguard. Now run in there and say my dad just died of the scurge outside. That will clear the room immediately.
Danthex Black: Come get some of this incredible hulk nigga! *Throws adamant chair into the middle of the dance floor* *everyone starts fighting each other*
DPope316: Okay, new plan, stab the ho.
The Saint EX II: You mean the ho ho ho?
eShades: This has to be immoral somehow in this backwards region...gimme the elder rune rifle *Fires into the crowd shooting Danthex Black in the chest* Now DPope use Earth Style Fist of Guthix to pimp slap him back to the graveyard.
DPope316: Yea its not going to be that easy...I just feel like using blood runechosis to boil his insides dealing instant death, then we leave in the shadows.
eShades: Now that is just crazy enough to work Mr. Genius! Run ***** *opens cover fire while The Saint EX runs down the club halls*
The Saint EX II: My father just died of the scurge outside!
Danthex Black: The **** I am your father! *tries to aim with a zaros SMG but feels weak and drops it*
DPope316: Let me kill him!
eShades: No let me do it!
The Saint EX II: Yall kidding!? Nigga this season is about me *fires elder rune magnum, ending danthex black*
The Saint EX II: In not all circumstances is black okay...
Cultleader (scouter): Get to the roof and I will beam you back to the citadel.
*M3rciless JR goes to the roof*
The Saint EX II: Ummm...why is there a snowboard on the roof?
DPope316: Because the executive director is tight as ****! *downstairs chamber explodes*
Tipsy Blonde: Quick grab a snowboard and go down the pyramid.
*M3rciless JR snowbards down a flat desert pyramid while it explodes behind them, without looking back to view it.*

2 weeks later....

-Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Break room-
Chessy018 (W2 News Reporter): Attention glienor...a lot has happned in two weeks and I though I would share with you guys exactly what grinds my gears.
DPope316: Aww ****

-------------------------------------To be continued in episode 5-----------------------------------------

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———————Episode 5—————————-

-Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Break Room-

*The entire M3rciless JR cast has their eyes glued to the W2 News TV Channel*
Chessy018 (news anchor): Things are out of control at the asgarnian capitol today as RuneStar HipHop has recorded footage of MOD Govena being beaten senseless by MOD Barz.
Footage Sounds of Mod Govena: Rap Game #45! *punches MOD* 46! *Punches MOD* 47! *Punches MOD*
Chessy018: The governor of Asgarnia has declined an interview with W2, stating that there will be stricter lockdowns on the scruge, and a civil suit against the federal government in Menaphos and Ardounge.
DPope316: Only thing that grinds my gears is me without snapdragon to smoke...where da weed at???
eShades: You would think that a guy with a mental ability such as runechosis would stay away from herbs. It’s almost like the Saint EX II sometimes.
The Saint EX II: *Walks in, drops wizards mind bomb* Now what do you mean about me mr I’m over 18!?
eShades: It’s almost as if you’re still a small kid. Yet you’re how old now? 14.
The Saint EX II: Say what you want, but while you’re going to Varrock State University remember who wrote your papers for you.
eShades: Crap I have homework due tonight...
The Saint EX II: You know my rates...100k a section, 1M a chapter, and 30M for the entire course...
Tipsy Blonde: *Turns up TV.*
Chessy018: We now turn our attention to the death of Danthex Black. Many have planned protest rallies for a week from now to address the issue of Character Liberation.
Witness (TV): Well I was at the club and I was like, I’m in the club. And then this white nigga showed up and killed harmless Danthex Black.
Chessy018: His Final stats are determined to be in the 70’s. More news at 11...
*DPope316 throws remote at flat screen TV.*
*Remote bounces back and hits DPope316*
The Saint EX II: I don’t feel so good...I think I’m going to be sick.
DPope316: Hey feeling okay?
The Saint EX II: My whole life I wanted to kill the man for taking my dad away from me, and when I do I’m punished for it.
eShades: I don’t think MOD is punishing you. Just slow down some on the energy. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.
Hunk Blonde: *Turns off TV.* MEE6 bring out irit from my car trunk, we’re going down to Rimmington for a walk.

-Scene: Rimmington: Town Square-
*M3rciless JR is heading down the road towards Demarco16’s house.*
Passerby: Chump, you just couldn’t handle black could you.
Chump: What are you looking at me for kid you’re the one who shot his ***.
The Saint EX II: Now that’s not nice...
Thief: Stand far away from me and deliver!
eShades: Okay maybe now we should hurry up everyone’s pissed.
DPope: *Activates Law Runechosis* Everyone, ride up. *Everybody is teleported to the house.*

-Scene: Demarco16’s House, Rimmington-

DPope316: Okay you three, set The Saint EX down nice and easy on my bed so we don’t wake my dad.
Tipsy Blonde: Yea...and maybe he won’t be heavier every time we do this. He’s still growing you know.
Hunk Blonde: He’s very sick, look at his face.
The Saint EX II: This sucks! DPope call your grandfather we need to arrange a visit with a high priest.
*DPope12 walks in the room.*
DPope12: I’m already on it nephew. Just hang in there I can guarantee you it’s not the scurge, but some thing more amazing then you can imagine... stay with him folks, in the morning we will eat as a clan and head out for The Church of Saradomin afterwards.
DPope316: Can’t hurt to turn on the TV now. *Turns to W35*
Announcer: Hello Yanille Stadium to our semi annual indoor dirt bike race extravaganza. 15 races, 5 days, 20 riders battling it out for motorcycle fame and glory.
The Saint EX II: The TV...MOD world order *passes out*
DPope12: Give him this antidote, it’s for a mental ability. I will inform his dad he’s here and safe. I’ll tell you guys all about this in the morning. *Teleports to Danthex house*
DPope316: Mental Dragtism?
Hunk Blonde: My mother describes it like this: It condones childlike behavior and transfers it to magical energy. Those with it have level 200 stats in some skills. They can’t use rune free magic like Runechosis, but it’s mental nonetheless.
Tipsy Blonde: Enough y’all, I need a drink.

—————————-Episode 5 Over—————

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---------------------------Episode 6--------------------------------

*The following Day...*

-Scene: Ground Zeroes, Outskirts or Varrock-
*Captain Savajo is rallying around his reanimated army.*
Principal Hathaway: I swear to MOD on this **** my nigga, I am stronger then you are god.
DOGMAI: Does not compute, the only thing that computes is deez nutz...
Principal Hathaway: Where is your owner at...fight me! I have been looking for strong opponents that can help me destroy M3rciless JR, and the world...
DOGMAI: Wait, we still want a GOD War III?
Principal: Naw nigga, this is GOD War IV. I have acheived a new level of power. *Activates diamond.*
*Principal Hathaway transforms into EVE Hathaway.*
EVE Hathaway: Come find out how this nobility's gonna kick that *** *EVE uses multiple soul split surrounding DOGMAI.*
*DOGMAI transforms into IAMGODTOO.*
IAMGODTOO: Second MOD Chip activated... *Equips Zaros Rail Gun*
EVE Hathaway: You think I dint see that coming? I am a goddess in this form your moves cannot defeat me.
IAMGODTOO: Well maybe you havent went up against a robot god, because I am that guy! *Pistol whips EVE Hathaway with the rail gun.*
EVE Hathaway: Well that was gay as ****.
IAMGODTOO: Whoever said it, spread it. All gay mother ****ers must leave! *Prepares Zaros Rail blast at the center of ground zeroes, aiming down.*
EVE Hathaway: We become gods and nobody even bats an eye, sucks for the people! *Prepares Seren Death Ray*
Captain Savajo: *Walks over to the fight* Both of you stop we are on nuclear ground! We cannot blow this place up...yet.
EVE Hathaway: Then what do you suppose we do with this new gift of life?
Captain Sajavo: Anne, stay here at ground zeroes for now. DOGMAI, find your owner and bring him back here. We will need all of the Saints Reanimated on our side for this mutiny im planning. Anymore playin and im whopping both dem ***es.
*Zezime walks over to Captain Savajo*
Zezime: Your lordship the plans are complete. All major cities will be burning to the ground starting tonight! Its all on Vilecomm W3, W8, W14, and W65.
Captain Sajavo: Vilecomm is a good station...good work. Make sure Danthex Black is highly praised by Zamarok.


-Scene: Saradomin Regional Church, Varrock.-
Varrock High Priest: Thank you for bringing the two boys DPope12.
DPope12: My grandson is an obvious case, but my nephew... hes something else entirely. They need a need adventure and at this time its not safe to travel to the Eastern Continent.
Varrock High Priest: There is no need I ask that the three of you be here in private for one reason. What I am telling you is real. MODs Kingdom is returning to RuneScape. DPope316 is the Angel of Death called by legend to led the immortal army. The Saint EX II is the Savior, the one prophesied to save the public from the same destruction. The fact that they are in the same place with their level of strength makes this destiny. MODs Kingdom is described in detail in DJ Serens latest album, Project Revelations. I suggest you buy the album is has went 4X Platinum it is very rare these days.
DPope316: Maybe I should just download it for free.
The Saint EX II: Way to save an episode plot *high fives DPope316*!
DPope316: SO what are you saying...the origins of runechosis is divine? Dragtism too?
Varrock High Priestess: Exactly. It gives you your strength. MOD favors those people over all others.
DPope12: Well thats what we needed to two ready to go home?
The Saint EX II: Maybe we should go to the citadel...something I wanna try with the TV there first.

-Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Break Room-

*The TV is on W104 Pay Per View.*
DPope316: This better be good I spent 20M during a pandemic I cant earn back! I aint scurred just sayin its expensive.
Announcer (TV ): And now back to Thunder Returns: First Fantasy 13...
Thunder: Rain, its been awhile. You know what I am, and you know what I want *edges sword*
Rain: I can take a wild guess, you're here to 'save' me.
The Saint EX II: From what im getting Thunder is the Savior in this show. Why does TV do this its like theres messages.
Rain (TV): You're a real Angel of Death Thunder...
Thunder (TV): Angels of Death and Demons...youve been attracting the wrong sort of crowd rain.
DPope316: *Activates Mind and Soul Runechosis* Rain is Zezime!!!! ****! MODs in the television!!!
The Saint EX II: Hold up...then whos Thunder?
DPope316: WE both are!
The Saint EX II: We should probably figure out how this ends.
DPope316: Its on pay per view and youre too drunk to drive the esculade home, were spending the night at the know what, call the guys and the gal on the scouter. Were having a clan meeting. *Presses meet up button...all beacons respond back.*
eShades (Scouter): We aware of everything...thank MOD. Were on our way!
*The TV in the Break Rooms Displays an emergency beacon.*
MOD Govena (TV): Under formal agreeance with the Asgarnian State Government, I have decided to implement a complete and infinite shutdown on all infrastructure going inside the state. All citizens are to stay home for two reasons. One, the Scurge is at peak levels and can kill you. Two, mass amounts of people have begun to loot and riot all over Glienor over Danthex Black. My heart goes out to his family in this time of healing.
The Saint EX II: Only family the clone has, and I hate his ***.
MOD Govena (TV): Directing you to the live footage, please do not leave your homes. it is not safe. If you need a nigga to blame try going to The Saint EX II's house, or his friends, DPope316.
DPope316: *Activates Law and Soul Runechosis.* New plan, im teleporting them here!!! *Teleothers the clan to the citadel parking lot.*
The Saint EX II: Yanille will be fine for now we need to head to your house and quick DPope316! There going to burn it, along with the rest of rimmington!
DPope316: How do you know that?
The Saint EX II: They played 'Shes on Fire' on the radio.
eShades: Ummm, weird references wont save us this time.
DPope316: I think he's on to something, lets go! *Takes citadel portal to Rimmington.*

------------------------To be Continued-----------------------------
Super Genie Lamp Heroes - Season 2: Mutation coming soon!