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Winter 2020 Double XP Weekend: Extended Edition!

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Post by Cheeserules8 on Jan 28, 2020 2:16:41 GMT -7


Double XP Weekend: Extended Returns

This time we get a full 48 hours instead of 36 hours and we have from Feb 21st to March 2nd to use up all 48 of those glorious hours!

So what are your plans? What are you going to work on, how are you going to do it?

Do you have questions about DXP weekends and don't know where to start? Feel free to ask here and search the threads for previous DXP weekend threads full of tips and advice.
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Post by Cheeserules8 on Jan 28, 2020 2:41:28 GMT -7

Now that I am max my goals are to work on 120 skills so for this DXP I want to focus on herblore and farming.

My plan here is to make 5k overloads starting with super sets to extreme sets to overloads. Doing this with the full botanist's outfit the Citadel Bonus the Scroll of Cleansing from Dungeoneering,  Portable Wells At the Lumbridge Combat Academy on worlds 84 or 99 should get me at least 32,280,000 xp. Probably more depending on bonus xp and pulse cores. Starting at 103 herblore this should get me to at least 112 herblore and possibly as high as 114.

Farming is going to be interesting. I'm going to try to use instant growth potions on tombshrooms. This is a fairly new method that requires a good amount of prep time to get the beans needed to buy the potions and the mushroom spores themselves. I could buy a bunch of the spores but at DXP prices and with wanting to work on overloads I would rather focus on herblore first. So I'm not really sure how far I will get with farming but if possible I would love to get from 110 farming to 116. Using the new method it would only take 4 hours of DXP time to do which is amazing and crazy, but again it requires significant prep and GP

While this is not a main focus and I will only do it if I have extra DXP time after herblore and farming, I do have a few thousand raw rocktails stocked up that I will cook off on portable ranges with the full sous chef outfit. I want to do this because one of my overall goals for 2020 is to get better at pvm which will require food. Also I have a sneaking suspicion that cooking will be the next or one of the next 120 skills.

If I somehow get through 5k overloads, get through all my farming and cooking supplies and still have DXP time to use up I will start working on Dungeoneering when there are groups to run with and Slayer when there is not. I need to get both of them to 120 and it would be a shame to waste DXP time.
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Post by Jon on Jan 30, 2020 7:06:51 GMT -7

I'll probably just grind slayer as best I can and possibly a little herb depending on what supplies I have laying around. Like I hardly used any of my DXP time during the last event, definitely less than his 28 hours too. I hope to make a little progress during this event since I've been neglecting my EXP gains for quite some time now on RuneScape.
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Post by taconinja5 on Jan 31, 2020 5:51:36 GMT -7

I'll probably do a decent amount of herb, then change focus into runecrafting or summoning depending on which i feel like starting with. no real level goal for herblore just chunk it closer and closer to 99 as I can. For runecrafting i would like to get 77 by the end of dxp or super close to, and finally for summoning my ideal level to get is 88.
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Post by Cheeserules8 on Feb 2, 2020 0:46:42 GMT -7

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Gonna try to finally max.
Hunter shouldn't be too hard, but I may have to do some charming moths, which I'm not excited for potentially losing 500k each death, lol.
Rc: soul runs
wc: crystalize in Menaphos
Dg: running floors
Fletching: No clue.
Fishing: Fishing Frenzy at hub
Ray if I end up running out of things to do and get to dunge we should run together when we can.
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Post by Cheeserules8 on Mar 1, 2020 12:27:00 GMT -7

So this dxp didn't exactly go as planned but it turned out arguably better.

Herblore: I started making all my super pots unf before dxp started because at 1xp ea it's a waste of DXP time. I had started off with materials to make 6k of ea. However due to the scroll, wells, modified botanists headpiece etc, I ended up with over 7.5k of each super potion unf. So I sold off everything over 7.5k and used that money to buy more materials for the rest of the potions.
By the time I was done I ended up with 9,522 overload(3) and 2,491(4) (the 4 doses are all from botanist amulets)
This obviously took a lot more time to do than originally planned so that meant the rest of my goals had to be adjusted. But this also got me to 118 herblore! (plus halfway to 119)

Slayer: I had a gemstone dragon task before DXP started so I worked on that till I hit 105 Slayer.

Farming: I had planted magic trees, elder tree and sold all my animals in POF for beans to buy as many Supreme growth potion (sundry) as I could. I used the potions with Tombshroom spores to get me to 113 farming (just over 75% of the way to 114) After I hit 113 farming I went and planted carambola fruit trees and was able to check their health later. This got me 87% of the way to 114 farming. While this is short of my goal I'm still really happy with it because it got me the top tier fruit tree. Also before DXP jagex raised the cost of the instant grow potions by 2.5X going from 400 beans to 1k ea so that made it extremely hard to get enough potions before DXP started.

Dungeoneering: Before DXP started I rushed all of my low level floors. Once I was done with everything else I used the last of my DXP time to run floors 42+ in large groups to get the last ~3.5m xp I needed to get 115. I got it done with 11 minutes of DXP time to spare.

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