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Shadow's Quest for Cape

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smilesshadow GB Newbie *

Post by smilesshadow on Jan 14, 2020 7:28:22 GMT -7

Happy 2020 M3 - Where new year resolutions are made...and forgotten.


Welcome to Shadow’s Quest Cape Competition!

Cheeserules8: “What’s that Shadow?

SmilesShadow: “It’s where I raffle off a ton of money when I get Quest Cape.”

Cheeserules8: “Do Better!”


The rules for me are simple: For every day I don’t have Quest Cape I add One Million GP to the pot. This goes into effect today, January 14th 2020.

The ways for M3 members to earn raffle tickets are as follows:

  • Cap the Citadel - 1pt/week*
  • Vote on the weekly event - 1pt/week*
  • Update the Boss Kill Count - 10pts
  • Tune into Shadow’s stream - 5pts*
  • Participate in Discord Text/Voice chat**
  • Bonus points if you boss in Discord**
  • “Do Better” - If you feel you’ve done something that’s earned a raffle ticket PM me in discord**
  • “Placeholder” - More ways to earn points will be added 


When Shadow gets quest cape he will use a random number generator. Each participant will be weighted proportionally to the number of raffle tickets that they have accrued. This will be done ON STREAM because of the competitive integrity.

Fine Print

*To earn a raffle ticket for these activities send shadow a screenshot PM on discord.

**Raffle tickets are awarded at shadow’s discretion. If he is not online during your activity send him a PM on discord.

Shadow will maintain the raffle points list. No, he won’t tell you who’s winning. No, he won’t tell you how many points you have. Yes, Danth does owe us all Tacos...and Margaritas...and chinese food. Additional terms and conditions may apply.
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Cheeserules8 GB Gamer ***

Post by Cheeserules8 on Jan 15, 2020 21:07:15 GMT -7

This sounds like a interesting idea, if you need help with any quests you should check out the thread I made when I went for quest cape. It's not a total guide and it only includes the quests that I needed to get done for quest cape. But it does include things that were not included in other guides that should have been included or clarified. I hope it helps and good luck on getting that cape!
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