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Building a Gaming PC

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thejason GB Gamer ***

Post by thejason on Jan 5, 2020 22:57:10 GMT -7

Who has tried to build a gaming PC or even a non-gaming one?  Myself, I haven't attempted it - but while I find it fascinating - I'm just not into it enough to study and do it.   However, though, I do want a gaming PC - cause I do 3D computer art.

Anyway, for those who attempted or completed a PC building scenario - how much did the materials cost?    How much time did it take?  Where did you buy your stuff?   How would you compare homemade PCs to store-bought?
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Vu1canF0rce GB Gamer ***

Post by Vu1canF0rce on Jan 25, 2020 10:30:10 GMT -7

I built one about 14 years ago and it lasted (past its prime) until about 2 years ago when it became horribly slow and useless. I'm currently buying parts for my new PC which I hope to build sometime this year. Things are just expensive.
If you're interested, I recommended using Back in the day I did it all by memory of what went with what, but why not use something that'll do all the heavy lifting (and compatibility checking) for me. My total is: $1791.29 (wow!)
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