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Post by Nergal on Dec 22, 2020 20:38:09 GMT -7

Let's see... steadily grinding away at the anvils, 97 Smithing this morning, 87 magic around noon.
AFK some Yew Trees to pass the time waiting on G.E. buy offers to come through.
No clue how far I will get tomorrow since I need to spend the bulk of my day preparing xmas eve dinner for my immediate family, pierogi from scratch always takes up a good chunk of the afternoon; don't need to make nearly as many this year although working without the usual help from the extended family so....

While High Alching in the G.E. I spotted a player making wines, I don't know why but I thought making wines was Members Only...
OSRS grapes are crazy cheap rn, low-balled an offer for enough to be just shy of lvl 93 (when I would stop burning karambwan) . Should reach 93 spending about 1/2 to 1/4 the time cooking; although I will lose about 1.5m instead of gaining that.... then again it also won't require active membership..
I had bought enough empty jugs to humidify and can significantly cut that cost but Lunar Spells are members... if I had wanted to sell all of the empty jugs I should have done it days ago when they were 3gp profit each instead of 1gp... I can make the wines and keep the jugs to humidify for profit later??
99 Smithing is still my priority, however suddenly a f2p cooking grind makes more sense than when I first evaluated my f2p training options.

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Post by Nergal on Dec 24, 2020 8:09:37 GMT -7

IRL cooking yesterday was indeed exhausting. Did end up doing 1 cooking level up just because.
Ended 3/4 of the way through 97 Smithing and 283k xp from 88 Magic.

Broke up the monotony by hunting a plank bot farm in the wild on my alt for a while, not particularly worth the time input.
On main I also travelled to Ferox Eclave, but I misclicked on the Canoe Station screen and went to the Wildy Pond... with no armor, a fire staff, and ~5m worth of Alchables/Nats/gp. Much stress while running to safety but I survived.
At some point I liquidated most of my F2P PK gear but I still managed to throw together a budget/scuffed setup for main which should at least be able to drop some bots: Wizard hat, priest gown, leather gloves and boots, maple shortbow, few dozen steel arrows, few dozen fire strike casts in case the prey puts on metal-armor, 2 TeleBlock casts and a bunch of wines. Looted an Iron Scimitar from ground for the cheeky tribrid (or just to cut webs in the Wild). Did I expect to get a kill with this? mmm coin-toss... trekked up to the telegrabable nat spawn, it's multi-combat, and I wasn't sure if people still actually use it. No one online on the world I started on, 1st hop see a guy ~my combat level in Full Green D'hide, appears to be telegrabbing; welp, cannot fight that guy in no real armor, about to hop again when he skulls on me! He's using addy arrows compared to my steel, and I had higher agility so when we ran out of run mine was replenishing a little faster and I used this to waste attack opportunities when he was switching to his addy scim, didn't stop him from chasing me all the way down until I trapped him (autopathing) against some trees and I could log; I did some damage to him along the way, managed to land the teleblock and waste some of this guy's time, run energy and food AND escaped from a fight which I was woefully underprepared for with my life. So that was a bit of fun.

Also there was a HCIM asking how to get to Falador and then for a guide to Fally; so I grabbed some tele to Varrock runes and told them to follow; upon arrival their main gave me a Rune SaraSet a Scim and the Sara Ornament kit. prices will fluctuate but the trade window said it was 350k~ last night, but my ge calc is telling me it's closer to 400k value today. Anyway that was nice and cute of them, it also mostly offsets my time wasted in the wilderness... I think.

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Post by Nergal on Dec 25, 2020 11:23:39 GMT -7

Firstly, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate.

Spent most of yesterday Smithing and Alching Platebodies; a player whom I have been chatting with a bit in the past week made a comment about how I am always smithing when I had to afk for some housework, haven't seen her again since but: Yea, kinda going for a 99 here, lol.

A few notable diversions from the monotony occurred.
Went on an excursion to the wilderness in hopes of finding someone telegrabbing nature runes, every f2p world was empty though; checked the wildy chaos altar wines and found a pleasant Venezuelan dude looking to team up, I was planning on heading back to train again as my Exchange Offers had gone through but I followed him for a bit anyway. While the Wilderness was reasonably quiet (only saw 3 other players aside from him) it was still a bit much for me to be trying to translate everything he was saying in a potentially dangerous situation. Got into one scrap with a runite ore mining main but they had significantly better resources on them and were prepared to fight back and then logged, the fight exhausted most of my supplies so we went back to Ferox Enclave. The guy was trying to convince me to try LMS with him however I really wanted to get back to training so i bid him farewell.

At some point, while waiting for my last bulk order to buy, I decided to go kill some Hill Giants. SUPER overcroweded.... hmmm.... Moss Giants? Empty! No one kills moss giants in F2P for some reason? There's a moss giant miniboss that I need keys from regular moss giants to fight, haven't tried that boss yet so.... seems like a reasonable thing to fight. (Maybe the f2p drop table for the boss stinks or something, but I can just stack them in the bank until I am a member again.) few kills in beginner clue scroll, Unique in the Casket but only worth 2k (sandwich lady skirt). Buy order finished, no mossy keys yet.

Continue churning out more platebodies. Realize how GOOD the alching margin is is right now and alch and rebuy in smaller batches while the margins are good. In the process of alching at the G.E. someone started screaming merry Christmas running around dropping Rune items; managed to nab 8 items total, couple platebodies legs skirts and 2h, alched them and end up with an extra 200k to 300k in next to no time.

Didn't get online today until afternoon.
Trying to buy the last hundred or so Nature runes for 1gp under and do not feel in a rush to get them, going to be quite a few hours before I need them yet.
I DID manage to secure the rest of the bars that I need to get to 99 Smithing.
Should have that this evening, pending however long gift exchanges end up taking this year..
Liquidating the stack of bodies may take some time though

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Post by Nergal on Dec 26, 2020 8:35:42 GMT -7

Did indeed reach 99 Smithing last night, just before midnight actually; unforeseen delays in the real world but we'll call it a Christmas Miracle anyway.
Made about 10m while training on my way to 99 Smithing, not too shabby for f2p.

Going to be playing the markets a bit to get Runite Bars at a decent price to process and Alch; it looks good on paper however they don't seem to move very quickly in volume, and the margin has been steadily decreasing overnight.
Still have a huge stack of addy platebodies to liquidate; hit 88 Magic in the process.
Rune2H should be nice to smith if I can get the bars at a good cost in bulk, just under 2x as many produced per inventory sounds like double the efficient afk time to me. And according to the wiki the Alch profit margin on the R2H is nearly double that of the AddyPB

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Post by Nergal on Dec 27, 2020 20:37:41 GMT -7

Smithing and Alching Rune 2H Swords, genuinely not that bad, platebodies was VERY click intensive comparatively, but with the 2h I can tab away and do some browsing while I wait for the smithing to finish. Although it is going to take a while before I break my muscle memory which is reflexively trying to click to craft platebodies, that is negative profit and I have definitely made 10 of them by mistake already and caught and stopped the action mid smith several more times.
Alching is alching, even though it's nice to have those big 38.4k high alchs coming through, I have not yet built up capital to dedicate to Smith AND/OR Alch Rune items mindlessly for several hours the way I was able to with Adamant stuff. I COULD reallocate some resources but I'd rather not tie up the entire cash stack even if the investment is safe enough, steadily accruing more funding though as we train.

Think I'm going to go for 99 Cooking before returning to members because: the Trimmed Smithing Cape gives +4 Prayer bonus and Cooking is both fast and cheap. Already had 93 banked, buy order placed for the grapes needed for 99.

Discussed going for 99 cooking with some of my college buds who play, they told me to Chad it out and go for 99 Magic from alching the r2h; so naturally I'm like, don't you mean chad it out for 200m smithing xp?

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Post by Nergal on Dec 28, 2020 12:34:13 GMT -7

As of my last check, Rank 10k on the 'Smithing Highscores' for OSRS has 13,507,784xp; I am hovering 13,476,567xp; within an hour I can easily be in the top 10k OSRS Blacksmiths.

Seems that the cost for making wines has gone up and I believe that it is due in part to an OSRS Youtuber, FlippingOldschool <>, having made a video about how dirt cheap making wines is within the past 48hrs; saw the video this morning while discovering my supplies hadn't bought, inconvenient timing but no worries.

Attention split between too many tasks. As it stands the liquidity of grapes and water jugs seems to have dried up, the grapes are more the problem than the jugs since I could always buy empty jug packs and fill them myself.
Going to afk smith/alch and play the market for a while; might go farm some Mossy Keys but not planning to cash them out until I am a member because the Bryophyta Essence is the only notable boss drop and is members only.

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Post by Nergal on Dec 28, 2020 21:29:57 GMT -7

Managed to secure the remainder of the grapes needed for 99 Cooking after a price adjustment, Jugs of Water still dripping in.
Up to 90 Cooking now, allowing cooking of the highest tier of bats within Raids.

We've also moved into the top 9k on the Smithing leaderboard

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Post by Nergal on Dec 30, 2020 21:37:32 GMT -7

Top 7k on Smithing Leaderboard.

Dropped 1m as a gift to a player trying to get their first bond. Going to be monitoring them for a while, but they are up some thieving and agility xp since.
Gave out a few other New Year gifts to some random f2p players.

Some cooking done.
Playing the markets a bit.

Very relaxed grind for while I watch some Speedrunner Content.

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Post by Nergal on Jan 1, 2021 9:25:34 GMT -7

Well it's New Year's Day. So time to wrap up this thread.
What a year, am i right?

Well looking at my first post from the year I did indeed get my Imbued Slayer Helm and Unlock Ancient Magicks. Haven't used them much but as it turns out the thing I said I was going to do did get get done, NEAT.
Some Quests and Achievements complete. Barrows Gloves also unlocked on the Account.
Got 99 Smithing. 89 Magic being my highest 'combat' stat, that was A TON of Alchemy though. 92 Cooking with the 99 Banked already. 93 Cooking if I count this morning, literally right now, but I don't that's 2021.

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