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Post by Nergal on Jan 3, 2020 13:30:58 GMT -7

With the arrival of the new year, another new progress thread.
Last year's was short and I expect this year's to be much the same.

Only looking to recoup the cost of my membership in the immediate and as of my last tally am already 15% of the way to my goal. This tally does not include any loot/stocks from training which I still need to liquidate, or the work done on my alt account. If I were to take into account these assets I think I'm closer to a quarter of the way there.

Still have many quests to get done for the sake of account progression.
Untradable unlocks are priceless, they will make good money in the long run too...
An imbued slayer helmet and unlocking the Ancient Magicks spellbook are long overdue, and would offer a lot of options to my account.

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Post by Nergal on Jan 4, 2020 21:32:12 GMT -7

Did another marathon at Pest Control, unlocked the Void Mage Hood.
Provides an immediate and cheap increase to spell casting effectiveness.
Thus reducing the costs involved in funding your mage.

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Post by Nergal on Jan 7, 2020 15:14:29 GMT -7

A return to Barrows. I've always enjoyed the minigame, though I had grown quite accostomed to running through on RS3 with a maxed account and limitless free healing. The return to barrows in old school was quite an abrupt change of pace.
Many months and levels ago, I had tried to run Barrows using magic dart as soon as i had unlocked it and without prayer potions to minimize running costs. I managed to loot the chest but just barely.

For this new attempt I am much better equipped and have more of a goal in mind.
I have much more capital for supplies like food, potions and teletabs. I've switched from the Slayer Staff and Magic Dart to the Upgraded Iban Staff with Iban Blast, which raises my Max Hit from 16 to 25. (If i recall correctly, out of wifi rn.) Plus I have Void Mage and Ranged swap to deal with K & A.
I'm currently using the Unholy Book in my shield Slot for the prayer bonus and hybrid stats, though Book of Darkness or Tome of Fire may be worth running for purely magic perks.
Other reasonably quick optimizations which I can make include:
Training Prayer (larger pool plus more points per potion)
Getting the Holy Wrench
Using clan wars to restore stats rather than actual supplies.
Training construction for the regen pools and all the teleports.
Doing Mort Hard Tasks for increased runes.

Ah, but where would I be if I didn't speak of my reasons for doing Barrows?
I enjoy the minigame. It will make me money. I am seeking an armor set.
My defense level is still far too low to equip these armors, however having the armor I wanted would prompt me to get other things done.

My plan, pending random number generation, is to collect at least the specific set which I am seeking. If I should acquire other sets along the way that's great, and duplicate pieces will ultimately be sold to fuel my next major goal(s).

Quests and Tasks to do for overall account health. RFD gloves are no longer even the meta for slayer because of the expeditious bracelets, although they'd still be the best hybrid stat stick for the slot.
Quests awarding combat xp, particularly Defence and Prayer, should get finished ASAP.

Really need to get on top of tree runs. Farming experience is too valuable, and time gated, for me to be ignoring.
Should at least bank the supplies for 70 farming (Prif) or minimum for Quest Cape.
Qp cape, stats still needed:
70 crafting
65 defence
57 herblore
72 mining
69 slayer
(Trimmed qp cape has much higher stats and includes diary cape.)

So far I have looted 10 barrows chests and my only unique so far was a Verac's Helmet.

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Nergal GB Staff *****

Post by Nergal on Jan 9, 2020 20:56:37 GMT -7

Ratcatchers Quest Complete.
With it the Falador Medium Tasks.

Finished Another Slice of HAM. Ancient Mace unlock could be used in POH on combat dummies to overcharge prayer.

Less notably:
Clock Tower Quest
Tale of the Righteous && Ascent of Arceuus
Lumbridge Guide && Pirate Pete segments of RFD

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Post by Nergal on Jan 18, 2020 13:35:51 GMT -7

Took a course of antibiotics which made me violently ill last night, feeling better now though.

While couch locked I reached 53 thieving and can now do Desert Treasure.
Aside from that I was mostly mining in the Motherlode. Got my full prospector outfit and am up to 67 Mining.

Despite feeling better, dreading work which wasn't called off due to the snow.... I should have just called out yikes.

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Post by Nergal on Jan 22, 2020 8:52:03 GMT -7

Haven't been playing too much, mostly just trying to keep up on farm runs at the moment.
Somewhat set-aside for general account improvements, doing Quests and the Like, I still have been making some incremental process toward my very low set bond replacement goal.

Condensed some of the smaller monetary achievements and am about 31.5% of the way to my goal.
I did buy an Amulet of Fury and sold my Obby Cape, before doing anymore melee training I am going to get my Fire Cape on OSRS.
Ammy ran me 1.9m and my cape depreciated in value by around 200k.

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Post by Nergal on Jan 27, 2020 13:10:25 GMT -7

Bottomless Compost Bucket 
2nd Hespori Kill and I got the Bottomless Compost Bucket. (1/35 drop chance)
Also, 70 farming (well 71 now...) means the Farming requirement  to get into Prif, and get the Quest Cape, is complete.

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Post by Nergal on Jan 29, 2020 18:22:45 GMT -7

Finished the Ogre, Monkey, and Evil Dave portions of Recipe for Disaster last night. Only 2 parts left, including the final battle, and I need to do the Legends Quest first.
RFD gloves are currently my only holdup on the Lumbridge/Draynor Hard Diaries.

6 skill requirements still needed for quest cape. I got distracted by Riot Games card game though, Legends of Runeterra, probably could have done another quest or two in the time which I spent playing through the 11 tutorials....

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Post by Nergal on Feb 25, 2020 22:14:49 GMT -7

I probably should have not pushed off doing Desert Treasure for another month but jeez do I hate all of the running that quest requires.
I know I'm doing it now with higher stats than I had when I did it back in the day, but that was still pretty scuffed.

Did end up finishing Legends Quest along the way. Couldn't finish RFD without Desert Treasure.
RFD -> into Lumbridge Diary Reward -> into Fight Cave

Fire Cape before melee training, thus before Nightmare Zone.
Quest Cape could make NMZ more efficient/cheaper, but are there any other specific quest rewards which help me before fight caves... Piety maybe (or at least higher base prayer)??

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Post by Nergal on Feb 27, 2020 6:40:46 GMT -7

It has been a long time since I have played RS3, this morning while cleaning out a drawer of my desk I found a note listing some old goals I had while playing.
(+ = Now Complete; - = not yet Complete) I do not remember exactly when the note is from:
- Flash Powder Minigame Outfit (EXTRA POTION DOSES)
-* Golden Mining Suit (Have all but one piece, moved to Prif for faster xp because I wasn't going for 200m)
+ Unicorn Stallion Pouches (May have been achievement related)
+ All Skills to level 80
+ All Player Owned Port skills to level 90
- A boss Pet (plenty of skilling pets though)

It's been a while since I maxed, and a LONG WHILE since I needed base level 80 skills. Although I have heard rumor of a new skill in the works...

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Post by Nergal on Mar 9, 2020 8:43:47 GMT -7

Hit 85 smithing and can make rune bars.
Rune at blast furnace with a coal bag is around 1m gp/hr and comperable xp rates to methods which would cost me money.
I do not have a coal bag so off i march to the motherlode mine.

Along the way to the gold nuggets I needed i realized that, in the long run, it's better to unlock the top floor of the mine before getting the coal bag.
Thus i now am mining away on the top floor where, despite the best efforts of trolls and/or broken bots, you are never far from an active ore vein.
Under 2 weeks of membership left on my XMas season bonds. While I have made some decent general account progression during the time, I failed again at making efficient (or enjoyable) use of the majority of the membership time.

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Post by Nergal on Mar 12, 2020 13:55:59 GMT -7

After numerous hours in the Motherlode Mine, I finally have my Coal Bag.
It does seem like decent money per hour considering my OSRS skills, however I do not have a good rythymn down yet. Worse, for me, the activity demands a degree of focus which would make reading subtitles on a second screen difficult...

Took the plunge towards quest cape and ground from 55 to 70 construction.
My only buyable skill left for quest cape is herblore (58 to 70)

Moreover irl I somehow have managed to archive 88 pages of research notes into a digital format since my last update.
But back to OSRS: pretty sure that I'm just over 60% of the way to my goals with only 6 days of membership left.

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Post by Nergal on Mar 17, 2020 21:17:00 GMT -7

Curse of the Empty Lord
Western Prov Easy Diary
Karamja Easy Diary
In Aid of Myreque
Tail of Two Cats
Making History
Varrock Hard Diary

Reasonably productive quest/achievement grind for my last hours of membership.
I also installed a Restoration Pool (special attack and run energy tier), a Mounted Amulet of Glory, a Mahogany Eagle Lectern (for teletabs), and an Undead Combat Dummy (max hit test + overcharge prayer with ancient mace) into my PoH.
Made a few hundred rune bars at the blast furnace today, less than an hour over there because the cash stack does not support investing 3 bonds worth of gold into runite ore. Profit was decent, but it is tedious, even if I had the capital for a full hour or more I couldn't imagine myself actually running blast furnace for much longer than an hour, maybe two, in a sitting.
In the morning I will be back to my free to play purgatory. Which will give me a chance to properly re-evaluate how much in game progress I managed to make during the membership which I was previously feeling I had mostly wasted, for I completely neglected to factor in whatever I managed to make with my F2P alt account...

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