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2019 Clan Christmas/New Years Party!

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Post by Cheeserules8 on Dec 22, 2019 18:19:54 GMT -7


December 28th was the winning date that worked the best for the most people so we will do our clan party then.

We are looking at having all sorts of different types of events all day and finishing with a clan party in our citadel.
This means that we want to hear from you, what kind of events do you want to do to celebrate M3rciless and Christmas/ New years? Also feel free to check out our "regular" events in our Weekly Clan Events Thread and suggest events for that or weekly events that you want to see during our celebration here.
As always please comment below with what time works best for you for the "In the citadel" portion, we want to have as many people there as possible. Also please feel free to suggest events and as always take pictures during all the events and share them on the M3RCILESS CLAN PHOTOS thread

Currently we are planning on having:

Discord Karaoke Christmas edition

Clan photos

Best Christmas outfit contest
Drop Party
Treasure Trail Casket opening party (so do your clues and save your caskets)
White elephant gift exchange
Skilling dummies

Hide and Seek

Vex Tag
Cabbage facepunch bonanza
Castle Wars
Fishing Trawler
PKing (not exactly the christmas spirit but whatever, we are M3RCILESS after all)
Dungeoneering- both running floors and ED's
Death Touched Dart Party at Nex
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