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Why do you play RS3

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Post by Cheeserules8 on Dec 22, 2019 17:30:18 GMT -7

I recently came across this video by Maikeru RS Why Do I Play Runescape 3? How Do I Not Get Bored? What Makes It Fun?

He touches on a lot of different things in the video and it really made me wonder what that discussion would look like in M3rciless?

So let's here it! What got you into the game, what do you like, not like, what keeps you coming back? What are you looking forward to or hoping the game adds in the future?
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Cheeserules8 GB Gamer ***

Post by Cheeserules8 on Dec 22, 2019 17:51:57 GMT -7

Overall I agree with Maikru RS on what he talks about in his video.
For me, it started out as a game that I played with friends in grade school and even through high school. Then I didn't play for 10 years. I finally came back to RS3 a year ago and at first it felt like a totally different game. But within a year I was able to go from no skills above 85 and about 175 quest points, to having the quest and max capes.
Often times we joke that you don't play the game the game plays you and no matter how long you spend away from it you'll always come back to it. For me this is obviously true. But now being maxed it feels like a whole new game is just starting. With all of the different bosses and treasure trails and the drop logs to fill, all of the area tasks, and goofy silly things like back in the hay day of the game that are now comp or trimmed comp requirements this game offers so much to do sometimes it's hard to pick what to do.
I appreciate how even in "endgame" they still try to provide balance to different players, sure combat loving pvmers can boss to their hearts content. But skillers can also make money from high level skilling items, adventurer types can work on all the area achievements, master quest and comp cape requirements.
The other major thing I like about all of this is that it can mostly/all be done with other players. It's a great way to make new friends and explore and play the game with other people from all around the world.
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