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I did say I would revisit the game pass conversation at some point ... 

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I know this post is old and the Game Pass service has matured a bit, BUT one reason I have not converted my Gold membership is because they cycle out games too much. "Too much?" Granted the frequency is probably every couple months, think of it like this: They're catering to the people who play games frequently and regularly, and most likely those who don't go after all the bells and whistles in a game and just want to play them all. There is another side of this spectrum of the causal gamers (which I've slowly drifted into this category) who like to play a game through-and-through, get immersed in it, and likely play it over the course of a longer duration (because of life and priorities, right?). Well, if they nix a game you have to buy it at a "Generous" discount (like $5-10 dollars off usually) and go from there.
Don't get me wrong. I'm an Xbox fan for(eseeably for) life, but I know I should hang onto my Gold while I still can until they force convert people or something else.

I'm might make a separate post on this topic, but right now, I just got accepted to, and am piloting the new Xbox xCloud beta. Depending on how it goes, and if (more like when) it comes out in the hopefully near-future, I may change my mind if I can play on my phone as well as console and PC. I guess it'd be a Gold + Ultimate + xCloud combo ... the Gold Ultimate xCloud. ha-ha

... but right now I wanted to make a post about XCloud. So, being an avid Microsoft fan (yeah, yeah), I try to beta test what I can get my hands on. I've been beta testing XCloud, Microsoft's mobile streaming platform, that I hope (know) will be part of Gold or Game Pass one day. I was a tad skeptical in the beginning thinking "A 1080, 1440, or 4k game streaming down to my phone without being garbage?", but I gave it a whirl. There were only 4 games at launch: Halo 5 Guardians, Forza 4 Killer Instinct, and Gears 5. The quality was awesome and response rate was superb. I was on 4G at work and wifi at home, so my testing and comments here are about 4G. Although the experience was great, the game offerings became dull, so I put it down for a couple weeks (in school so that takes priority). However, I got a notification somewhere that there was an update of game offers and some back-end app tweaks (as most apps have). Now there are about 65-ish games to pick from -- some top A-list titles down to a couple indies. I'm loving it so far and am amazed at the offering in general. I haven't gotten into the multi-player yet so I'll review that with a reply later on when I get a chance.

I'm looking forward to a preview of what they say will be their price point when this releases, and what, if anything, it gets packaged with.

Until next time!