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All My Baby's Daddy - The Movie: Epilogue

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Post by demarco on Nov 28, 2019 19:18:48 GMT -7

The oracles vision of a genie lamp future spread fear and discontent among those taking the gnomecopter out of ground zeroes. While under probation, M3rciless gave the rights to all their combat activities to M3rciless Jr. One year later...

7th Age

Year 18

-Scene: Eastern Ocean, Air Force Alpha-

*The Prime Minister, and the Elite MODs are discussing a topic that takes place every ten years.*

MOD Mark:  Our 10 year contract to reset all items in the game is going to expire in a few months...MODs, we need to be sure what we reset this time doesnt get the black house blown up.

MOD Andrew: I still think you should ditch the Benjamin Franklin costume...

MOD Mark: Just for that i'm putting my face on the 100k coin bill! Now yo *** has to see it every time you get a box of cheerios!

MOD Andrew: Oh, is that supposed to make me mad? Let me try a clap back that is actually real, with yo lawsuit having ***. I think i'm gonna reset all the genie lamps in the game.

MOD Mark: Anymore requests?

Captain Savajo: Actually...I do. Restore life to the super genie lamp. The one that grants 3 unrestricted wishes.

MOD Mark: Now general, what would that do for the community?

Captain Savajo: Legends say of a second adventurer appearing in the clouds, one thats even stronger than the nigga that started out in the 5th age. He killed siliske!

MOD Andrew: So thats it, you want to revive ancient bosses to keep the land interesting don't you?

Captain Sajavo: *Lights snapdragon full sized cigar* Yea something like that... Run the land reset spell, I need to head to my Tesla Truck for a second.

*Captain Savajo heads to the storage area of the plane*

Captain Savajo: *Speaks on clan scouter* Zezime, its been done. Start up the lamp radar invention. We may have to search a few lamps before finding the super.

Zezime (Scouter): As you command my leige.

---------------------------------------All My Baby's Daddy - The Movie: Epilogue------------------------

2 months later...

-Scene: Demarco16's House, Rimmington-

*The M3rciless Alliance is enjoying a grand feast in the double kitchen area.*

Demarco16: That makes one year down, and one year to go on this probation. Son! Where da food at!?

DPope12: Yea they wont be done for another 30 minutes.

Demarco16: And how do you know that dad!? Niggas hungry and ****.

DPope12: There making 10k summer pies using only ingredients in the house...before I wipe that fade off your face son.

Danthex: OOOOOOOOHHhh burned!

Rayjdeoxys: Speaking of burned, whats that smell?

Demarco16: Better not be my pie tins!

Rayjdeoxys: No, from outside...

*M3rciless walks outside to find a trashcan on fire.*

Danthex: This happen a lot in this town?

Demarco16: Not until recently. The Misthalin governor however is a tale for another movie...

Lanbo: Wait, wheres my lamborghini....oh yea, I cloaked it *turns cloak off*...who wants herbs!!!

Cheeserules8: Yea not with chefs delight here...Im taking myself back in to watch the Gnome Stronghold vs. Ardounge football game.

Demarco16: Ill fall in to that...maybe just one session *walks towards can. casts water surge on trash can.*

*M3rciless walks back into the room to find enough food to fund a small military ration operation.*

DPope12: Now we eat!

The Saint EX II: Can we eat too?

DPope12: Yea about guys can eat, but only if you eat it while fighting the queen black dragon right outside of town.

DPope316: Now that's a challenge. He really got all our skills above 70 in a year this guy needs to have the generals place in society.

DPope12: Now you know that could happen right?

Cheeserules8: Let me guess, the oracle again?

DPope12: Naw, ill just take Savajo's girl, then hell come running. Got my brick ready and everything!

eShades: Yea ima start the car. Hunk go find Tipsy and tell him to meet us outside so we can kill this dragon for training.

Hunk Blonde: Im on it. *Walks down into basement.*

DPope316: What's the catch?

DPope12: Experience experience gains is what we need now that most of the characters are on probation. Remember the goal of MAX Focus.

*M3rciless JR leaves in eShades Ferrari with two of them in the trunk.*

eShades: Hold on noobs *speeds off*

-Scene: Queen Black Dragon Lair, 1 hour later.-

Tipsy Blonde: I wonder what were supposed to be searching for here I didnt think we need inventories full of food for this...

DPope316: Whats that light over there *walks towards golden light*

eShades: Worst horror movie scenario ever. Lets follow him.

*humming sound gets louder*

Hunk Blonde: 50k says theres a queen dragon on the other side of that rock.

The Saint Ex II: Deal! *runes with DPope316 to the light.

DPope316: They appear to be wings...

The Saint EX II: **** I lost then. *hands Hunk Blonde 50k*

Hunk Blonde: Holy crap I won!? Lucky Day.

*DPope316 touches the wings, binding them to his back.*

DPope316: So what do these do other then look cool?

Hunk Blonde: Not really sure I think we should- *gunshot fired*

Zezime: *walks into room* I knew it, you 5 wouldn't resist being down here after all this. Im here for the genie lamp. If you have it, hand it over!

The Saint EX II: I thought all the great lamps were used up in the world already.

Zezime: Wait, ummm...nevermind.

DPope316: Naw nigga you said genie lamp. Rush the ho!

Caption Savajo: Hands off him, before I save him! This isn't the room its the one next to us to the south.

The Saint EX II: Really... *teleports into the room next door.*

Captain Savajo: Now that there gone lets go to the real the north.

* The two of them go into the room to find a bright glowing large genie lamp. A red genie lamp.*

Zezime: This isnt the one were looking for, but it is an elite genie. Lets use the wish captain. I summon you red genie. Come out and grant my wish! *rubs red genie lamp*

Red Genie: What is your wish?

Zezime: You know what genie, I hate that nigga DPope316 so much...that I wish that all his and his fathers old enemies from the past were living again. For my second wish I wish for them to all try and spread violence and ignorance throughout the RuneScape Community. Do this for me red genie!

Red Genie: Your wish has been granted *eyes flash and the genie lamp fades into dust.*

eShades: That red genie light came from in here...what the hell he made a wish. What was a red genie lamp doing down here we used the last one already!

Zezime: Global item reset...bye noobs. *activetes flash bomb attracting the queen black dragon to the location.

*Zezime and Captain Savajo teleport out of the cave.*

DPope316: *equips zaros uzi* Now im mad...son of a *gunshot*

-Scene: Demarco16's House, 2 hours later.-

Demarco16: So tell me were chosen to be the defender of the mind son have you lost your mind!?

Danthex: The wings described in legend. No telling how much more of that legend may come true. If so, we will have a tough battle ahead of us.

Lanbo: Not much we can do about it anyways, were still on probation for a year.

Demarco16: Well that settles it...Dpope316 pack your things you and your friends are going back to varrock with your grandfather.

DPope316: Not this **** again! We just killed principal Hathaway.

Demarco16: Nigga please your lucky your runechosis activated when it did. Seems to only be good when we least expect it. Plus I need to clean the house you guys got nerf bullets everywhere.

DPope12: Well leave in the morning back to Varrock, Ill sleep in the guest room.

The next morning...

-Scene: Interkingdom 3 en route to Varrock-

DPope12: Now yall know yall ****ed up right? You five let Zezime escape. Now we won't be able to track down the super genie lamp for some time without help. Plus...I sense something wrong with the world, like a shift in power that is beyond imaginable for me. It doesnt sound good, but for the next year you all will be recieving exclusive training from me, to get 99 in all skills.

Tipsy Blonde: Now when you say 99, you mean all of them?

Hunk Blonde: I'm afraid he does this time.

DPope12: I mean really, they could have wished for everything. There could be snipers on my roof from that genie for all we know. Yall squirts like being shot, because that carelessness could make that happen. Anyways, grandson, have MEE6 Scan for nearby genie lamps. I have an idea that may just work.

-Scene: DPope12's House, South Varrock-

The Saint EX II: I still think we should think this over... how many lamps are we supposed to use before finding this 'super' lamp.

DPope316: Im not sure, but i do know that Zezime is going for it too. They can destroy the planet if we do nothing.

eShades: Then we have no choice but to...get drunk of course!

The next morning...

-Scene: Ground Zeroes Nuclear Excavation Site-

Captain Savajo: So who did you wish back from the dead?

Zezime: I wished back...

-----------------To be Continued---------------------