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Chad's Silverado

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Post by Nergal on Sept 9, 2019 16:21:28 GMT -7

A little over a year ago now, I took up Wardriving as a hobby. It began as a college term project.
Wardriving is the colloquial word used to describe a form of Cyber-Security research which entails using a wireless enabled device and a GPS to calculate the locations and effective ranges of wireless access points.

While there are several practical applications for wardriving, but as a hobbyist I'm simply amassing a large database of Wireless Networks and their approximate (relatively accurate) locations. If you have an Android device and are interested in the activity for any reason, WiGLE offers an incredibly simple way to remove Wardriving's barrier to entry and gamifies what might other be a relatively tedious skill to develop.

Several times I have been asked by friends, why do I even bother performing the recon if I don't actually plan on using the data myself?
1) It's something to do while I'm driving around.
2) An opportunity to troll people.

A pretty well-known way to mess with people is to go to a public place, walk up to someone and ask, in a slightly confused way: <common name>?
If that person happens to actually be a <common name>, you take them by surprise and they worry while trying to remember you and cannot come up with a name.
In the event that the person isn't <common name>, they will deny your inquisition you may apologize, and think nothing of it because thinking you recognize a familiar face in public isn't too uncommon.

What if you could take it a step further? What if you could KNOW a stranger's name, common or not, and pull the same gag but instead of shyly asking if they are <common name> you can excitedly say: <Their Actual Name>! How have you been dude?!

The stars really aligned for this one.
This is the story of "Chad's Silverado":

It's a Sunday evening, around 5:30. After Labor Day in NJ and school is back in session, not too many people on the roads. It's a pleasant enough day to drive with the windows down, so I do. I approach a red-stoplight where two lanes (a third in the oncoming direction but I digress) cut across a minor highway, a stop which I am quite accustomed to, around 150 meters beyond this signal is another light which will force you to stop roughly two-thirds of the time, and the stretch of road beyond the 2nd light which quickly merges the lanes together into one 40-mph road. Waiting at the light I see a Red pick-up Truck, it has some markings for a contracting company on it, in the lane to the right of me. The truck is occasionally inching towards the highway, well-beyond the line it should have stopped at but not so far as to obstruct the perpendicular lane of actual highway, I'm unsure of whether or not the truck is trying to make a right turn on red at this point but I do know that their windows are also rolled down. I can see the driver fidgeting anxiously in their seat, tapping the steering wheel impatiently, it is apparent that he is in a rush to get somewhere; probably home but possibly a job-site.

I glance at my Wardriving application and see "Chads Silverado" listed within the top 3 strongest wireless access points currently in range of me, double checking out the red pickup I confirm that the word "Silverado" is adorning it; I glance around and there are no other trucks nearby, there are not and the entry for "Chads Silverado" remains near the top of my nearby wireless networks list.

I'm not going to pull myself into the intersection to line up with this guy just for the sake of a joke, but as the light is about to be changing I notice a car pull up to the cross street for the second light and I know that this will trigger us getting caught at the next light.

The light turns green and Chad hits the gas, I make sure to pace so as not to lose time since the next light isn't very long, and as we finish getting across the highway the next light turns yellow. Chad is not going nearly fast enough to make it to the second light and he seems a tad exacerbated by having to stop again so soon.

Lined up with him at the stop I make my move before he has a chance to anxiously try to anticipate the change of light, now that I have gotten a better look at him I can tell he's my age, give or take a few years. I throw on my best 'long-time no-see smile' and happily exclaim to him: "Oh! Hey, Chad! :D" Of course, there's still some chance that it's actually his boss's truck.
Nope. Chad immediately perks up thinking that one of his buddies noticed him, without missing a beat he responds, "Oh! Hey, h-", I note that he sounds like a frat bro, classic Chad voice. I can see the confusion building on his face and before he can question things I continue the conversation, knowing I have only a few moments before this light turns green.

"How have ya been, man?", I inquire, watching for the light in my peripheral vision.
Chad is clearly struggling at this point, "I- uh- I've been good. Hey- uh- where do I know you from?"
As he finishes stammering through his question, the perpendicular light is beginning to cycle so I know I only have a few seconds before I can hit the gas. So, I decide come clean and with my best 'what did you expect face' I tell him, "You don't know me." The light turns green, "baaiiii, have a great night Chad!" and I hit the gas.


Chad, who was so impatient at the prior light paused for a few moments to collect himself before eventually moving. The entire process from recon, to psychological exploit, to actually driving away all occurred in under three minutes.
He happened to be going the same way as me for a few blocks but didn't actually follow me to my stop. I wish I had taken note of the phone number or company name on the truck because I would have loved to call Chad the next day just to find out what was going through his head when this happened to him.

I've had opportunities to do this to other people in the past, however approaching a random Stacy to do this to seems like a bad idea.

Don't trust your hotspots with personally identifiable information because your devices will betray you.
Messing with Chad's head is fun. Please do not try this with a Stacy.
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