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Favourite retro Handheld?

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Post by naiwen on Aug 7, 2019 12:37:06 GMT -7

Mine is my 25 years old game boy advance I still play with to relax. I enjoy old school games such as Mario Kart, Fire Emblem and many more to list in a post. But RPGs and FPSs are my favourites and these 2 mentioned above are my most played games ever on this retro handheld.
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Kaynil GB Newbie *

Post by Kaynil on Oct 30, 2019 21:02:15 GMT -7

It probably would be my Gameboy color. It is a shame that the batteries of games don't really work nowadays. I still had to recover my console when I travelled back to Mexico. Hahaha. I just had to bring it back with my Pokemon Crystal.

Then again, it's pretty cool that the Gameboy advance had a very nice library that I really wish I didn't miss it. I am sure if I had actually owned that console it probably would have been one of my favourites. Good Zelda, Good Castlevania, Good RPGs as far as I am told.
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Post by Vu1canF0rce on Oct 30, 2019 21:10:28 GMT -7

The old-school GameBoy. I had so many awesome memories playing Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow on it, then moved to the GB Color. When I was really young I used to sneak and play my brother's Sega Game Gear before the GameBoy came out when I became of age to have my own gaming stuff.