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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

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Post by Deleted on Jul 28, 2019 22:07:42 GMT -7

What a jewel of a service!

Launched during E3 this year, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate combines your Xbox Game Pass with your Xbox Live Gold membership for a reasonable price, so now you don't have to manage two separate subscriptions. Just get your 1 year of Gold and then add Ultimate to it, or however you decide to manage it. And there are so many amazing games on Game Pass, and then the free Games with Gold?! *Happy Sigh*
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Post by Vu1canF0rce on Oct 30, 2019 21:05:34 GMT -7

I know this post is old and the Game Pass service has matured a bit, BUT one reason I have not converted my Gold membership is because they cycle out games too much. "Too much?" Granted the frequency is probably every couple months, think of it like this: They're catering to the people who play games frequently and regularly, and most likely those who don't go after all the bells and whistles in a game and just want to play them all. There is another side of this spectrum of the causal gamers (which I've slowly drifted into this category) who like to play a game through-and-through, get immersed in it, and likely play it over the course of a longer duration (because of life and priorities, right?). Well, if they nix a game you have to buy it at a "Generous" discount (like $5-10 dollars off usually) and go from there.
Don't get me wrong. I'm an Xbox fan for(eseeably for) life, but I know I should hang onto my Gold while I still can until they force convert people or something else.

I'm might make a separate post on this topic, but right now, I just got accepted to, and am piloting the new Xbox xCloud beta. Depending on how it goes, and if (more like when) it comes out in the hopefully near-future, I may change my mind if I can play on my phone as well as console and PC. I guess it'd be a Gold + Ultimate + xCloud combo ... the Gold Ultimate xCloud. ha-ha