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Survival Heroes

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Post by demarco on Jul 14, 2019 6:49:35 GMT -7

Now I'm not one to just go out and PvP anymore since being in combat retirement in RuneScape. But I would have to say that this medieval battle-royale is the ShizNite. And like FortNite, you start off naked on an island with 60 other players via parachute. You are to collect equipment and find the other players to kill them Diablo Style.

Survival Heroes is a MOBA Battle Royale that is very similar to FortNite in concept, but uses swords, bows, and magic instead of traditional guns (now they have a gun in the game that's just awesome to use).


The game has an overhead view instead of behind the back. This style makes the game very acceptable for what they are trying to do. The game is 500MB and can run on my free Wiko Phone. It literally has few smartphone restrictions to play. There are chests and objects available for you to loot to collect items. I perfer the scythe and the gun every game, but you can only carry one. Armor is used as well in gameplay in addition to weapon specific skills.

If you like battle royales, but suck at shooting like me, pick this game up on your mobile phone. You wont be disappointed.

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Post by demarco on Jul 14, 2019 6:55:34 GMT -7

This next post is noteworthy, as these are training concepts for forum users in specific. As a unified, universal clan we are able to continue our clan legacy in other video game universes. This was done with MU Online and Gunz Online in the past. I have grown very addicted to this game in the 2 days I have had it since I always win with 10+ kills a match, out of a 60 total. As such I have unlocked the games clan function.

However, before considering using our clans name or 3 letter tag in another universe,it is recommended that it gains a majority vote from the admins of the participating universes (this includes RuneScape, MU to a certain extent, and Once initiated, the proposed M3rciless clan in another videogame has to be taken care of as if it was already established on a regular basis. One must consider resources before expanding operations. Although it is very important to explore more central game universes where we are already established in the past and present (such as Gunz, it is currently on 2).

At some point I would love to take on that responsibility on this game.

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Post by Nergal on Jul 28, 2019 14:09:59 GMT -7

this looks really neat for a phone game.
so i must ask, is there a ridiculous amount of advertising within the game? or are they surviving off of ingame purchases?
if the later, are they selling cosmetics and/or time saving (character unlocks which can be done by grinding or a few bucks a pop) OR are they selling power where being a paying player gives you an in game edge over free players?

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Post by demarco on Aug 10, 2019 19:43:32 GMT -7

none are required. ads are nonexistent. cosmetics are pay for use, but some you can get for free. pay player cosmetics offer no stats. all ingame levels reset after the game is finished so eveyrone is on a level playing field.