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All My Baby's Daddy - Season 5: Armegeddon

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Post by demarco on Jun 30, 2019 16:28:30 GMT -7

This is the final season of All My Baby's Daddy. Afterwhich a new project will be started in late September.

On the last season of All My Baby's Daddy...

*M3rciless Jr arrives on the scene.*
DPope316: MEE6! Transform!
*MEE6 transform into 6EEM!*
The Saint EX II: They've all been taken away, but we saved the world. Now we drink...

------------------------------Episode 1--------------------

-Scene: ScapeRune National Prison, Midnight-

*the prison alarms are going off. Drunk Blonde is seen running stage right*
Jagex Prison Guard: Shes over here! Don't let her escape!
Drunk Blonde: The thuggertry with this nigga...smoke grenade!
*Drunk Blonde activates ancient nigga technology. Room fills with smoke.*
Jagex Prison Guard #1: Scouters on! Check the minimal!
Drunk Blonde: Son of a *****. *Runs down a corridor.
*The M3rciless scouter goes off.*
Danthex (voice): Blonde don't do this it's too dangerous!
Drunk Blonde: We must...for my twins, and your kid too.
Danthex (voice): There big boys now. They will break us out of here. Regroup. The warden will ca-
Drunk Blonde: Danthex do you read...Danthex? DANTHEX!!! *Gunshot goes off*
*Evil Bob appears out of the smoke.*
Evil Bob: Guard, pour out some henessey for the homie... We just got a Baby Mamma from M3rciless...

-All My Baby's Daddy Season 5: Armageddon-


-Scene: Digsite, Project Genesis-

*M3rciless Jr is working on the Arc.*
DPope316: Just like project Exodus the public was fooled again into doing hard labor! Man it's hot.
The Saint EX II: Well I can always get 150 magic while I'm here, who knows I can become a super soldier.
DPope316: Nigga that's just fairy tale. You best to go roll this blunt before the supervisor comes back.
The Saint EX II: You know I don't smoke...
M336: Hammer task complete...Incoming transmission!
*MEE6 displays a news hologram*
Chessy018 (news reporter): This is channel W2 News. Word from the Jagex  Hexagon confirms that a member of the legendary clan M3rciless,  Drunk Blonde was found overdosed in her jail cell in ScapeRune National Prison late last night. In a effort to end clan violence, the prime minister has agreed to hear the case against both M3rciless and Varrock High next week. Details at 11...
DPope316: MEE6, turn off the news before I throw a rock at the screen...Dammit!
The Saint EX II: This isn't good...
DPope316: Something isn't right, there herbheads that cant kill them.
The Saint EX II: We need to go to Yanille...we have to tell her two kids ASAP.
DPope316: Supervisor can we leave?
Supervisor: You want me to flash back to me hitting 7k damage on you in one hit?
DPope316: Yeah you're right we don't need!!!
*M3rciless Jr teleports to Yanille.*

-Scene: Yanille West Side-
*Our heroes are seen driving the esculade down the street.*
The Saint EX II: This is the house...*knocks on door*
*Hunk Blonde and Tipsy Blonde come to the door.*
Hunk Blonde: *crowd cheers* what the **** you want.
DPope316: *flashes insignia* we need you... Your mother was killed last night.
Tipsy Blonde: Noooooooo!!! Pope what's going on your mom's gone too!
DPope316: That's what we need to know. We're gonna investigate. We need to see one more person.
The Saint EX II: He's already at the citadel...

-Scene: M3rciless citadel-

eShades: Everyone's gone...time to raid the guilded alter! *Picks up herbs*
The Saint EX II: Stop right there!
eShades: *drops herbs* oh ****! Oh it's just the Saint and Pope. And you brought the twins...ok there's only one reason we'd be in the same room.
DPope316: That's right. We're breaking them out. The members of M3rciless Jr! We're all of age now.
eShades: So we have the black guy, the twins, the fat kid, and tall dark and handsome...I'm in! *Loads elder rune ak-47*

------------------------------Episode 1 Over------------

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Post by demarco on Jul 12, 2019 11:40:58 GMT -7

--------------------Episode 2--------------------

Scene: ScapeRune National Prison, Prison yards

*Danthex, Demarco16, Kuzumi, Cheeserules8, Lanbo, and Rayjirdeoxys are seen posted on the prison walls.*
Demarco16: I hate to sell my own supply, but this Lantadyne just earned us 100M coins. I'd hate to say it but we need to choose between bail and a lawyer for this court case.
Rayjirdeoxys: Dont look at me they cancelled my reality show on W84!
Cheeserules8: Principal Hatahway is gonna railroad us.
Demarco16: Shhhh! Shes walking over here right now...
*Anne Hathaway approaches M3rciless.*
Anne Hathaway: You niggas ready to get jumped? *reaches into pocket.*
Danthex: Aww hell naw! *Pulls off glasses shanks.*
*Anne Hathaway pulls a jump rope out of her pocket.*
Anne Hathaway: Double Dutch...first nigga to fall over gets an F in prison!
Demarco16: We need a lawyer, and not just any lawyer...a single female lawyer!
Anne Hathaway: What was that!?
Demarco16: I said our old clanmate was studying to be a single female lawyer. *whispers* Danthex get us the hell outta ere.


-Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Break Room-

*The Tv is on W111*
TV Announcer: And now back to Final Fantasy!
The Saint EX II: Aww hell naw! *turns off TV*
DPope316: Down in front!
Hunk Blonde: Turn that **** back on, that fantasy was final!
*Tipsy Blonde grabs the remote.*
Tipsy Blonde: Sorry but lawsuit! *applies magic notepaper to the remote.*
Hunk Blonde: You *****, you never let me win do you?
Tipsy Blonde: What are you talking about you won at NWA2k20 last night...

-Flashback Scene: M3rciless Citadel, last night-

*M3rciless JR is playing NWA2k on the TV*
Announcer: James Lebron from downtown. *makes magic shot* YES he's on fire!
Tipsy Blonde: Watch me take that fire surge ball away from you bro! *receives sphere*
Announcer: The Yanille Bakers with the steal!
Tipsy Blonde: TF! Whats going on with my Gladiators! Get back in there Curry Stew!
Announcer: Kobe Beef passes it to James Lebron and again from downtown while on fire!...Double three pointer!
eShades: From half court. On my momma...
Hunk Blonde: I win the tournament!

-Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Break Room

Hunk Blonde: I forgot all about that we had T80 herbs...gimme the remote! I must know how final that fantasy was!
DPope316: Dont spoil it like you did with The Sliske's: Endgame.
Tipsy Blonde: How was I supposed to know RuneMan dies!? Spidamayne told us all in the trailer for his movie!
eShades: Now clan calm down calm down...what is important is, sucker punch. *telegrabs remote and runs outside*
*The clan runs outside and immediately stops as they are approached by Jagex FBI agents.*
Jagex FBI Agent #1: Damn it smells like high lvl herbs in you kids have adventurer licenses to practice the herblore skill?
DPope316: Yes...but thats not why youre here is it?
Jagex FBI Agent #2: Your parents and relatives are entering court in the next couple of days and they requested that you guys find them a lawyer. Here is your subpoena for court next week. *hands M3rciless JR a court summons.* have a nice day *The FBI groups teleports off the citadel.*
The Saint EX II: *reads paper* they want a single female lawyer...were gonna have to take a trip to my moms guild.
Hunk Blonde: Dont you mean clan?
Demarco16: No, no he mom was in it too. The Women of Drama in Downtown Varrock. Everyone in the esculade...were leaving now!

-Scene: Downtown Varrock-

*M3rciless JR is seen parking the Clan Esculade outside the guild leading to the GE.*
*A woman is seen outside*
Jomamma: OMG its The Saint and Dpope, you two have really grown up. How's your mom Saint?
The Saint EX II: Shes in shock over the court case, and on top of that we may be going to God War III soon for reals! We need your help. We need to find a way to hire a single female lawyer, and as a back up plan find a way to break them out of prison.
Jomamma: We can help...Orikwanda get that bootsy *** out here Shandra's son needs our help!
Orikwanda: The Spring Maidens can help. Find April, May, and June at Ardounge, Yanille, and Menaphos. They can solve your for your lawyer we have the the best single female in mind...Big Booty Judy.

---------------------------Episode 2 Over-----------------------------------

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-----------------Episode 3-----------------------
Scene: Ardounge Adamant House, Presidential Branch

*Mod Mark and Mod Andrew are seen in the rhombus office filing legislation,*
Mod Mark: It's time...proposition W64. The legislative to legalize recreational herb smoking is complete...
Mod Andrew: Nigga are you ever gonna take off that Benjamin Franklin costume!?
Mod Mark: *puffs powdered wig* Never!!!
Mod Andrew: All we have to do is seal this executive order and everyone will forget about M3r-
*The Jagex FBI Director walks into the room.*
Captain Savajo (FBI Director): I am here to witness the nigga order...i mean executive order on the citizens of gleinor. May all of RuneScape forget the armegeddon court case.
Mod Mark: Now I can drink to that *cheers glass with the other 2*
Mod Andrew: A toast, to a perfect 7th age! If all else fails well just let armegeddon happen.


-Scene: ScapeRune National Prison, food court.-

*M3rciless is seen eating lunch at the table.*
Nergalelite: Man if I see that ho hathaway again ima go HAM on her!
Demarco16: The case starts soon we just need to hold out for the lawyer. My son got Big Booty Judy from the Women of Drama Guild to assist us.
Danthex: Does your son still think about Shandra when he visits them?
Demarco16: I'm not sure, his wishes for his mom saved us the first time from destruction maybe itll work again.
Danthex: You cant be so sure...sometimes kids just want to be normal.
Demarco16: He will never be normal. When he turns 16 his runechosis will start to activate. Well effectively have an autonomous killing machine on our hands.
Cheeserules8: You mean...he can cast magic without the help of runes?
Demarco16: Exactly, his eyes will change colors to whatever rune he emulates...he cannot know until he is 18 at all costs.
Lanbo: Niggas! *****es! We have legal weed!
Danthex: What the **** are you talking about!?
Lanbo: MOD legalized recreational herb smoking!
Demarco16: Doesnt matter to us were in prison...
Lanbo: But a homie can dream right?
Kuzumi: Like the dream you had last night...

*The scene starts to flash back and then stops and goes back to normal.*
Lanbo: Naw nigga not like that dream...Need to lay off the cantadyme.
Danthex: Well I got my carrier hawk Tony to deliver us some herbs. Anyone want some snapdragon?
Cheeserules: Hide that **** Hathaway is coming!
Demarco16: Dont you mean hathaweed?
Principal Hathaway:*from a distance* I heard that busta!


-Scene: Gladiators Stadium, Menaphos-
*M3rciless JR is watching April perform on stage in order to ask for assistance.*
April: (song)*dru hill plays*
The girl got out of a Cadillac.
Im goooooooooooooooonnneee.
Nigga **** your family!

Dpope316: Gangsta R&B is the greatest, thanks dad for the invention!

And I wish I never helper her!
At all...
Now I know...
The girl's a ho...but dont take that from me...
And then I lost the storm...

eShades: Its time to smoke legally, *pulls out lantadyme*
Hunk Blonde: You know, I wondered why your auntie never brought you around before...
eShades: Lanbo disapproves because I ride Ferrari.
Hunk Blonde: I see...we had twin Bugatti's. traded it in for esculades.
Demarco16: Cant you guys see this is a trick, why are they legalizing herbs now they coulda done it at the end of the 6th age.
The Saint EX II: You guys complain all you want just dont touch my beer, I plan to stay drunk till we meet the maiden.
Demarco16: Like when you got super drunk at my grandpas house.

-Flashback Scene: DPope12's House, Varrock-
Dpope12: Grandson, check on your friend,
Dpope316: Okay *walks in visitor room*
DPope316: Saint please keep your shirt on!
The Saint EX II: A magical fairy came to me and told me I'd get 5B to run outside in just my pants.
DPope316: You want us both to be abyssal whooped? Your doctors gown stays on!

-Scene: Gladiators Stadium, Backstage-

April: Man I need a break from this ****. Pass me some of that legal herbs I keep hearing about...
*M3rciless JR. Busts through door*
The Saint EX II: So this is backstage...we need you spring maiden!
April: You know my back story? Nobody knows that...So your parents are stuck in prison huh...Okay ill help, we need to see May. Shes hosting the golden gnome awards in ardounge then well go then.
Dpope316: Are we getting that award one day? *looks at screen.*
Tipsy Blonde: Maybe next year...
The Saint EX II: Why is April's drink so st- *passes out*
Dpope316: Damn not in front of the celebrity!

---------------------Episode 3 Over-------------------------
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-------------------------Episode 4----------------------------

-Scene: ScapeRune National Prison-

*M3rciless is seen sleeping in their jail cells on block 111.*
Evil Bob: (yells) Wake yall ***** ***es up! It's labor day, which means you niggas work on my pyramid.
Demarco16: Project Exodus ended decades ago...and if DJ Seren keeps putting out fire albums we may be doing project revelations soon.
Danthex: Like when you used gorilla warfare on Danthex Black?

-Flashback Scene: Yanille, 5 years ago.-

Danthex: Okay we start the attack outside the platinum gates to the condos, do not let black reach Bakers Stadium.
Demarco16: Damn I may have to buy cutters tickets now... ohh ohhh ahhh ahhh ahhh *grabs zaros bayonet burst rifle and jumps out the window.*
Danthex: *looks at screen*...dont laugh North America. This was real!
*second window breaks.*
Demarco16: ohhh ohh ahhhhh! Forgot my scouter. *jumps out third window*

-Scene: ScapeRune National Prison.-

Evil Bob: Dont get pimped slapped now...suit up, you leave in 5. *leaves chamber*
Lanbo: Crap he almost saw my carrier hawk. *places note on hawk* Deliver this to DPope316 Address: Rimmington W64. *releases hawk past the prison bars*


-Scene: Demarco16's House, Rimmington-

*The TV is on W135 Pay Per View.*
Announcer: We now return to The Tiger Emperor...
Jimba: Why are you here to find me? Shouldnt you be out with that gazelle nigga right now?
Molli: Its your uncle, he took over the joy jungles. We need you to whoop his *** one time. I mean, he killed your father.
Jimba: Dont remind me I saw that subliminal message in the clouds...

Hunk Blonde: MEE6 get me some more popcorn...I love when bisney makes these mistakes.
eShades: *walks inside with The Saint EX II* Nigga you play a mean game of WizardBall.
The Saint EX II: You thought because I was fat that I couldnt ball...teleport and make 3 pointer with 120 magic always works. Gimme my money!
eShades: *pays The Saint 3M.* just got hussled, dangit.
The Saint EX II: Thank you for choosing American Airlines. *takes off the air rune jordans*
DPope316: Yould yall quiet down?? Im trying to watch my man tony on the screen here overthrow society. *cell phone rings*
DPope316: Hello?
May (Phone): Hello, I am calling from the golden gnome society, and your father won the golden gnome for best R&B artist of the year for his album 'All My Baby's Daddy', we need you to accept the award. I will also help you when the time comes...*hangs up*
DPope316: Why do all Women of Drama have to be *****es? Fall in everyone were taking the clan esculade to downtown Ardounge tonight!
Tipsy Blonde: Were getting the golden gnome for best comedy?
DPope316: You wish! It's my dads award for the gangster r&b album.

-Scene: Downtown Ardounge, Bob Cat Theatre-

Announcer: We are here live at the orikalkum carpet in Ardounge for the 500th annual Golden Gnome Awards. Where we award all the pimps and go getters througout history with one night of shows. Oh wait, here comes Chessy018...Over here!!! Over here!!!
Chessy018: Get that **** out my face! I'm here for the golden gnome in TV production.
Announcer: Oh wait a minute! Its Zezimas son, Zezime and wait, is that General Captain Savajo?
Zezime: My father would have been amazed with the progress runescape has made into the 7th age. It would be a waste to obtain another genie lamp from this award...
Captain Savajo: What he meant to say was that hes here to accept the Legend award on his behalf!

meanwhile inside the theatre...

The Saint EX II: What kind of place doesnt sell beer...I pass on this award.
DPope316: If I can go without a blunt you can go without a drink. Were growing up!
MEE6: High level detected.
eShades: It must be an error theres too many high levels here to determine which ones are threats to M3rciless. *presses ignore button*
Announcer: And the golden gnome award goes to...Demarco16 for ' Gonna Kill Anne Hathaway' a #1 single hit!'
*crowd claps. DPope316 goes upstage.*
DPope316: *whispers* Times running out we may have to break him out.
May: Im down my homie. Meet June at the blue moon inn at this time and date.
DPope316: Thanks *stops whispering*. I'd like to thank DJ Seren for the beats, and my father for canning that principal of mine!
*Applause as M3rciless JR. leaves.*
Captain Savajo: We've seen enough...lets go Zezime.

-----------------------Episode 4 Over----------------------------------------

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-----------------Episode 5----------

-Scene: Kandarin Supreme Court, Ardounge-

Jagex Judge: We will now hear the double case of the people of Gleinor vs. the clans M3rciless and Varrock High. Judy you have the floor.
Big Booty Judy: I call Principal Hathaway to the stand! *Anne Hathaway walks to the podium*
Anne Hathaway: I know yo ***** *** ain't sending me to jail *reaches for abyssal belt*
Big Booty Judy: Objection she's looking at my miniskirt!
Jagex Judge:'re guilty of being fine. Next witness!
Big Booty Judy: But she didn't testify to this nigga moment yet.
Jagex Judge: You better be going somewhere with this assumption other then the bedroom.
Big Booty Judy: Now I know yo *** ain't talking. Wernt you with Hathaway last night??
Crowd (group): Cheers.
Jagex Judge: Order in the court, before I plead the 5th. I don't give a **** who did what, other then you being single...Heres the deal, Anne Hathaway will be cleared of all charges. M3rciless is on clan probation for two years. This means no clan activity reported in your books. Case dismissed! *Pounds gavel*
Demarco16: You cant do this she will nuclear blow up the world.
Jagex Judge: Nigga please you break 10 national laws a day.
Danthex: *shrugs* no...let him out us on probation.
Jagex Judge: Naw nigga you're going back to prison with Demarco. All other clan members are free to go. Now get the **** out of my courtroom!


-Scene: Blue Moon Inn, South Varrock-

*M3rciless JR is meeting up with June at the bar.*
The Saint EX II: So do you come here often?
June: Please I know your how are we gonna pull this off.
Hunk Blonde: *listens to scouter* MEE6, broadcast the news now!
*MEE6 turns to W2*
Chessy018: Tonight on Ride or Die news stories at 11...M3rciless Leader Danthex and legendary member Demarco16 are sent back to ScapeRune National prison after Anne Hathaway is cleared of all terrorist charges placed against her...
DPope316: Aww hell naw!
Tipsy Blonde: Lock that ***** up!
eShades: Yes I've seen this before. There gonna execute them. We have to get back to the Guild soon to make esacpe plans. To option B! *Key starts Red Ferrari*
*eShades races off to downtown Varrock with MEE6 on top of the Ferrari. The rest follow in the clan Esculade.*
MEE6: Threat detected at ground zeroes.
DPope316: The nuclear God missles are still actve. MEE6, deactivate the warheads via hack.
The Saint EX II: Awe hell naw this season were the ones doing the *** whoopings.
Hunk Blonde: Punch it Nigga! *Smokes ranarr blunt*


-Scene: Women of Drama Guild, Varrock

Runekeisha: Women...we need to rise up against this ***** Hathaway. She is not to get to this baby mamma or her kids anytime soon!
*M3rciless JR walks in*
The Saint EX II: Mom! It's time!

To be concluded in episode 6.

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-------------------------------------Episode 6--------------------------------------

-Scene: Women of Drama Guild, Downtown Varrock-

*M3rciless JR and the Women's Guild draw up plans for a nuclear defensive.*
The Saint EX II: Okay lets go over this again. We have to hit up two locations at the same time to successfully stop God War III before it begins. Ground Zeroes is the target. My scouter picked up Principal Hathaways total level using MEE6's buff. She is attempting to launch not just Guthix Missles this time, but nuclear Zamorak and Saradomin missles as well. She must be stopped right here right now or the world is going to end.
April: The three of us will break your father out of prison using this tool. *reveals bandos battery ram*
The Saint EX II: My next issue would be to break them out of ScapeRune. There on an island in another dimension...
Scouter: That wont be an issue!
DPope316: Show urself or I will!
Cultleader (Scouter): I told you not to look at them girls at Varrock High. Now the top ***** is about to end the world. You guys need help on the outside. I have 5 Eastern KBG agents ready to spy on ground zeroes right now. The East will not let Gielinor be blown off the map. It has drastic measures which affects the rest of the planet. Consider me your comissioner as I saved the clan scouter incase this happened.
DPope316: Does any other old clan member still have our scouter frequency?
The Saint EX II: We never gave L4dyL1ght a scouter.
eShades: Ummm...what in the playas ball is going on??
Hunk Blonde: IDK, but this man could be the babys daddy one day.
Cultleader (Scouter): Hunk is that you!? You still have my dolly...
Hunk Blonde: I gave it away.
Tipsy Blonde: Wait a minute...the Princess Helga Barbie you gave me for stench of the tamed's release was hers!? I knew you wern't getting me Hot Link!
Hunk Blonde: You wanna take this outside bro!?
Tipsy Blonde: Naw, you're bout to get your *** whooped by the clan-
*An explosion is heard outside Northern Varrock, near ground zeroes.*
Runekiesha: You damn bebe kids are about to let the world nuclear explode over a damn Barbie!? Dont make me get my belt!
The Saint EX II: But mom!
Runekiesha: Saint, go save your father. DPope, go end Anne Hathaway! eShades, stop drooling over your clan commanding officer from the Eastern Mainland and drive DPope316 to Ground Zeroes in your Ferrari. Use the camouflage car color. Blonde twins, head to ScapeRune National prison and held the maidens with the battery ram. I want MEE6 to transform upon entering the prison and destroy all the guards. *Flips abyssal belt* Do I make myself clear!?
Group (Together): Yes mom!
Runeskiehsa: Now go save the world...

2 Hours Later...

-Scene: ScapeRune National Prison, Armageddon Day-
Evil Bob: Dead nigga walking! Dead nigga walking...
Prisoner: That cat is so lucky he is black.
Demarco16: Were running out of time...
Danthex: I know the FBI is about to execute us, not knowing that there just gonna die anyways.
Evil Bob: I thought I said dead nigga walking...Act dead! Here we are, the electric/leathal injecting guillotine. Running off a new invention made by the Jagex Government...the Thunder Rune!
Danthex: You artificial rune?
Evil Bob: The MODs have finally figured out how to harness the power of nature into rune essence to make artificial sources of magic. This rune will create an electric current which will shock you, inject your brain with cynide, and then cut it off. To ensure you are dead.
Demarco16: Yea...if I live im not taking my son to see the new Chainsaw movie. **** that! I call lawsuit on this!
Evil Bob: You first demarco16! Guards!...Guards!....Guards? Where the hell...
*The prison doors break open, creating a large bandos explosion at the front gates, followed by the sounds of Elder Rune AK-47's*
Demarco16: Now's the time, Danthex lets whoop his ***!
Danthex: Yea...were on clan probation with the Association of Western Clans. Not combat activity for 2 years.
Demarco16: Well I guess we just have to wait to be rescued.
Evil Bob: Yea good luck with that...I will protect my prison as the Warden! *jumps out window*

Meanwhile in the Prison courtyard.

Cultleader (Scouter): Go Go Go the forcefield is down!
The Saint EX II: These dragon roller skates better get me to the barrier button to open the door to the inner chambers.
MEE6: Unsual threat detected...100,000 ballon animals. Preparing battle mode *MEE6 Transforms into 6EEM*.
Tipsy Blonde: There gonna need some backup with these ballons.
Hunk Blonde: Focus on the mission! *Equips Elder Rune Minigun* well be done with this quick with 6EEM here!
The Saint EX II: *equips Zaros Uzi* one chance *slides into barrier* the bug worked... Science saved the day! *Deactivates barrier from within*
6EEM: I got this! Save the creators!

Inside the Cell Chambers...

Evil Bob: Any last words before I throw the switch?
Demarco16: You still a *****!
*door breaks down*
The Saint EX II: Did someone call for a hero?
Danthex: Son!! Set us free.
The Saint EX II: We still have one more mission here *points Uzi at Evil Bob* to kill the prison warden.
Danthex: Son, he's just following orders you cant!
The Saint EX II: Well I dont give a **** dad! He cant kill you *cries* I wont lose you again...
Demarco16: Since when did this become a soap opera again? Were getting out of here. Either kill the cat or dont but we cant stay here.
The Saint EX II: He's dying. This Thunder Rune he calls it, its forbidden ancient technology. The MODS forbid all rune essence modifications.
Evil Bob: Execution time! *reaches for switch*
*Tipsy Blonde And Hunk Blonde fire one shot each at Evil Bob, ending it*
Hunk Blonde: For the sake of MOD ill do it. Lets get the hell outta ere.
*A gnomecopter lands outside in the prison yard.*
Runekiesha: Get them all in the chopper and lets roll! We have to get to Ground Zeroes ASAP.


-Scene: Ground Zeroes-
Anne Hathaway: At long last, we will take the world of RuneScape for the New World Order I am about to administer! *flips Armageddon switch*
Ms. Teacher: I know we shouldnt have used the same power grid twice...
Anne Hathaway: Naw nigga, I smell a snitch.
*Dpope316 and eShades pull up in a Ferrari*
DPope316: *pulls out Zaros pistol* Principal, step away from the machine.
eShades: Pope what are you doing.
*DPope walks closer to Anne Hathaway while gaining a light blue aura.*
eShades: What the hell...
*Lanbo and Cheeserules8 pull up in a Lamborghini*
Lanbo: rode that Ferrari well. Pope put the gun down its over the weapons are denuclearized.
eShades: Listen to her DPope, put the gun down. Killing her in the face isnt going to bring anybody back!
Anne Hathaway: Yes Pope put the gun down, and get your *** whooped like your father used to.
*DPope shoots Anne Hathaway, ending it.*
Lanbo: Holy crap!
eShades: His eyes, they've turned light blue *walks to bullet and dead body* and this bullet is encased in ICE.
Lanbo: Nephew, we need to leave the area.
*Ms. Teacher tries to sneak away.*
eShades: Now that ho I can kill. Ms. Teacher!!! *fires god bullet*
*Ms. Teacher falls off the cliff into the ocean,*
*DPope316 falls to the ground and collapses*
Cheeserules8: Call the chopper in! Runeskiesha has to patch him up at the clan infirmary.
Lanbo: Good, because for the next two years of baby booming were on clan probation.
Cheeserules: Not this time...we never went to nuclear war. Look behind us, all missle silos are inactive and unused.
*Boards gnomecopter*
Danthex: Look at the two of them sleep. There RuneScape Heroes now.
Demarco16: Our kids are so exhausted they just fall asleep after saving the planet. So innocent.
DPope12: Send them and their friends to me... I need to train them for the future, the genie lamp future.
Demarco16: Dad please tell me your high...
DPope12: Nope! I saw the oracle before I got the copter!
Danthex: Awww ****!


Storyboard to be continued in 'Super Genie Lamp Heroes'.