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Clan System Manual Volume 2- 5th Age Case Studies to Today

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Post by demarco on Jun 23, 2019 13:49:58 GMT -7

Clan (Noun): A group of people who work together to achieve a common goal.

Hello again, before moving on please read, remember and accept these terms for usage of this training guide.

-The System Manual is copyright of Demarco16 of M3rciless. It cannot be reproduced outside of these forums. Concept usage is okay, it is universal and can be taken anywhere in life.
-This guide is public view for 2 weeks from today (6/23/2019). On 7/7/2019 it is to be moved to either the archives or the admin only section of the board.
-Due to the situations presented, no names will be used in the case studies, and will be censored to my liking.

-------------------------------------------Volume 2: Case Studies---------------------------------------
To understand what I want you guys to visualize, lets take you guys back to the 5th age of RuneScape. During this time there was no clan support, and many major ones ran in an underground fashion. These clans created the groundwork for the clan system we have today. During this time, I found my way to our parent clan as what we called a Helper. However, I had no leadership experience. I had never once before this planned an event, managed subordinates, or provided administrative support. The good thing though is that these skills can be learned over time, as the ones reading this today are the future of this clan. I want you all to succeed in making us Rank #1 for reals.

It is 2006, I am planning my first event and had all the plans ready on the calendar. When I logged in I found out I was the only one there. What happened? (3 scenarios)

    A. No public interest?

    B. Bad Timing.

    C. No advertising.

While many may be quick to assume A and B are the best answers. The answer here was C. Because we are a volunteer army, many have to be guided to partake in our activities. They will need adequate time and notice for an event to have a large turnout. One week from the event, 2 times a day, it is recommended that you at least mention the upcoming event (not exactly saying you have to be there) but mention what will be done. If given enough time, people will come even to just fish sharks for an hour.

So I found this out the hard way since the only ones there was me, and our senior admin. Although this situation created the framework for this manual through my request. This is an adopted form of a friends work, with examples added.

Lets fast forward to 2007... me and a friend head out into the wild just to chill (like we were tripping, we walked in with our best just expecting to tour the place). So another clan-mate followed, unaware that we weren't going to PK (like IDK what we were thinking, friend had his santa). Anyways we get to the chaos elemental and all of the sudden a PKer starts to pick off our friend. Now this is where I made the first major mistake of my time here. I chose not to fight, because I was scared to die and lose my items. You can guess how this ends. He died...600k in 2007 runes...gone. What would have been the best thing to do here?

    A. Compensate damages.
    B. Admit where you're wrong.
    C. Have your clan-mates back.

The answer here is all of the above. A great leader knows when to admit to a mistake, and how to fix it. A better one knows how to avoid such mistakes by learning from their past. Just remember, information always has a way to reach the top.

So in 2009 my computer caught a virus and became inoperable. I started to take breaks in my game-play (i slept through EOC). On one of my returns in 2010 something unimaginable happened. Our parent clan was disbanded. It troubled me knowing that I could have prevented this, but because I didn't think I had the ability to take the role of interim Leader previously, it kinda caused the collapse we didn't want. So how can this be prevented. Three qualities.

    1. Persistence.

    2. Drive

    3. Retention

Think of it like a business. In order for it to sell products and maintain a position in the S&P Global, one must be able to retain and train employees to outperform their competitors. This is done through ongoing training on certain topics. As your clan grows, you grow. The ability to duplicate your efforts is key to an everlasting experience.

Like 10 breaks later in 2016...

M3rciless is born. I realized that being an admin at my age and experience was futile to our cause. So I decided to focus my time on training those currently coming here, and providing conversation. Being older has obvious implications. As such it is important to remember to not become overwhelmed with fear or anger when addressing others. The most important thing to take away from this, without providing choices is to remember that RuneScape is the Run Escape from RL society.

---------------------------------------Short, but then again I dont do much wrong the 2nd time------------------------------

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