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Playing games in the background when working?

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Post by jimx1 on Jun 14, 2019 3:56:40 GMT -7

Some companies/ employees may be harsh on this one, but not everyone is like that. Our boss is surely one of a kind, as he doesn't care if we are running games in the background of a browser while focusing on some other work-related stuff (as long as we do all of our daily tasks).

I started a while ago when Clicker Heroes was released. (BTW:Those games are called idle or clicker or some call them incremental games, where the numbers go up and they doesn't require a lot of time for playing–> you are usually upgrading units, your powers, starting from scratch with bigger boosts when sacrificing your current progress.)

Those games are easy to pick up and can be played in the background of your browser, as they reward you every time you get back. The main point is usually to earn enough to be able to hire some Managers, that are working instead of you even at times you are offline and rewarding you at times you decide to come back (if you come back the next day, you will earn the total amount your Managers produced during that time).

If you don't know what I am talking about and would like to try one to have some fun during your work (or at your free time better, to not get your boss angry) you may want to try this one: War Clicks (the one I am playing right know and got me hooked!).

OK, that's my story... What is your boss like? – do you play games in the background of your browser (which ones?) or do you prefer to focus on the game 'fully' …

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Post by Nergal on Jun 14, 2019 15:55:44 GMT -7

My past jobs have been mixed on whether or not such activities were allowed.
Three were fine with these things.
One couldn't make up their mind (depended on the person and the particular action, music and social media but only if you were one of a few privileged employees that were allowed to; although the rest of us were just sneaky sneaky about it thereafter).
The rest of my past employers were super against anything that wasted any time at all, ironically most of those were the minimum wage jobs I cycled through during high school...

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