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Post by Cheeserules8 on Jun 6, 2019 7:35:30 GMT -7


This thread is your one stop spot to read descriptions of clan events and rules for competitions, to see current and upcoming events, and even host your own events! ALL IN ONE THREAD!

If you have any pictures or videos of Clan events that's great and highly encouraged! Please feel free to share them over on the M3rciless Clan Photos thread.

The weekly poll will open THURSDAY NIGHT AFTER CITADEL RESET It will remain open for 1 week. This will give us a full day from when the poll closes to when it happens to get the word out so be sure to check back often and tell your fellow clan mates.

In addition the winner of the weekly poll will NOT be included on the next weeks poll. This is to ensure that we are trying different things, helping each other out and not just catering to a few people, we want these events to be open to as many people as possible.

If you would like to start your own event(s) that's great! You can do so over on M3RCILESS - CLAN EVENT THREAD

*The weekly poll is used only when there is enough interest from clan members, use of the poll will be at the discretion of M3rciless clan staff as a group based on feedback from the members of M3rciless as a clan.

The weekly poll event is currently scheduled to start at 01:00 SERVER TIME  EVERY FRIDAY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY! This is subject to change based on the winning event and feedback from you!
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Mega Duck: The MEGA DUCK is a fun activity that is not very well known and is borderline easter egg. It's a lot of fun and it's way easier to do when you have more people, so why not do it with some clan mates?

Players are free to run full laps of Anachronia Agility Course in whatever direction they prefer but all lap times must be screenshotted with the date to count for competition.

Dungeons and Drunkards: We all love to hate Dungeoneering so why not hate it together? Very simply we get together, divide up into groups and run Dungeoneering floors. For added fun you can make it into a drinking game with your group.

Hide and Seek: This event is very simple and very fun. One person hides anywhere they want to in World 64 and gives some clues in clan chat and discord while everyone else tries to find them. *** HIDING SPOTS IN THE WILD ARE OFF LIMITS!***

Vex Tag: One person starts out being "it" this person must wield their clan vex and be typing "ask me about my clan" while trying to "tag" another clan mate by sending them a trade request. Once another player sees the trade request in their chat box they are it.

Killer Costume(s): This is a really fun one. The basic idea is that everyone gets a silly outfit like the chicken outfit for example then we go bossing, PKing or something else combat related.

Scavenger Hunt: To keep this one fair it's a little more complicated but tons of fun! First everyone joins a voice channel in discord, once everyone is in the voice channel they are told a specific store and item they must buy from that store. Once you get to that store and buy the item you must upload a screenshot of you buying the items here on gaming boards. The first person to have all their screenshots uploaded wins!

Discord Karaoke: Yes you are reading this right. We all jump into discord and take turns singing our favorite songs to the world, or at least each other. Be sure to use the rhythm bot in discord to play your song with you so everyone else can follow along. NO CREEPING ALLOWED! If you want to listen to everyone else you need to jump into the fun and sing at least one song yourself.

Area Tasks:
 The area tasks have some very cool content, make quests and skilling easier and also have comp, Trimmed comp, and master quest requirements for it. Not to mention the awesome rewards and perks they provide. So why not pick a set of tasks grab some clannies and get them done?

House Parties:
 These were so much fun in oldschool and we are bringing them back. This is a fun way to show off all the time and money we put into our Player Owned Houses and also give tips and tricks to fellow clan mates to help them get the most out of their POH. Start off by hopping in discord for a fully guided tour of the hosts house. Then duke it out in the boxing ring, fight through the dungeon, or train some prayer and offer bones on a gilded altar.
A fun add on to this is to have multiple hosts and do a "Parade of Homes" and then we all vote on who has the "best house" at the end.

Treasure Trail Races:
This can be done a number of different ways and side bets always make it more interesting

    1.) Off to The Races: Everyone starts with a clue scroll of the same level and the first to finish it and upload a screenshot of it wins. This get's really interesting if you bet your casket contents.

    2.) Max Stacks: This one is a little different and is more long term. Everyone starts with a stack of clue scrolls and the first to complete all of the clues wins. Screenshots are required for verification of winner.

    3.) High or low: Simply competing to see who can get the most or least valuable item from a clue scroll within the specified time. Screenshots required for verification of winner.

Anachronia Agility Course 
Races: This is a super fun way to train agility, get some codex pages to get some abilities like double surge and escape or make some money selling completed Double Surge codex and/or the Double Escape codex!

For this event there are three classes we use to keep things fair.

Class 1: No double surge or bladed dive unlocked
Class 2: Double surge unlocked
Class 3: Double surge and bladed dive unlocked


TzHaar Fight Pit: The TzHaar Fight Pit is a PVP minigame located in TzHaar City, in which a group of players compete to be the last one standing, with the winner being crowned the champion. Players who are killed are ejected into the waiting arena. All deaths here are safe deaths.

Fight Cauldron: This requires completion of The Brink of Extinction quest. See how many waves you can withstand and see how you stack up against your fellow clan mates. Within the Fight Cauldron, players battle endless waves of TokHaar monsters to receive combat experience, obsidian shards used to smith the level 60, hybrid obsidian armour, and other miscellaneous drops. Winner will be whoever can last the longest. Screenshots required for verification of winner.

TzHaar Fight Cave Races: Race against your fellow clan mates to see who can complete the fight cave with the fastest time. It involves single-handedly fighting off 62 waves of TzHaar creatures, not including a boss fight against one of the strongest monsters on RuneScape: TzTok-Jad, with a combat level of 702. Players will be rewarded with Tokkul for playing this minigame, and if they manage to defeat TzTok-Jad, they will be rewarded with the fire cape - the fourth strongest cape in the game after TokHaar-Kal, Max cape and the Completionist cape. Screenshots required for verification of winner.

Fight Kiln Races: If racing in the Fight cave is too easy for you then step it up and try the Kiln instead! The Fight Kiln is a combat minigame wherein waves of TokHaar are fought for the sole sake of combat and the TokHaar's amusement. It's a tougher and improved sequel to the TzHaar Fight Cave minigame, and is extremely difficult to complete for the average player. Entering the Fight Kiln requires having done The Elder Kiln, as well as a one-time payment of a fire cape. After this, the kiln may be played as many times as desired for the rewards - a choice of a TokHaar-Kal or an uncut onyx. Screenshots required for verification of winner.

Castle Wars: This is a fantastic minigame with massive multiplayer combat, traps, barricades, strategy and trickery for all. Or at least is used to be which is why we are going to bring it back and get some comp cape requirements done along the way!

Pest Control: What could be more fun than storming the beaches, killing the monsters, saving the world with your clan mates and ticking off some comp cape requirements and getting some great rewards along the way? 

Tears of Guthix: This is great way to ensure that we remember to take advantage of this at least once a week.

Temple Trekking: This minigame has comp cape requirements and also gives the construction and woodcutting skilling outfits that provide very helpful boosts that will help you save both time and money. This can also be a fun race to see who can complete trips the fastest.

Gnome Restaurant: This is a fun delivery minigame that also gives the Sous Chef outfit that gives bonuses for cooking that will save you time and money.

Stealing Creation: This minigame can go very fast if you do it right and it gives some good exp and also the Artisans and Fletching outfits that will save you time and money in Crafting and Fletching.

Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza: This minigame is the only way to get the farmers outfit besides treasure hunter keys. Also a great way to get Slayer VIP tickets.

Fish Flingers: This has insane comp cape requirements that if you spread them out and break them down into manageable chunks are not so bad. PLUS you can quickly get the fishermans outfit which gives extra exp when fishing and who doesn't want to maximize gains?

Flash Powder Factory: This minigame is the best way to get the botanists outfit which will give you more exp for herblore. This means that you will save millions and get more exp while training herblore.

Burthrope Games Room: Battle of wits against your fellow clan mates and whatever random players we find along the way! The Burthrope games room has four different games to play allowing for lots of opportunity for different preferences, skill levels and ways for us to put our own M3rciless twist on things, side bets can make this place tons of fun.

1.) Single Game Champion: Winner stays till they are defeated or they beat everyone at the event!

2.) Grand Champion/Champion Over All: This title goes to the player who has the most wins over all four games in the games room.

TIEBREAKER will be the tied parties playing head to head in sudden death in a game of Draughts.

Lava Flow Mine: While this technically isn't a minigame it can be hard to find active friend chats for it and it provides a TON of benefits. This is the place to get the golden mining outfit which gives exp in mining. In addition to this lava flow mining is necessary to get high end tools like the Pickaxe of Earth and Song.

Ectofuntus: Technically not a minigame but the only way to get the First age Outfit that gives 6% exp for all prayer training, saving potentially millions of gp. While the process of this can be slow it can be made better by doing it with clan mates and having runners.

Pyramid Plunder: This can be a fun way to train thieving, even though it's not the exp/hr it once was it's fun to race clan mates and see who can get the best loot and do it the fastest or make it the furthest. Also this is the only way to get the Black Ibis outfit that aids in Thieving and it has a few comp cape requirements.


Teach me How to Boss: This event is to break down the big scary barriers to bossing. Typically done in a group or at least a pair of 1 experienced and 1 new to bossing player so that players new to bossing can learn mechanics of bossing and become confident in bossing.

Teach me Elite Dungeons: This is the exact same idea as teach me how to boss but for the Elite Dungeons.

Teach me how to Barrows runs, Rise of the Six: This is the same as Teach me how to Boss and Teach me how to Elite Dungeons except for barrows and the harder version Rise of the Six (ROTS)

All for one and one for all: The purpose of this event is to get together in groups and go to as many different bosses as possible and get at least one kill at each boss. Doing so will help members unlock the different teleports available from portals at War's Retreat along with other rewards. While this is "bossing" it is also designed to be more fun than anything, so don't take it too seriously, show up in whatever gear you want, have fun and unlock some teleports.

Soul Reaper:
 Grab your friends and get a reaper assignment from Death, then everyone who has the same tasks goes as a group to do their reaper tasks together. This is a really fun way to get reaper points, and try bosses that you might not have even remembered exist.

Elite Dungeon 1 Token Farming:
 Token Farming is a great way to get tokens for dungeoneering, chimes and Taijitu for the Arc region. It's also good combat and invention exp and while the GP/HR may not be as good as some other Elite Dungeons it's still profitable. Besides it's always fun to run with clan members.

Death Touched Dart Party: This is a really fun event with a chance to make A LOT OF GP. Simply put we take turns using Deathtouched darts at a high level boss like NEX and see who can get the best drop, most gp overall etc. 
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Vindicta of RuneScape

Do you want to host your own event? Whether it be Bossing, Skilling, Questing, Area Tasks, Mini-Games, Completionist requirements, Drop parties/get-togethers, or anything else you'd enjoy with your fellow clan mates. Simply use this template by copying(CTRL+C) and pasting(CTRL+V) the template into your own reply to this thread and filling in the blanks.

Please only use this thread for event postings. If you're seeking the most current events, see the first page of this thread. If you plan on attending an event posted here, simply click "Like" on the post you're referring to.


Clan Event: (What type of event is this?)

Date/Time: (Include time zone.)

Location: (Where in Gielinor is the event?)

World: (What server will this event be hosted on?)

Requirement(s): (Level, gear, inventory, location, quest(s)?)

Min/Max Attendees: (How many members can attend?)

Event Host: (Who's hosting this event?)

Other Information: (Is there anything else you'd like to add?)


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Singles Appreciation Day Dungeon Party

Clan Event: Dungeons and Drunkards

Date/Time: 7PM EST

Location:Daemonheim, Aminishi, Deep Wilderness, or... Other Daemonheim

World: 64

Requirement(s): Lvl 1+ Dungeoneering, Impressing the Locals

Min/Max Attendees: Parties of 5 (3 for EDs)

Event Host: M3RCILESS

Other Information: Token Farm, Grind Combat XP, or try to get t99 Daemonheim Gear! BYOB!!! Feel free to turn it into a drinking game if you'd like, but drinking is entirely optional. Please don't feel pressured to drink.

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Date/Time: 6 PM EST every Saturday in March

Location: Falador Park


Requirement(s): Bread and Breadcrumbs. Will be provided if needed.

Min/Max Attendees: At LEAST 7 per run

Event Host: rayjirdeoxys

Other Information: Run Energy boosts wouldn't be bad.

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Post by rayjirdeoxys on Mar 7, 2020 20:32:31 GMT -7

Clan Castle Wars

Clan Event: Castle Wars

Date/Time: March 14th 2020, After Mega Duck Run (probably around 8EST)

Location: Castle Wars


Requirement(s): Bring Combat Gear

Min/Max Attendees: 6 minimum

Event Host: Rayjirdeoxys

Other Information: No pre-teaming. Green portal or bust!

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