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Flappy Bird

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ash GB Gamer ***
Flappy Bird Posted May 31, 2019 11:47:51 GMT -7

Post by ash on May 31, 2019 11:47:51 GMT -7

Who remembers this classic? Remember when there was a small period in our life where everyone was just addicted to the game. And then the developer took it down and phones with the app were going for hundreds of dollars  :D . Do you still have the game?

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Kaynil GB Newbie *
Flappy Bird Posted Oct 30, 2019 19:40:27 GMT -7

Post by Kaynil on Oct 30, 2019 19:40:27 GMT -7

I remember this game mostly because of the controversy of it ripping graphics from certain other popular game. As far as the author said, it was his choice. He got overwhelmed with the attention and just wanted to be an indie developer.

I never really had a chance to play the original. Though I can see why something so simple could become addictive. The mechanic reminds me so much to the helicopter-in-a-cave games where you had to do the same thing, tap to keep the vehicle from crashing as it went through the cave.

That said I downloaded a spin-off that added some funny reactions with his characters from his flash series. I just have it to entertain myself a little but I am rubbish at it. xD