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[M3RCILESS] Clan Administrator Application [OPEN]

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Jon GB Staff *****

Post by Jon on May 30, 2019 10:53:41 GMT -7

Are you a RuneScape fanatic who has spent 3+ months being active in our M3RCILESS clan? If you find yourself capping at our Clan Citadel each week while encouraging others to do so and recruiting for the clan, enjoying welcoming new members, planting your clan vexillum while playing, being active in our Clan Chat as well as on our Discord and Forum here at, then you may be the person we're looking for. M3RCILESS is currently seeking to add a new social, knowledgeable, and kind member to our team of clan staff. We're in need of an energetic, optimistic, and dedicated clan member to join us to help moderate the clan chat, host events, grow the clan, teach our M3RCILESS members about our Citadel, Clan Chat, Discord, Forum, etc. and encourage them to participate.

If you have the will-power, available time, and proper attitude to fulfill the duties of this position in our awesome clan, message any current member of our M3RCILESS clan staff(Administrator+) to express your interest! Tell us what you're able to contribute to M3RCILESS, our community, the team of staff and why you want the position. We'll then take notice of your interest and discuss a possible promotion. We regulate the amount of clan staff we have depending on activity within the clan, please don't be discouraged if you're not accepted, we receive a large sum of great applications and unfortunately can only accept so many at once. Continue to be active within the clan and our community, it won't go unnoticed!
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