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Do you ever...

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braindeadgenius GB Newbie *

Post by braindeadgenius on May 25, 2019 11:33:11 GMT -7

Do you ever have “one of those guys” who comes through your life, whether work or anywhere else, who you still talk about years later?

When I did my second internship four years ago, little did I know that I would end up working for that company when I graduated. The other intern was someone I knew at school and hung around with, but he was a big goof and a dumbass. His skills in our field were quite poor, but he was great at hard scaping. I still think that how bad he was helped me look even better than I already was, and this helped me get a job here when one opened next spring. 

Anyway, he still gets talked about every now and then for some of the stupid shit he did. Him, and another intern, the following year (again, one I knew and hung out with) after graduation. Except this one, he gets talked about for how much he was into playing Pokémon go and catching Pokémon at the plant, and for how much he talked (which was a lot). 
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GamingLyfe GB Addict ****

Post by GamingLyfe on May 25, 2019 20:05:52 GMT -7

For me, it's usually people who have made a positive impact on my life, for example, I was in trouble many years back in school and the principle was a hot-headed jerk and didn't want to hear my side of the story. The co-principle on the other hand, who had the final say in the end, was very calm and collected, let me speak my side of the story, and was understanding. I still tell the story of how I look up to him and how well he handled that situation.
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ash GB Gamer ***

Post by ash on May 31, 2019 12:06:23 GMT -7

I wouldn't say that I talk about them a lot years later but there are quite a few people, some that were close friends before that I wonder about from time to time whenever I just remember them. I always like to wonder where they are and what they might be doing right now.

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Vu1canF0rce GB Gamer ***

Post by Vu1canF0rce on Jun 1, 2019 12:17:31 GMT -7

Most if not all of the people, in-person or online, that I interacted with to any degree in my past I do not have and have not spoken to in years. There is one exception with a friend who co-ran an online ministry site with me for several years that I talk to on occasion. I guess I'd have to agree with and say it'd have to be people who made some level of positive impact, and this person was a friend who did back in the day. Other than that, friend-wise, I have none. It's just my wife as my friend (that's a good thing, duh).
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Post by Jon on Jul 2, 2019 20:31:10 GMT -7

I have quite a few people that I still talk to from many years ago whom I've met online, mainly all from gaming. Some of the coolest people I know are virtual friends and I'm just glad we live in an age where this is possible. Those who I still talk to are people who have, as others have mentioned above - made some form of positive, exciting or meaningful experience in my life. Also, I would say we tend to drift towards people we could consider ourselves being friends with in person which usually involves some form of mutual hobbies and interests.