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braindeadgenius GB Newbie *

Post by braindeadgenius on May 25, 2019 3:51:26 GMT -7

How would you guys feel about having custom pages on the forum? I was going to create some stuff on my own site, but if people are interested, I’ll test out working with pro boards. 

Some things, for example, that I was going to do were to create some forms / tracking pages for existing excel spreadsheets that people use. One of them, would be the overload creation one. For me, it would be utilized to track the materials I need to farm for the number of overloads I want to create. For others, it could track cost, and in either case, show the amount of exp earned. Stuff like that. 

However, other things could be the integration of your RS account to show info about your account on your profile. I know some people have the images in their signatures, but I never looked to see where those were coming from. 
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Vu1canF0rce GB Gamer ***

Post by Vu1canF0rce on Jun 3, 2019 6:01:29 GMT -7

When ProBoards introduced custom pages it was revolutionary. In my older forums we had admin-related pages with respective widgets and content, as well as member-related dashboards. There are so many awesome things you can do with custom pages.

I'd like to see an overall, general member dashboard here (post stats, PMs, post or mbr rank on forum, and whatnot).
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