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(MAY)2019 GamingBoards Event! [EXPIRED]

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Post by Jon on Apr 30, 2019 8:24:42 GMT -7

Hey, Gamers!

 It's currently May of 2019 and we'd like to host a special event to say thank you for a great start to the year. For this event, we'll be rewarding the winner with a $25(CDN) Steam OR RuneScape Gift Card*! We're keeping the rules to participate short and sweet - all you need is an account on Steam or RuneScape, then, simply create 25 posts within the month of May here on Once you have completed your posts reply to this thread for confirmation to have your name added to the draw. Your 25 posts must have been made since the time of this event posting. A winner will be selected on June.1st/19. (*previous posts don't count, no spamming, all posts should have 25+ words, 1 entry per member)


↑ Could be yours! But only if your name is below! ↓


  1. Nergal
  2. Tipsy Blonde
  3. Lord Tuba Blueba <=-- Winner of this event! Congratulations. ::)
  4. braindeadgenius
  5. ali
  6. Cheeserules8
  7. ash

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Post by xxinfectedxx on May 1, 2019 16:04:45 GMT -7

I'm going to look forward to this competition. For not just the a nice gift, but also see how much quality content that we are going to produce and what kind of useful information we're going to share as a community to help others. Good luck to everybody involved.
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