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Harvest Moon - SNES

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Post by demarco on Apr 29, 2019 22:55:21 GMT -7

Now tell me this 21 year old farmer doesn't bring back memories of when any game genre was loads of fun. Harvest Moon for the SNES is a farming game starring yourself as a 21 year old male farmer. While there are some harvest moon games that let you choose between male and female, the original does not. You start off on a small housing area with a large farming area. Your job for three years is to take care of your fathers farm while your parents are away. You are able to grow vegetables, fruits, and raise cattle and livestock to create a revenue stream. At the end of the day your items are collected and you are paid. Now how many farmers get paid daily in real life? To prove that this character is the most bad *** harvest moon character, take a look at his outfit and tools. With the ability to switch from a variety of items you are able to customize your farm to your own specifications.

Other then owning your own farm, there is an entire community to explore outside of the farm. There are 5 young women your age in town that will show more affection towards you as you interact with them. After an intensive bout with talking and gift giving, you will be given the option to marry one of them. You then focus your tasks around making your wife happy. There are shops and roads and other activities to take part of in town. If you go to town late at night you will be able to enter the bar and have a drink with the neighborhood (just don't let your wife find out).

At the first winter of the game, you will run into a horse in the forest, which you will then be able to capture and ride at will anytime during the game. 

As mentioned, you are able to customize your own farm to your liking. Add fences and grass to add uniquness to your own farm. And then let your cows and chickens outside to graze making sure they are back in the barn before going to bed. If not and it rains, the cows become sick. All chickens are eaten overnight if left outside by wilddogs.

After the third year is over your parents return to the farm. Guess what? You're in trouble! But not to worry, you get to keep the farm and you will have a child during the end credits if married.
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Post by GamingLyfe on May 1, 2019 13:55:46 GMT -7

This reminds me of old school Zelda, kind of like "a link to the past". I think it's something I could appreciate on a mobile device to burn time, but I don't think I could really get into it if I'm being honest. Either way, I appreciate the post.
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Post by Nergal on May 3, 2019 17:15:47 GMT -7

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I've heard about this game so often! I've yet to actually play it myself, but it certain looks time-consuming and fun. :) I appreciate you sharing this Harvest Moon game with us !
I remember hearing such good things about it growing up. It's been such a long time since I've heard it mentioned though.
One of these days I will get to that games bucket-list again, hopefully soon! Harvest Moon is now a top contender!!