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cunningtwo GB Newbie *

Post by cunningtwo on Jan 16, 2020 21:50:46 GMT -7


RuneScape Display name(RSN):

Character Combat level: 136
Character Attack level: 97
Character Strength level: 96
Character Defence level: 96
Character HP(Constitution) level: 99
Character Range level: 99
Character Magic level: 91
Character Prayer level: 97
Character Summoning level: 91

Current Bossing Experience? Explain:
Only minor bosses. God wars, KBD, kalphite queen, etc. Mostly bosses that can be soloed with low chance of dying.
Just the bosses i killed before i quit playing 5+ years ago

Range Gear: armadyl

Magic Gear: virtus

Melee Gear: bandos

Other bossing related unlocks/items/quests:
280qp, 90+ in all skills but invention

What are your active playing hours? Time Zone & usual daily playing hours:
rotating swing shift, so my available times always change

fast learner, usually heavily caffinated
sopown3d Avatar
sopown3d GB Newbie *

Post by sopown3d on May 7, 2020 1:23:38 GMT -7

Jon Avatar

RuneScape Display name(RSN): So pown3d

Character Combat level: 138
Character Attack level: 100
Character Strength level: 100
Character Defence level: 108
Character HP(Constitution) level: 108
Character Range level: 102
Character Magic level: 108
Character Prayer level: 100
Character Summoning level: 99

Current Bossing Experience? Explain: rax/telos/ed2-3/kalphite king/learning aod and willing to learn more

Range Gear: sirenic(perk) with seren godbow

Magic Gear: elite tectonic(perk) with SoS and seis wand as switch

Melee Gear: trimmed masterwork(perk) with nox scyte, terrasaur maul and dual khopesh

Other bossing related unlocks/items/quests: enhenced excalibur/ amulet of souls/ring of vigour/ring of death/(the ring of the quest in the house.. dont remember the name mb)/also the item that gives prayer pts (also dont remember the name)

What are your active playing hours? Time Zone & usual daily playing hours: 7-8 am to 12-13 (weeks) and as much as I can in weekends Canada/quebec



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