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RuneScape game review

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Post by daniel on Oct 31, 2019 7:02:07 GMT -7

I haven't jumped in to try and play RuneScape in quite some time. I didn't realize that they've updated the graphics for the game. I also wasn't aware of how many iterations they'd gone through. Thanks for the review it was a worth while read and helpful.
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Post by Cheeserules8 on Dec 25, 2019 2:43:51 GMT -7

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I thought this was a well-made fan trailer and wanted to share it since it's relevant and displays gameplay and graphics of RuneScape today.

*(unofficial) Runescape 3 | Trailer 2019 - By ProtoxxGaming

Speaking of reviews and related videos, I recently came across this one: 

I thought it was well done and interesting, he talks about a lot of the different aspects of the game and why I feel like a lot of people still play the game after so many years.