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Pokemon Sword/Pokemon Shield

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Post by demarco on Apr 18, 2019 21:17:41 GMT -7

The eight generation installment of the Highly Acclaimed "Pocket Monsters" videogame series is due for release in Late 2019. With these games it is usually released around November 22nd (now mind you that it is currently April 18, 2019). It is being released on the Nintendo Switch, which is acceptable for me because it is a hybrid system. The game features the Galar region, which has some Canadian influences in it such as lavish orange/brown fields, and rooms with coil heaters in them. It follows traditional GameFreak rulesm rather then a Niantic blend of features. It featues the following three new starter pokemon.

While fans do not want a fire/fighting starter, it can work if his stats are right if need be (Emboar ruined it for all future starters). Many are hoping sobble gains the ghost type when evolving. Many see Grookey as underrated and worthy of praise.

The game allows for HD graphics on both the handheld and the big screen, making for hundreds of hours of gameplay, even a few thousand.

Your thoughts on the new pokemon?

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Post by ravenfreak on May 4, 2019 19:00:34 GMT -7

I can't wait for Sword/Shield to be released! As you can see, I have the female protagonist as my avatar, I can't recall who made this artwork though. I'll be getting Sword and starting with Scorbunny. :) It's cool to see a region being based on the UK!
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Post by KuzumiBoo on Jun 26, 2019 15:34:30 GMT -7

Haven't been playing any pokemon games lately but this post reminds me of my time playing pokemon when I was young kinda feel like starting to play it again whenever I get free time in my hands. Thank you for sharing this to us.
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Post by chase on Jul 28, 2019 14:02:50 GMT -7

Ah yes, very excited as well. I bought a Switch specially for the Pokemon games. I’ve played Let’s Go Eevee and was very happy about the game but found it way to easy. I understand that game was merely a ‘step-in’ game for Go players. So yeah, definitely looking forward to Shield and Sword. : Your premier marketplace forum, coming soon.
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Post by demarco on Aug 10, 2019 19:47:55 GMT -7

I'm getting my switch in the fall. I have a job to pay for it now, actually 2 lol. i wanna wait till i can get a "new" switch and modify it to play other systems. it has better capabilities then the famed hacked psp of the early 2000's

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Post by princesszelda on Aug 11, 2019 9:47:17 GMT -7

These games have so much potential but as more info is released, they're removing more and more of the older features and quirks.
I'm waiting for more info on version exclusives to be released before I pre-order either version. Either way I'll be starting Grookey!
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Post by Kaynil on Oct 30, 2019 20:17:42 GMT -7

I think this thread can do witha video trailer so here it is:

I am not as excited as I thought I'd be and I don't know why is that as the game itself doesn't look bad by any means and a new region sounds pretty cool. I'll probably get Sword since a friend wants Shield, so we can trade.

The stater pokemon look all pretty nice. I am not sure which one I'll use to start. Scorbunny or Sobble.