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Clue scroll rewards

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Post by KuzumiBoo on Apr 14, 2019 6:01:50 GMT -7

This is just a thread to keep track of rewards treasure trail points and so on so forth if you got anything good from clue scroll or very interesting things from it just reply to this thread and people may be interested to start doing some clue scrolls for themselves for dyes and 3rd age gear  :)
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Post by Nergal on May 4, 2019 6:35:37 GMT -7

Statistically, I'm not sure if it's worth doing Clue Scrolls.
I would need to re-crunch the numbers assuming someone has optimally tiered luck boosts to be sure.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy doing clues on occasion; I'm just not sure they're worth the time investment considering the odds of getting a big ticket item are so low. It's like having 1% crit-chance in an even fight, it doesn't matter until it suddenly does.
Best of luck to all of you, happy hunting!

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Post by KuzumiBoo on May 6, 2019 14:53:12 GMT -7

Well, true clues usually not worth it but it'll be one of those days you will just hit a jackpot and obtain an item that's worth over 10m or 100m or shoot u may just win 2 billion loot just from one clue. I have only been getting yew comps, magic comps, zam robes stoles Sara stole, robes, and other things that give fournate component. I have seen a couple of our clan mates gotten dyes from doing hard clues so my opinion if you feel like you got time to kill or for those who dying to see what they get from clues scroll people do it. You can also see the rewards near grand exchange in varrock.
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Post by KuzumiBoo on May 17, 2019 12:42:50 GMT -7

Did some yesterday and got yew comp bow, saradomin page one, rune plateskirt (h4) and master clue scroll. The rest is scraps but someone got third age druidic wreath from elite clue scroll which is motivating enough for me to continue to do these clue scrolls.
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Post by Cheeserules8 on May 22, 2019 22:09:58 GMT -7

Congratulations to all you lucky people so far! You have no idea how incredibly encouraging you all are! Seeing all of the loot, the good, the bad, and the fun had getting them is so encouraging to me. It really is helping me make this final push to finish all my quests then start on all my clue scrolls.
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