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Raspberry Pi

A Leaf in the Wind Avatar
A Leaf in the Wind GB Newbie *

Post by A Leaf in the Wind on Mar 31, 2019 23:11:22 GMT -7

How many of you all game on a Raspberry Pi?

I have a Raspberry Pi that I thought I broke one time when I broke a microSD card inside of the slot, but I was abled to wiggle it out of there and now I am using it as a Pi-Hole, a network wide ad-blocker, but during my panic I purchased another Raspberry Pi 3 model B and I just ordered a special case that has a power and reset buttons (since you kind of need those) that also comes with a heat sync.

I officially have a retro console. :-D 
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megannatasha GB Addict ****
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GamingLyfe GB Addict ****
Here to game and network with gamers alike, feel free to message me!
Nergal Avatar
Nergal GB Staff *****

Post by Nergal on May 4, 2019 7:22:41 GMT -7

Currently I'm using my RaspberryPi as a remote portal to my home network with minimal port forwarding required, it's mostly a node in my SSH chain.
Sometimes I use is as Network Accessed Storage for my External Hard Drives.
I also use it for lightweight script development and I'd like to use it for more projects in the near future.

ravenfreak Avatar
ravenfreak GB Newbie *

Post by ravenfreak on May 4, 2019 16:21:56 GMT -7

I kind of want to build a Raspberry Pi, though I already own lots of retro consoles. :P It would be nice to have a all in one console to hook up to my HD tv, I might get one someday.
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xxinfectedxx GB Addict ****

Post by xxinfectedxx on May 16, 2019 9:14:30 GMT -7

Our computing teachers purchased us all a Raspberry Pi machine to borrow. We played Minecraft LAN for the rest of the lesson after being shown how to set up the computer. It was a fun class.
braindeadgenius Avatar
braindeadgenius GB Newbie *

Post by braindeadgenius on May 24, 2019 16:15:38 GMT -7

I don't game on a PI, though it does seem cool for the retro games. I use mine as a remote controlled outlet switch, controlled by an app on my phone.
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esmee GB Newbie *

Post by esmee on Jan 3, 2020 1:34:15 GMT -7

Not sure if the Raspberry PI would be something I consider for gaming. Most of those boxes are pretty cheap and also not meant for the hardcore gaming. Those are kind of more suitable for the small arcade games and the flash or browser type games at the most. I think on that note, I am sure raspberry Pi is not meant for gaming.