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All My Baby's Daddy - Season 4: #1 Gangster R&B Hit

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Post by demarco on Feb 15, 2019 21:34:49 GMT -7

On the last season of "All My Baby's Daddy"...

Red Genie: What is your wish?
Dpope316: I wish RuneScape was restored to the way it was before God War III started!
Red Genie: Your wish has been granted... *eyes shine*
Demarco16: Now that that is settled, line up for your *** whoppings...

--------------------------------------Episode 1------------------------------------------------

3 months later...

Scene: Varrock High School, DPope316's Dream

*The students are outside learning how to use thowing knives.*
Range Teacher: Now I know aint none of yall beginners, because you wouldnt be in an AP class, but try to hit a bullseye with this bronze knife.
Student #1: A bronze knife...nigga please!
Student #2: I'm bout to cap this target instead...
The Saint EX II: I cant believe there complaining about such a simple task *throws a bronze throwing knife at the bullseye*
DPope316:'s stuff we do all the time at home *throws bronze shuriken at the bullseye*
*Everyone stops and gasps.*
DPope316: What!?
Principal Anne Hathaway: Lawsuit that's what... A shuriken really...get yo *** in detention!
*All student's laugh*
The Saint EX II: I told you to stop doing those...
*DPope316 wakes up, in his room in the dark*
DPope316: Good it was just a dream.
*lights flash on without the door being opened*
Demarco16: No, but this **** is real! You wanna smoke my marrintill from my guilded alter and drive an esculade through level 55 wilderness!? Pack your bags your going to spend the rest of Senior Year at Varrock High. Thank MOD im not sending you to Varrock East High.

Later that morning...

Scene: Demarco16's house, Rimmington

Demarco16: Did you pack everything son?
DPope316: You can send me back to that school, Principal Hathaway will abyssal whip my ***!
Demarco16: You should of thought of that before breaking every rule at RuneTek and getting fired! Now get going. And by the way, I had your membership passport revoked, you can no longer pass through the gate to Catherby. But dont worry, I had Danthex revoke his son's as well. You will be both staying with your Grandfather, in the hood! Tell him "The Cake was bull****," he will know what it means.
*Demarco teleothers Dpope to Varrock*


Scene: Danthex's Penthouse, Yanille

*Their Esculade is leaving the driveway on its way to Varrock.*
Danthex: Now son, there will be no drinking in my Cadillac car. There will be no eating in my Cadillac car. And when we get to RuneDonalds can you not order the whole **** menu this time! Were ballas, not slumps. Not show those niggas in Varrock who runs the Magic Skill. Since you like to smoke weak *** herbs, lets get you a good drink seeing you have an adventurer license now. A wizards mindbomb will do...
The Saint EX II: Dad this tie is killing not exactly going to a private school anymore...
Danthex: Dont tell DPope but you guys arent going there as a punishment, youre going there to gain 99 combat skills from the greatest guru we have. Demarco16's father.
The Saint EX II: When did this **** happen?
Danthex: Now you're cussing when did this start!? Punishment time it is! Down the pitcher of wizards mind bomb, all 3 of them...
The Saint EX II: Im calling child abuse!
Danthex: No youre not youre just to varrock we go sleepy head.

Scene: Downtown Varrock, teleport junction

Dpope316: Okay I should head south towards the blue moon Inn and that quest gang area... if only I could learn.

Flashback Scene: Outside Blackarm gang hideout, 3months ago

Backarm Gangsta: You need some herbs? I got that PK Fire!
Dpope316: Do you have anything that increases attack so I can use this Zaros AK-47 I stole from my dad?
Blackarm Gangsta: I got some Irit that should help with that just wait out here...
*Gangster goes inside*
Dpope316: Dang I gotta get back there about to nuclear blow up the world.
Blackarm Gangsta: The ****!? Nigga no its GW3!!! *Goes back inside and bolts down door.*

Scene: South Varrock

Dpope316: Here we go... *rings doorball. someone answers the door*
DPope12: *audience cheers* Well if it isnt our friendly neighborhood troublemaker... School starts in 45 make a bonfire from the yew tree in the back for me.
Dpope316: (Wheres The Saint, my woodcutting is only 55...) Okay.
*The Saint EX II bolts through the door.*
The Saint EX II: Which way is the bathroom!? *throws up*
Dpope316: What happened to you?
The Saint EX II: What happened to me...*trips* what, what happened to you??
DPope316: I got high, but im not throwing up though. 
DPope12: Got ***mit, now I have to clean you up before school. How old is this kid? He does know hes going to a public school right?
DPope316: He turned 9 last week. I think his dad punished him big time his attack must be 0 by now...
Dpope12: Alright, im going back in the house, do not come back out until we have yew logs on the fire!


Scene: Varrock East High School

*Pnutty4eva get's out of Lanbo's Lamborghini and runs inside the school.*
Principal: So you know why you're here right? Your daughter L4dyL1ght was caught acting out the scene to 'The Real Housewives of Ardounge', the most drama filled season. She flipped over another student's weave this is not acceptable! She's being transferred to Varrock High now, consider her expelled.
Pnutty4eva: Well dont send her home yet unless she wants to catch deez handz...
*Walks back to Lanbo's green car*
Lanbo: I take it shes being transferred to Varrock High?
Pnutty4eva: Well she can learn what i've been trying to shelter her from along with our bosses son.
Lanbo: There's something off about their principal though...
Pnutty4eva: Anne Hathaway?
Lanbo: Yes that stupid ho! Remember how she made me eat that whole cake and broke the glass over my head?
Pnutty4eva: You got that from this lawsuit...
Lanbo: Well if it was real outside my dreams it cant be any worse then making us run the mile...on ICE mountain. Take us to the citadel, were late for the meeting...

-------------Episode 1 Over----------------------------

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Post by demarco on Mar 17, 2019 7:37:06 GMT -7

------------------------------------Episode 2------------------------------------

-Scene: Varrock High School, Homeroom-

Ms. Teacher: OK class, today were going on a PK Trip, through the higher edge of the wilderness. I want everyone to grab a rune M4 and a rune stage 3 body vest and meet me outside.
*The class leaves. Ms. Teacher is leaving the room when the principal stops her.*
Principal Hathaway: Ms. Teacher, wait. Lead the class to the volcano in the wilderness and let them niggas die. Pretend to accidentally break a teleport tab.
Ms. Teacher: That boy really bothers you doesn't he?
Principal Hathaway: That punk *** DPope cannot have that much potential. We need to know how he fares in a battle. I had investments in nuclear GOD weapons that I loss. Were still having another God War, even if I have to be...

-Scene: Outside Varrock High School Gates, inside an alley-

DPope316: *Smokes Irit Weed* Deez niggas like to go in deep. Rune weapons are not the business.
The Saint EX II: That's what she said...
DPope316: Like when your mom told you to stop eating the pie in your refrigerator?
The Saint EX II: That summer pie was for everyone! Man how much Irit do you have to smoke?
DPope316: What's the difference between this and sippin potion?
The Saint EX II: It's not beer that's what.
DPope316: Infact, I have a super strength on me, hand me the sprite bottle.
*A girl comes down the alley.*
L4dyL1ght: You two are OMG....pass the blunt!
*DPope and The Saint drop their jaws*
*Ms. Teacher yells from the main road.*
Ms. Teacher: Last nigga over the wilderness hump gets shot! Move move move!
L4dyL1ght: ***** is serious, lets get going...


-Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Break Room

*M3rciless crew is watching Genie Lamp Super on channel W64*
Announcer: Cause this is Genie Lamp Super!
Please dont make me go and wish the ***** away!
Lord Deeznets: Nigga what!? You think im playin!? You're fighting in this tournament.
Killin: Man this busta wouldn't even tell me our kingdom was at stake. I thought I would be making hella money with that 10B coin prize.
Lord Deeznets: *Prepares Ice Barrage* Ill kill yo *** myself if you dont! Now get your face in the portal!
*Intercom sounds*
Danthex: Would Demarco16 meet me in my office. Something's up with the world I'm concerned with.
Kuzumi: *Audience cheers* Now I have no kids and I havent been here long, but these baby daddy's are driving me nuts.
Lanbo: Those kids are their worlds, try to mellow into it like we did.
Kuzumi: Like when The Saint left his shoes at the citadel doors?

-Flashback Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Breakroom. 2 Months Ago.-

Demarco16: Man I need to go see my herb dealer about getting some Snapdragon for the Telos Vs. Araxxor boxing match tomorrow night. You guys sit tight ima go-
*Demarco trips on The Saint's shoes and knocks over the cable box for the TV.*
Demarco16: Nooooooooooooo!!!! My Pay-Per-View!

-Scene: Danthex's Office, M3rciless Citadel-

Demarco16: Dantheezy...
Danthex: Give me a break...Does anyone here like that principal we sent our kids to learn under?
Demarco16: Makes no difference to me he's there to learn, not develop drama.
Danthex: I keep getting texts from Anne Hathaway saying "Meet me in the driveway. I'll bomb yo ***!" Maybe I should just go home, wheres my Esculade parked.
Demarco16: Isnt that her in our driveway right now!?
Danthex: She meant this driveway!? Dammit we cant engage our weapons dealer retired from the clan.
Demarco16: Three words... Zaros brass knuckles... *equips weapon and gives Danthex a matching pair*
*M3rciless walks outside*
Anne Hathaway: So this is the M3rciless citadel.... *OK whos first to get their *** capped?
Pnutty4eva: Trust me woman I get it, but killing your students parents over nuclear investments is not gonna bring those companies back up.
Danthex: We need weapons...
Kuzumi: I just happen to have a stronghold filled with the strongest weapons in runescape. *Drops T90 guns on the ground.*
Anne Hathaway: Who is this woman... Ok Ok ill leave for now *teleports out*
Demarco16: Great, now we have a new enemy to fight, and shes my son's principal....
Lanbo: How do we fight somebody like that without raising suspicion?
Dadajeep: Theres always a way, I enjoy all the clan members being in one conversation but were missing the new Genie Lamp Super!
*M3rciless runs back into the break room*


*M3rciless JR is preparing to head back to the school bus after PKing in the wild.*
DPope316: Did you see that nigga run hahaha. My rune sniper rifle is awesome in this environment. They drop like flies.
The Saint EX II: Naw man my flamethrower did all the work. I had the heat.
L4dyL1ght: You're both wrong, my rune shotgun to their faces was the best part.
*School bus blows up.*
DPope316: What...the...****!
The Saint EX II: Good thing that wasnt the esculade, now we have to walk back, from level 42 wilderness.

---------------------------Episode 2 Over-----------------------------------------------------

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And now back to All My Baby's Daddy...

--------------------------------------------------Episode 3--------------------------------------------

-Scene: Level 35 Wilderness-

*M3rciless Jr. is seen trekking through the wilderness.*
DPope316: It's getting late and we only walked 7 levels down so grandfather is going to kill us...
The Saint EX II: Like he killed my wizards mind bomb-bomb this morning? I dont think your grandfathers 120 strength is gonna save us today.
DPope316: Well we sure as hell not gonna call our parents. Ill skip that abvssal whip to the *** thank you.
The Saint EX II: Like when the Guthix Witness came to your house in rimmington?

-Flashback Scene: Demarco16's House, Rimmington, 4 years ago-
DPope316: So when i start at RuneTek, ill have to detonate these Rune4 because they confiscate it. Any ideas saint?
*The Doorbell Rings*
Dpope316: I got it dad!
*DPope316 answers the door.*
Guthix Witness: Sir, I came here today to give you the good word of diviniation through our lord Guthix who is laid at peace.
The Saint EX II: Do you have the latest issue of the LightHouse on you?
Guthix Witness: I dont sir, I come bringing you-
The Saint EX II: ****!
*Demarco16 comes out of the kitchen.*
Demarco16: Saint im telling your dad! You have to stop cussing...
*Demarco16's HellCat runs out the house.*
Demarco16: **** my cat! *Slams the door on the Guthix Witness Face* Both of you, room, now!

-Scene: Level 30 Wilderness-

L4dyL1ght: Ok when we get to level 20 wilderness, group teleport us out of here saint.
The Saint EX II: Yea were not going back to school today, I smell foul play.
DPope316: Principal Hathaway has it out for me and my dad sent me here anyway! Maybe I should learn max defense and strength from my grandfather.
*A group of Player Killers with God Ak47's notice and start chasing the M3rciless JR. clan.*
DPope316: Move niggas!
Pker #1: I heard that foo over there.
L4dyLight: Run I got this!
DPope316: But what if you die?
L4dyLight: I borrowed my moms summon gem... in 30 seconds araxxor will be here to kill them.
*The Saint EX II and DPope316 run away immediately.*
L4dyL1ght: **** dem niggas... *summons araxxor*
*the area flashes as the rest of the clan rushes into level 20 wilderness and teleports out*
DPope316: This should be illegal under the constitution...

-Flashback Scene: Ardounge, RuneScape Capital Building-
Prime Minister Mod Mark: Mod Andrew, how many amendments should we add to the 7th age constitution?
Mod Andrew: *puts on sunglasses* Hella...
Mod Mark: *puts on sunglasses* Inform the kingdoms govenors.

-Scene: DPope12's house, South Varrock.-

*Our two heroes walk in the front door.*
DPope12: Pope, where the hell you been!?
DPope316: We almost got pked after our bus blew up!
The Saint EX II: *pants* I need to train my agility i gained some weight over the past 2 years.
DPope12: Go lay down nephew...and grandson, follow me.
*DPope and his grandfather walk in the back.*
DPope12: First off, identify this herb.
*Dpope316 tries to identify the unknown herb.*
DPope316: It's an attack is already maxed i need to be smoking a defense herb, to be as solid as my mother...
DPope12: Nothing can bring her back from the dead currently. You didnt know you would be responsible for her death. But there is hope. The MOD's have ways of granting new unruled wishes through lamp generation. It's something to look into once you get older.
DPope316: I think im gonna do that, thanks grandpa!
DPope316: No problem, now cook us the pineapple pizza in the freezer, the box of 100 if you will.
DPope12: *Smiles* Thanks...


-Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Break Room-

*The TV is turned to channel W64.*
Local Newsanchor: Tonight on Varrock Central news, a field trip bus to the wilderness is ambushed by pkers. All characters aboard the bus sustained no permanent damage with the exception of three missing students, believed to be dead.
DanthEX: That better not be my son id **** that principal up...
*Demarco16's phone rings.*
Demarco16: *answers* What's up dad...what!? the wilderness.;.Anne Hathaway!?... Ok agreed i got this train them as planned no more school. *Hangs up phone* This ***** is outta pocket!
Pnutty4Eva: Well im just glad my daughter is not like them to make trouble.
Demarco16: My dad says they were high on Irit Weed when they got home. Were killin the *****!
Danthex: But how?
Demarco16: Call in Lanbo, Kuzumi, and our new nigga Cheeserules8, were making a Gangster R&B diss album against Anne Hathaway!
Danthex: I like it...turn on fruityloops we need beats.

-------------------------Episode 3 Over-------------------------

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--------------------Episode 4----------------------

-Scene: Yanille Cinemas, 2 Months Later-

*M3ciless is watching "Genie Lamp Super The Movie: Bobby*
Tofu: Man this nigga is tough, run the move again Vegetable!
Freezer: *looks frusterated* I wonder...maybe this nerd needs a little push *fires Zaro's Shotgun at Bobby's father.*
Freezer: Oh Bobby Bobby, your father is dead, he was hit by a stray bullet. *camera zooms in on full shotgun wound to the heart*
Bobby: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! *Bobby transforms into a Super Nigga.*
Vegetable: Great now we have to go blue...
*Camera focuses on M3rciless*
Drunk Blonde: I wish I could turn into a super nigga, maybe even 2 or 3!
Demarco16: Naw you'll end up being a super-
*The movie begins an intermission, and plays a filler commercial.*
Announcer: From M3rcy Records, comes RuneScape's first Gangster R&B Diss Album. *Dru Hill plays in IMAX*
Announcer: Featuring Hits from niggas such as Demarco16.
Demarco16 (Song):
Because i'm gonna kill Anne Hathaway...
With my twenty-two.
***** you are a punk!
Drive-By to heaven!...
*Music Changes to R Kelly.*
Announcer: And featuring Baby's Daddy of the Year, Danthex.
Danthex (Song):
My mind runes telling me no!
But my body, my BODY is telling me yea!!!
I don't see nothing wrong, with a little spellbind (with a little spellbind)
I dont see nothing wrong...
*Music changes to Silk's Freak Me.*
Lanbo (song):
Anne im gonna gun you down, after you say stop!
You want even need any ****ing weed when im through with you!
You wanna sip lean on the clan machine then im through with you!
Cause tonight hathie, im gonna get Zaro's with you!
Announcer: All My Babv's Daddy, the Rune Album - Available in stores now!!!
*Audience cheers*
*Movie returns to the screen.*
Lanbo: I have some snapdragon burning my pocket, let me go destroy the evidence...Demarco fall in on me.
*Lanbo and Demarco16 leave the theater.*
Danthex: Now that felt good! The principal didnt know who she was messing with. East Side!!!
Cheeseman8: Dude keep it down Ms. Teacher is right over there... I can hear her abyssal paddle right now *shrugs*
Kuzimi: Like when Danthex saw Ms. Librarian at the city library with Runekiesha?

-Flashback Scene: Yanille Public Library-
Runekiesha: So if we rent the Huge Catepillar by Carl Erickson I think Saint would be very pleased with how high his magic can rise, even past 99.
Danthex: Shhhh!!
Runekiesha: Im quiet...
Danthex: Let me whisper in your ear...
Runekiesha: You're acting weird *turns around*. The **** Ms. Librarian! I don't care how fine you are stay away from my husband, or you can catch deez handz!

-Scene: Yanille Cinema Parking Garage-
M3rciless makes their way over to the clan Esculade.
Lanbo: Can we at least paint the car lightning yellow.
Danthex: How bout I paint your face lightning yellow...
Zuzumi: Burn!
Cheeserules8: I'm still mad that Bobby lived at the end, Toy is ****ing up. I cant wait to get home to my Chef's Delight.
Danthex: Actually we are due back at the citadel in an hour to calculate our record sales over the past month. Lets get going *teleothers group to M3rciless Citadel*


-Scene: Varrock High School, Principals Office-
Demarco16 (Song): Because im gonna kill Anne Hathaway. With my twenty-two... ***** you are a punk!
*Anne Hathaway immediately breaks the radio with her bare hands.*
Anne Hathaway: **** this nigga, Ms. Teacher!
*Ms. Teacher enters the office.*
Ms. Teacher: Yes Principal Hathaway?
Anne Hathaway: Bring Dpope316 into my office *pulls out abyssal paddle*
Ms. Teacher: I would, but he's been absent for two months.
Anne Hathaway: Then maybe I should abyssal whip his punk *** dad! Prep the school instructors, we start God War III again tonight!


-Scene: DPope12's House, South Varrock-
DPope12: The budokai tenchaichi is finally complete.
The Saint EX II: What the **** are you talking about!? I though we just raised my Range and HP to 99 and my Magic to 120.
DPope316: Dont forget my 99 Attack, Strength, Defence, and Prayer.
DPope12: You two are now free to go home, your real homes in Rimmington and Yanille. The reason for your visit was not to punish you, but to maximize your combat abilities to their fullest potential. You can now help your parents in combat situations quite successfully now.
DPope316: Grandpa our membership passports were revoked...
DPope12: Son of a *****! What am I gonna do with this Masterwork Body Armor now?
The Saint EX II: We're buying a bond... lets go nigga! *Pulls DPope316 out of the house and towards the grand exchange.*

-Scene: Grand Exchange: Sunset-
DPope316: Theres tanks here...
The Saint EX II: Awww ****!
*Group of Varrock High Faculty carrying gunpowder pass through the area.*
The Saint EX II: There preparing for war...God War.

------------------Episode 4 Over-------------
The full song tracks can be heard here...
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Welcome to my Screenplay series new located in the Coffee Time Thread, this modern day Runescape Story can live on.

-----------------------------------Episode 5---------------------------------

-Scene: Varrock Grand Exchange, Sunset-

The Saint EX II: *looks at watch* It's almost dark outside...when are these thugs gonna leave.
DPope316: Ima attempt to buy the bond now.
The Saint EX II: DPope, wait!
*DPope316 makes a run for the interior of the grand exchange.*
Ms. Teacher: It's DPope316, shoot the nigga!
DPope316: Not Ms. Teacher! *Activates protect from range*
*Ms. Teacher uses a snare trap.*
*DPope316 is snared to the ground.*
DPope316: Well this wouldn't be the first time I was trapped.

-Flashback Scene: M3rciless Citadel, 4 months ago.-

*M3rciless is watching W125 Pay-Per-View*
Announcer: And in this corner, weighing at 220lbs... Oscar De La Telos! *Crowd Cheers*
Announcer: And in this corner, weighing at 225lbs, the current boxing champion...Araxxor Jones!
Araxxor Jones: Wait hold up! *grabs the microphone* Ya'll see that punk ***** over there!? He can never take this belt from me and if I get my way, ill be using it on his *** tonight. *Throws up West Side Signs as the crowd cheers*
*The camera focuses on the break room*
DPope316: I think ill be back dad, clan... *walks out to the onsite guilded alter.*
*DPope316 takes a herb from the burner and rolls up. Danthex walks in*
Danthex: Son, are you riding the white pony?
DPope316: No...
Danthex: Puffing the magic dragon?
DPope316: No.
Danthex: Then you wont mind if I close the door and turn on the AC then...*leaves room*
*The AC turns on blowing an extremely thick lantadyme smoke cloud into the room.*
DPope316: The hell is this...**** the doors locked!
*30 minutes later...*
*The PPV boxing match is playing on the screen.*
Announcer: And the winner by knockout, our new heavyweight champion of RuneScape, Oscar De La Telos!!!
*Confetti blows out*.
*DPope316 walks in the door.*
DPope316: HEEEEEEEyyyyyyyy Saint, hey daaad! *chuckles*
Demarco16: Yup you're definitely riding the white pony...

-Scene: Varrock Grand Exchange-

Ms. Teacher: Looking for this *flashes unused bond*? To think I once found you cute and adorable...
DPope316: Creepy as **** since im 14 but okay...
The Saint EX II: Pope duck! *Throws chimponga grenade into the center of the crowd.*
DPope316: I'll be taking that *snatches bond out of Ms. Teacher's hand*. Saint telegroup us to falador.
Anne Hathaway: Oh no your goofy *** doesnt!
DPope316: Goofy!?
Anne Hathaway: Oh you didn't know... you're one weird quack you know that? Well im gonna tell you something you wern't supposed to know. Your invention skills are extrodinary, but you're a goofball.
DPope316: Are you saying I'm special!?
The Saint EX II: Pope we don't have time for this.
DPope316: Pause that teleport Saint, im roasting the principal! Your mom is so fat, Thanos had to snap twice.
Anne Hathaway: Well your mom is so dead she couldn't realize her son has runechosis!
DPope316: *eye twitches* My mother...nobody talks about my mom! *Equips rune shotgun*
The Saint EX II: Crap *activates telegroup spell to falador.*


-Scene: Downtown Menaphos, Golden City Gladiators Colosseum-
Demarco16: Courtside tickets to the greatest WizardBall Team in history...what a day!
Danthex: Dude Curry is heading this way!
*Curry dodges the steal from the Yanille Cutters pointguard.*
Announcer: He's on fire!!!...were getting a call in, its from Fire Surge telling you it's on its way downtown and...swish 3 points!
*Final buzzer rings.*
Announcer: Golden City Gladiators win!.
*5 minutes later in the parking lot.*
Lanbo: So who's riding with me in my lamborghini?
Cheeserules8: I'm game this time, but keep that stat raising stick away from me I dont want the smell on my clothes.
*Lanbo and Cheeserules rides off into the night like off Fast and Furious.*
Kuzumi: So what are you guys gonna do now? I'm heading home to Fremnick soon.
Demarco16: I have to call my dad to make sure my son is okay.
Danthex: Me and the wife have a date night at Four Kingdom's Restaurant in Yanille. I'll catch you guys later. *Teleports to Yanille.*
Demarco16: Well I guess it's just you and me now huh Mr. Blunt? *Dials DPope12's phone number*
DPope12 (rPhone 10sMAX): What up son?
Demarco16: The cake wasnt worth the trip...anyways how the training going?
DPope12: Good do I say this?
Demarco16: What's going on!?
DPope12: The Varrock High Faculty have the roads blocked off with tanks. We may have to fight to save the planet again.
Demarco16: Wheres my son!?
DPope12: Buying a bond with Saint II. They should be at your house in Rimmington by now.
Demarco16: As long as there safe from Principal Hathaway. **** now I have to alert the clan that we have to fight again. *Hangs up phone*
Demarco16: This reminds me of when...**** I dont have time to be flashed back right now. *teleports to clan citadel*

-Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Conference Room-
Demarco16: *Activates crystal intercom* Would all able-bodied niggas please report to the citadel for combat briefing. God War III is back upon us!


-Scene: Demarco16's House, Rimmington-
The Saint EX II: Pope your face is very worried. Theres no way your body can be affected by the power of runes like that.
DPope316: I knew I was odd when I accidentaly killed my mom, but to think I developed runechosis from the Rune4 blast makes me depressed.
The Saint EX II: Well we dont have time to cry now. The world might end tomorrow we have to move...we have to tell our parents...we have to do something ****! *bangs fist on wall activating a secret passage.
*Saint and Pope looks at each other.*
DPope316: The **** is that passage doing in my living room?
The Saint EX II: Looks like a duengeon enterance.
*The two of them walk downstairs into the secret passage and find an unactivated robot waiting for them.
The Saint EX II: Dude! This robot looks like how my dad used to describe DOGMAI to me.
DPope316: You mean...lets activate him!
The Saint EX II: Naw nigga! What if he purges us, my dad created this bot to combat IAMGOD, but deactivated it once he realized he had an AI of his own.
DPope316: I understand what you're saying but...I just found out why im weird. Anne Hathaway is gonna pay! *Activates Robot*
*The robot stands and stretches.*
MEE6: MEE6 has been activated. Input your first command.
DPope316: Now that's more like it, I think I can modify him to transform.
The Saint EX II: We have 6 hours before the faculty does a nuclear strike on all major cities.

---------------------------Episode 5 Over------------------------
Tune in in a few days for the Season Finale of Baby's Daddy 4.

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Time to end it! Or so it seems...

---------------------------------------Episode 6---------------------------------------

Scene: Demarco16's House, Rimmington

*The Saint EX II is watching channel W64 while DPope316 forges a MOD Chip for MEE6.*
Announcer: And now back to For the Love of RayJ...
RayJirDeoxys: Ladies...there is only room for one hoodrat on my shoulder. The next rose goes to... Jomamma!
Orikwanda: The ****!? What Jomamma got that I dont?
Jomamma: Well first of all I aint bootsy like yo ***. Second....sucker punch!! *Strikes Orikwanda for 1.5k damage.*
*Screen focuses off of the T.V.*
The Saint EX II: Now this is trash T.V.! *eats popcorn.* you got till this chefs delight wears off till we go to battle. Is the chip ready?
DPope316: I dont think you should drink my dad's max cooking drinks...
The Saint EX II: You know what *stumbles* what if I didnt drink. We may still all die on judgment day tomorrow!
DPope316: Well you dont see my smoking my dad's irit weed.
The Saint EX II: That's because you're already high!
DPope316: I'm not gonna get into an argument with a 9 year old because neither of us can think.
The Saint EX II: Well put the MOD chip in you finished inventing it 30 minutes ago. I'm trying to see our parent clanmate's season finale.
DPope316: Fine...*inserts MOD Chip into MEE6.* MEE6 download source code.
MEE6: Beast Mode downloaded, all 120 skills unlocked.
DPope316: With this I can transform our robot into an IAMGOD subset...6EEM!
The Saint EX II: *snores*
DPope316: Son of a *****! 1 hour of sleep wouldn't hurt...*falls asleep*


Scene: Outskirts of Varrock, Ground Zeroes

*The school faculty identify their nuclear god stockpile.*
Anne Hathaway: Now this is magic!
Ms. Teacher: Like when Professor Woodcut got fired for misconduct?

Flashback Scene: Varrock High School Cafeteria, 20 years ago.

Professor Woodcut: Now Ms. Teacher...either I can leave with dem digits or ill leave with u in the cutz.
Ms. Teacher: Yea...ive been a secretary and a single female lawyer a few times before. Its gonna cost you.
Professor Woodcut: How much?
Ms. Teacher: How much you got?
*A student walks into the faculty room.*
Demarco16 (10yrs): Wait this isn't the parking lot. Ms. Teacher my dad wants me to buy a cake for our moms birthday.
Ms. Teacher: Yea whatever just go...
*A faculty member walks in after him.*
Principal Hathaway: Oh my gosh Professor Woodcut! You're fired!

Scene: Outskirts of Varrock, Ground Zeroes

Anne Hathaway: Our plan is almost complete. We will hack into the main Ardounge Capital interface and disable their security. We will then fire a guthix missle at all lodestone cities, effectively causing armegeddon. Afterwhich our new clan, 'Varrock High' will create the new world order!
Demarco16: Yes except one thing...
Anne Hathaway: The ****?
Demarco16: You forgot the part where we kick your ***! *Fires Drygore Shotgun at Anne Hathaway!
Ms. Teacher: I got this...Principal prepare the God Missles!
Anne Hathaway: Do you know what happens when you run a school...You max all your skills!
*Max (Level 138) walks by.*
Max: Speak for yourself stupid ho!
*Max walks away.*
*M3rciless Clan Arrives.*
Kuzumi: Theres nowhere to run now! *Loads Elder Rune AK-47*
Cheeserules8: I've been waiting 20 years to kill her Nicki Minaj dressing ***. *charges forward*
*Anne Hathaway dodges and teleports near the launch controls.*
Danthex: Quick Lanbo, I need you to drive me down this road to the controls you have the fastest car.
Lanbo: Nigga now you wanna ride in the lambo? It'll cost ya.
*Danthex quickly hands Lanbo 10M coins.*
Lanbo: Thank you for choosing AT&T. *turns on car*
*Lanbo and Danthex head down the path while NergalElite provides assault rifle coverage.*
NergalElite: We're not gonna have enough time.
Cheeserules8: That's what she said!
Kuzumi: Everyone in runescape is about to die! Stop talking about your mom. *Fires at Ms. Teacher*


Scene: Varrock-Falador Junction Freeway

*DPope316, The Saint EX II and MEE6 are speeding towards the scene in Varrock.*
DPope316: MEE6, hack into the varrock powergrid and cut the power.
MEE6: Access granted...attacking power source code...source code disabled. I have gained 5,000 experience points.
DPope316: Now that is a great AI! Saint prepare for combat were almost there.
*All the lights in Varrock shut off, causing a blackout.*
The Saint EX II: I just hope its enough to stop a strike. We should be worried about how were gonna kill Principal Hathaway about now.
DPope316: Not to worry our parents should be whooping them good by now.


Scene: Outskirts of Varrock, Ground Zeroes

DPope316: Ms. Teacher, you look tired. Ready to call it off?
Ms. Teacher: That's what you think...*gnomecopters fly over Ms. Teachers head over the track to the launch pad*
Jagex FBI Agent: Why is it every time the world's bout to end we see you niggas're all under arrest for crimes against Gleinor!
*Jagex FBI agents swarm both clans.*
*M3rciless Jr. arrives on the scene.*
DPope316: MEE6! Transform!
*MEE6 Transforms into 6EEM.*
The Saint EX II: We're too late, the gnomecopters are taking off with the all arrested. But we saved the world...Now we drink!

--------------------To Be Concluded in All My Baby's Daddy Season 5------------------------------