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~Nergal Progress 2019~

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Post by Cheeserules8 on Dec 24, 2019 23:53:42 GMT -7

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Underground Pass done. Iban's Staff upgraded, Ardy Med tasks complete, extra runes from ZMI crafting now possible. Profit?
Sheep Herder complete (lol).
I remember doing Underground pass way back in the day. I got so mad because I got to the last part where you have to throw the doll in the cauldron but to do that you had to right click it to get the option instead of left clicking. So I died, back in the day before death, so I hated that quest for a long time. I loved using Iban's staff and blast though. I remember that was the way to go until you could get the mage arena spells from the Mage Arena in the wilderness. Good times. I really appreciate the nostalgia and happy memories this thread is providing. Keep up the great work!
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Post by Nergal on Dec 28, 2019 8:06:40 GMT -7

Holidays are always a little hectic around my household. Did some fishing on Xmas day and can now catch sharks. Did some ZMI runecrafting and can now craft double cosmic runes, which i believe leaves farming as my only Hard Lumbridge Task holdout skill requirement to attain, although Barrows Gloves will be the longest task to complete yet...
Was doing some mining in motherlode for the Falador Hard task outfit unlock.

I should get Barrows Gloves and Ancient Magicks asap.
Swan Song because monkfish are better xp; and possibly money per hour than sharks.
House upgrades would be good. Blood Runecrafting would be great. Farming levels are needed...

Doing more ZMI runecrafting and watching some tv. I really need to get quests and tasks done but I found a decent rhythm for runecrafting which is good because I need 77 to afk bloods.
Up to 62 RC presently..

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Post by Nergal on Jan 3, 2020 12:46:19 GMT -7

With access to disney+, I put on the Simpsons as background noise. I discovered that i've already seen a decent amount of season 2 despite it being well before my time... deja vu vibes.
Thinking that I need to map out the MCU movie timeline and watch everything which I may have missed in order.

It's easy enough to zone out the game while grinding for hours, but I personally find it difficult to do questing while multitasking almost anything irl.

I have been playing more at work than anywhere else though. I discovered that OSRS mobile actually uses WAAYYYY less data than snapchat or google drive apps do, so really i'm making the best out of bad, or complete lack of, wifi.
A friend gave me some bonds and an idea for xmas. The idea was some unintentional brilliance and I feel compelled to see it through, but some math needs to be done first. Plus historically bonds are a bit undervalued immediately after the holidays, so I may be waiting a few weeks before I begin the process but this is some nice leverage to have. An extra 7 days of membership and 3 osrs bonds...

New Thread due I suppose, but this was a draft from before NYE

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