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~Nergal Progress 2019~

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Post by Nergal on Nov 17, 2019 9:18:19 GMT -7

Managed to get scammed while trying to anti-scam.
Lost a bond worth of gold.
Mildly disappointed with myself.
Moreso because my membership expires so soon.
Probably for the best, I have other projects which I should be working on instead of playing OSRS

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Post by Nergal on Nov 21, 2019 8:37:47 GMT -7

Got level 60 Agility.
Hit level 50 Farming.

Went and completed Olaf's Quest, now have access to Brine Rats and the Def Exp landed me just shy (under 2k experience) away from 50 defence.

Defence is my only skill under 50 in OSRS but even though base 50 stats would look nice, I am keeping defence low for now for combat bracket reasons. Still want quest cape but do not want quest (or other) xp rewards to put me over 70 Defense in the long run.
As penance for my stupidity, I trained even more Agility and am up to level 70.
Couple of Runecrafting Levels, now at 55.

Completed the Elemental Workshop 2 quest.
Logged into the Twisted League to check things out. Not being able to share Hosidious House plows ruined it for me honestly, so I went back to the main game.

Recharged my Glories in the Fountain of Rune, no eternal glory.
Decided to get Bones to Peaches from MTA for diary task. Spent most of the evening working on it. Did not help my bank by any means, but at least it's another permanent account unlock. A more expensive unlock, but an unlock nevertheless.
Past month has been mostly Smithing, Agility, Runecrafting and Magic. Under 4 days of membership remain.
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Post by Nergal on Nov 21, 2019 12:10:17 GMT -7

Observatory Quest complete, key was in LAST POSSIBLE CHEST, blehhh.
Icthlarin's Little Helper done.
Finished The Golem quest.
Completed Shadow of the Storm
RfD: Mountain Dwarf - Rock Cakes
Family Crest (Cooking Gauntlets)
Family Pest <mini-quest> (-500k one-time, Unlimited replacements of gauntlets and own all simultaneously. Probably not worth the 500k right now, but a permanent unlock regardless.)

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Post by Nergal on Nov 24, 2019 18:57:15 GMT -7

Well today was the day, my membership has expired.

Moreover I discovered that I am over my F2P bank storage limit, and in OSRS the limit isn't split by F2P and P2P items.
I also discovered that the placeholder function withdraws items when you are over your limit rather than creating a placeholder or functioning as "withdraw all but one".
On the bright side I do have placeholders for many of the items I'd be opting to gather in F2P to make some cash for a bond, on the down side I do not have such placeholders for any full series of items I would want to be managing. For example I have Gold ore and Bars but not the Jewlry I'd want to process it into to turn a profit. I have assorted ores but I'm much better off mining in P2P. I got rid of my rune hatchet when I got the D Hatchet so if I ever want to try my luck against bots for the Yew trees I'm either using Addy or buying rune on GE and reselling when I'm done.

So that leaves me with fishing which I need to do anyway because I hate wasting membership hours on it. Of course I'm also in a weird spot for fishing... I have Cooked & Burnt Swordfish in Bank, Cooked Lobster but not burnt, and no raws and no Tuna. SO, currently I am harpooning up tuna and swordfish on Karamja, taking the boat back and selling tuna to the Port Sarim fishing store (probably more efficient to just drop it but F2P so what do I care? will probably start just bringing 2 tuna and rest of inv. swordfish) which makes sure I always have money in inventory for the boat fare; then cook up the swordfish and deposit them by the monks of Entrana who have a deposit box. Oh, and I only have 26 usable inv spaces because I have two member items I'm not in the mood to drop.
Meanwhile doing some fishing on my alt which was always F2P since OSRS release and simply never played so that I can use it to mule extra items saving time on main without actually losing money. Alt was only 18 Fishing and is already up to 32; and main has gained a cooking an fishing level 66 and 60 respectively #ez

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Post by Nergal on Nov 28, 2019 15:43:33 GMT -7

Interesting anecdote about OSRS.
Your agility level, which increases the rater at which your run energy restores; continues affecting your run energy even on free to play worlds, even when your membership has expired.
Making agility the most powerful skill to train with limited membership time.

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Post by Nergal on Dec 11, 2019 10:26:33 GMT -7

Decided to pick up a few bonds, I was very much enjoying the F2P experience HOWEVER I decided to assess my RS3 bank and decided that I ultimately did have a surplus of things which I didn't need to maintain a playable account for when I return again. (Including but not limited to 100s of thousands of runes, thousands of Pack Yak Pouches, and my Offhand Drygore mace. (up 10m from when I bought it I think.) I didn't completely gut my bank but the value was getting no use and I really wanted to do something more engaging than Smithing Alching or Fishing for a little while.

F2P Alt account has fished up about 300k worth of Raw Swordfish while I was watching TV at this point, but I plan on just collecting for now. Not hurting for cash.
With my membership time I'd like to do a bit of questing and set up my OSRS account to be more sustainable.
Slayer Helmet (i) from nightmare zone and void knight outfit with at least 2 helmets are my major points of interest currently.

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Post by Nergal on Dec 12, 2019 8:26:38 GMT -7

The pursuit of OSRS Void Sets:
Yesterday I continued my pursuit of Void Knight equipment.
I already had the top and a dozen points. I played until I had my set with my first helm, the ranger helm.
Putting on my armor set, I completed an elite diary task, and then proceeded toward my 2nd helmet, the melee helm.
While I could continue straight through to the mage helm as well, with the range and melee helms I am in a pretty good spot presently. Range set can immediately improve training, slayer, and Fight Cave. Melee Set should, in theory, be among the best options for my time in the Nightmare Zone trying to unlock (i)mbues, additionally is useful for landing specs, as well as replacing slayer helm for my non-slayer melee combat. And of course the minimal inventory spaces to hyrbid melee & range is always a nice option.

During my F2P time I reached 77 Magic and during the recent Pest Control grind I reached 75 Range. Upgrading my arsenal should be a priority.

If I'm going to have membership through the holidays at least, it's really in my best interests to do some farm runs.
I think that my shorter term goals should be to get some questing done. Still don't have a Dragon Scim, Lunar/Ancient Magicks, a Crystal Bow, or my Barrows gloves.

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Post by Nergal on Dec 13, 2019 13:22:13 GMT -7

60 Attack and a Dragon Scim. Looked into NMZ and it's..... something....
Ragged through a few Wildy Slayer tasks. I want a Rune Pouch, additionally I still need to get the Essence Pouches from Abyss Creatures.
Once I have the pouches, and Lunar Diplomacy completed, I will be able to pretty comfortably do ZMI runecrafting with little down time.

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Post by Nergal on Dec 13, 2019 22:23:09 GMT -7

Medium and Large Essence pouches acquired. Could stick around until the Giant drops BUT I cannot use it until level 75 and probably won't use it past 77 unless I start doing double Natures....

Need to get into the habit of at least fishing on mobile. ~484k Fishing xp before getting back to members servers. (Level 65)

Lunar Diplomacy. Slayer Points for Rune Pouch. ZMI Altar to 77 RC.
Zeah Blood and Soul RC should be reasonably afkable, low risk, income.
Invest in Farming >> Construction / Pray >>> Herb

99 agility is theoretically the most useful first 99 for the Run Restore which follows you even back to Free to Play worlds, but the returns are diminishing at higher levels, and made exponentially (or logarithmicly??) less impressive considering the amount of time required to level late game. hrrmmmm

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Post by Nergal on Dec 16, 2019 7:28:11 GMT -7

Acquired Medium and Large Essence Pouches.
Got level 70 Fishing 2 nights ago and ended my 9.5 hr work shift with nearly level 72 (~887k total fishing xp, to be more precise). Using level 70 where I had stopped the prior evening, and I'd be accurate in estimating that to under an inventory of fish, I gained around 149k fishing xp while working. Doing Barbarian fishing, and while prepping this post I decided to see how much I normally gain during a mildly distracted fishing hour, the fishing xp rate according to runelite was floating between 40k and 45k experience per hour, it turns out that I managed to spend effectively 3.5hrs of my 9.5hr shift fishing on OSRS mobile.

Additionally since dropping RS3 gp on the bonds, this time around I'd like to, at the very least, recoup some of my losses, by earning enough for more bonds on OSRS.
Not necessarily planning on saving enough for as many bonds at once, probably one and as long as I've net earned the rest of the gold I will continue to invest it freely.
So far at 1.2m of 30m.

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Post by Nergal on Dec 23, 2019 15:21:32 GMT -7

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62 Fishing and can do Swan Song, ooo monkfish.
OMG I remember doing swan song and being so excited about it so that I could start fishing and cooking monkfish! Back on OSRS it was really good exp/gp and food for pvm.
Yessir, better xp/hr than sharks and unlocked at a lower level.

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Post by Nergal on Dec 23, 2019 15:24:12 GMT -7

Weird couple of days, was still working toward the Rune Pouch to save myself some inventory spaces. Need more slayer points and the best points per task are Wilderness restricted.
Got a fire giants task Tuesday, only 1 wilderness viable location and there's a shortcut which saves: running time, prayer points (shadow spiders), and a few hits of damage. This shortcut is locked behind the Medium Wild tasks, which I needed to do (most) of Between a Rock to complete SO now that quest and my Medium Wilderness tasks are done. During my Fire Giant task I noticed an obvious bot farm collecting Wines of Zamorak deeper in the dungeon and I got a bit side tracked hopping worlds and trying to cripple their farm. Looted many Law runes and wines though.
Might go back to mess with them more in the future for fun but it probably wasn"t worth the time invested on my end.

Continued picking off the bots that passed by during the fire giant task. Made the task mildly more engaging.
Unlocked the Smite Prayer.
Did the Fremnik easy and medium diaries, dumping the experience lamps into Runecrafting for now.
Did a Beginner, Easy and Medium clue scroll; nothing noteworthy as a reward.
Finished all Medium Falador tasks EXCEPT the one requiring the ratcatchers quest.

Zipped through another few slayer tasks.

Need to explore the birdhouses on fossil island, and that island in general.
So many activities which I am interested in but am avoiding until I unlock the things which make the activity more efficient...

Had 6 hours as a car passenger commuting on Thurs and spent the bulk of that time ragging my way through wildy slayer for points. Bought the rune pouch, next slayer rewards will be back to permanent unlocks.

With the Rune Pouch in hand, I thought the last thing keeping me from ZMI crafting optimally was Lunar Diplomacy. Some time later, Lunar Diplomacy is finally completed. I gear up and do a few Astral runs so that I don't run out due to bad zmi rng, and do a few laps at ZMI. I did forget to do the Ardy Medium tasks which will marginally increase my Zmi profit BUT the experience rate is optimized now...

Managed to irritate my hand at work and have had little time to focus on the game so am back to afk fishing just so something gets done. I wouldn't want to get through half of underground pass and need to continue it later.

Based on my running tally, I've already earned back around 11.66% of the value invested into membership this holiday season.
So far at 3.5m of 30m.

This post has been a draft for a few days already and I had forgotten about it, lol
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