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Do you spend a lot on phones

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Post by xxinfectedxx on Jan 4, 2019 4:08:20 GMT -7

When are you buying a new mobile phone for gaming, do you end up spending huge amounts of money, If so, why? Normally I'll spend £200.00 pounds on a new phone, max. I always go for contracts or look for a good pay as you go deal when I'm in search for a new telephone. 
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Post by ash on Jan 9, 2019 11:06:47 GMT -7

I don't buy a phone for gaming. Gaming is an added bonus and not something that would come into consideration at all really when I'm choosing a phone. I always go for contracts because it's so much easier because it's one payment for both the phone and data, texts and calls. At the moment, I'm paying around £29 for a Samsung Galaxy S8 which I'm happy with. And it's a great phone for gaming as well which is an added bonus.

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Post by Lanbo on Jan 9, 2019 14:43:03 GMT -7

I have an S8 too. Flagship Galaxys are always in the top 3 of phones - typically behind iPhones/iPhone SX+. You won't have many issues playing games with a Snapdragon 835 CPU lol. I'm not one to be able to distinguish between screen types either but I guess the Super AMOLED is nice to play on. I'm not much of a mobile gamer honestly. Waiting on RS3 Mobile xd
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Post by Lanbo on Mar 23, 2019 18:10:23 GMT -7

I have no idea! The screen wasn't just unusable, the whole phone was unreactive - no reaction to charge (e.g. vibration), no notification lights, nothing. I don't know why it stopped working since I just looked at it for the time 5 minutes before it died. I tried charging it overnight and still nothing. Someone suggested putting it in rice and that worked!! I had it in a bag of rice totally covered for a few hours. Yay!
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Post by GamingLyfe on Mar 23, 2019 22:40:32 GMT -7

Cell phones should be free from the service provider because of their ridiculous monthly prices in places like Canada.

I don't do a whole lot of gaming on my phone but I do enjoy Clash of Clans and a couple of other games I play from time to time if I'm looking to burn time and have sufficient battery.
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Post by Lord Tuba Blueba on May 24, 2019 20:12:38 GMT -7

I got a wicked deal when I signed up for my S8+, it came with a free galaxy E tablet. $199 down. I also bought a case/tempered glass screen protector and insurance plan. All in I spent $500. But repairs/replacement of either device or their accessories has been FREE for the last 2 yrs. I think ill renew and do something similar when i upgrade to the S10+ or the Note 9 (maybe i'll hold out for the Note 10)
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Post by braindeadgenius on May 26, 2019 12:45:04 GMT -7

Newest phone, iPhone XS Max. Under contract, it is ~$1,100. I don’t remember the exact. But, I don’t buy my phones for gaming, and I don’t buy them to have 500GB of space. I have my own personal cloud that is synced to my desktop. That’s where all my content goes, so I don’t need a huge amount of space on my phone. The phone is for utilizing my financial apps, communication of course, and general browsing. I use probably 10-20GB with my phone every month, and sometimes over 10GB or hotspot data as well.
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Post by Vu1canF0rce on Jun 3, 2019 3:41:31 GMT -7

Now that contract days are mostly gone, I do the payment thing with my cell provider (kind-of the same) so that I don't pay an arm and a leg for a phone. With that in mind, every 2-3 years I jump on the then-latest Samsung phone. I currently have the Galaxy 9+ (was a fanboy of Note series since it came out but jumped ship last year).

I remember life before cell phones, at least in the mainstream, but that's more of a matter-of-fact... I'd be lost without my smart phone which has made me rely on it for things we could only have dreamed they can do a decade, or several decades ago. Do you remember having to say "I'll check my email when I get home?" Probably not. I remember that well enough and cringe now when I can instantly get my mail anywhere.

So, in short, yeah I'll get the latest-greatest phone but I'm frugal about finding it for a deal.
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Post by Kaynil on Oct 30, 2019 19:20:14 GMT -7

A while ago I got into a crazy Valentines offer with my partner. The company since then was absorbed by another but they kept the deal with us, so when it is time to renew the contract we usually try to choose from the options they can offer us that won't mean a huge increase on our contract. Fortunately, the choices are still smartphones that are pretty nice overall. Right now I got an Oppo R11s. I haven't really had problems handling mobile games yet, but I am not someone that seeks the biggest games.