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Post by KuzumiBoo on Feb 24, 2019 15:24:21 GMT -7


Clan Event: (Vorago Boss Event)

Date/Time: (March 9/ 8pm est)

Location: (Northwest from Falador loadstone)

World: (World 64)

Requirement(s): (120+ weapon t85 or higher, armor t80 or higher inventory must have overloads saradomin brews the best food possible no quest needed )

Min/Max Attendees: (as many)

Event Host: ( KuzumiBOO )

Other Information: (none)

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Post by Cheeserules8 on Mar 30, 2019 16:06:56 GMT -7

Clan Event: Mass Questing

Date/Time: Monday April 8th 5:00pm Central Standard Time and reoccurring daily

Location: Everywhere

World: 64 of course!

Requirement(s): Depends on what quests you have done and want to do so please see to check on quest requirements

Min/Max Attendees: The more the merrier

Event Host: Cheeserules8

Other Information: I'll be creating a new thread for this event so that we don't blow up this thread and accidently bury other events.
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Post by Matapotamus on Apr 17, 2019 13:57:12 GMT -7

Clan Event: DROP PARTY :D

Date/Time: thursday april 25th. i will figure out exact time soon

Location: clan citadel!

World: 64

Requirement(s): bring your sexiest and best looking cosmetics, its going to be a party

Min/Max Attendees: i guess as many as possible

Event Host: Matapotamus (would like danths help) :P

Other Information:  Pretty sure i have all the items ready for a drop party, might take a long time, or it might not:P

good luck all!

ps shaggy cant come because hes a poophead<3

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Post by zombieprincess on May 8, 2019 14:08:04 GMT -7

GET READY!!!!!!!

Clan Event: Hide-N-Seek

Date/Time: May 14th (Tuesday) at Reset in game - 00:00 (10pm ET, 9pm CT, 8pm MT, 7pm PT)

Location: Start at Clan Citadel, then ANYWHERE in Gielinor! 

World: Our home world of 64.

Requirement(s): Unknown (if you are concerned about quest requirements feel free to look up my quest log to see what I have and have not completed. That can help also determine where I can't go do to not having done a quest. I can't tell what quests are required per location because this can obviously give it away.)

Min/Max Attendees: No limit (clannies only)

Event Host: ShutUpLizzie

Rules: You have to have capped for the week.

How it Works: I will have everyone enter the Citi at reset. When everyone is in place I will go invisible so I can't be trailed. I will then hide somewhere in Gielinor. Once I am hidden you all will read a riddle/clue that will pop up in the clan chat. The first to find me gets a gold prize. EASY PEASY 

Other Information: There will be 2 runs! The for will be a prize of 5mill GOLD and the second will be a prize of 3mill GOLD

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