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Quest Point Dice Rewards - An Important Money Guide

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Post by Important on Sept 24, 2018 17:45:17 GMT -7

Hi all,

I am sure you are all very excited about the new Quest Points reward system- I know I am! If you don't know what I'm talking about, check here!

Just making a quick post to help you folks maximize the money you earn from rolling the earned Quest Point Reward dice.

I suggest holding off selling any rare items you get for at least 3 weeks - 6 weeks. I say this because with the introduction of a new update like this, there is a MASSIVE inflow of 'rare' items. There items are currently selling in the GE for 90-95% less than their market value because of this.

If you wait 3 - 6 weeks, I believe you will find the value has stabilized at around 25% less than today's market value (just my opinion). So ultimately, sell now for quick low profit (25% of what you could make) or sell in a few weeks to get something closer to 75% of the current market price.

I have been flipping and merching for a long time, and have a fairly good knowledge of how stuff like this works, however, do your own thinking and research as well. Always better to educate yourself!

Best,  8-)

*Important is not responsible for any decisions made or not made by reading this post as this is merely an experienced opinion*
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