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Introducing: Important!

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Post by Important on Sept 23, 2018 10:26:42 GMT -7

Hello all!

Figured I had better introduce myself since I've been with GamingBoards.Net for a few months now!

My name is Ryan, I have been gaming since I can remember (some time around the release of N64).  I've owned pretty much every console you can think of, even some pre N64 era, such as Super Nintendo, SNES etc.

I grew up playing Nintendo 64, then moved my way up to my first Xbox.  Since then, I've had all generations of the Xbox console, now including the Xbox One X!  I recently purchased my first Playstation as well (PS4 Pro) (why let so many good exclusives go un-played due to console loyalty?! Plenty of room for both!).  I have always been a huge Halo player since the 1st game came out, and still like to rock noobs in Halo 5!  I'm big on FPS games and RPG's, and have spent countless hours playing Runescape, Fallout series, Skyrim series and so so much more.  I actually have banned myself from buying any more new games until I beat the 100+ Xbox games I have bought and still haven't beat yet! :P.

In my free time I like to play with my chinchilla, mountain bike, snow/water ski, vacation/travel and of course game!  I am a working professional in the financial industry so I'm never active from 9-5 on weeknights, but I love my job and wouldn't change it for anything!  I have a fiancee, recently a new home-owner and am currently high on life! lol!

Hope you have found this informative- please reach out to me on the forums or on Xbox, PS, Battle.Net, Origin or Runescape! (updating my ID's in my profile shortly).


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Post by Jon on Sept 23, 2018 14:03:41 GMT -7

Hey , great to have you! I'm a huge fan of the N64 and that was probably near the era I really started to get involved with gaming also. I'm glad you decided to make an introduction and look forward to seeing you around the GamingBoards community! ::)
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